• Wow… such an eye opening video, thank you so much for posting this…

  • Clemens Forell

    (July 3, 2020 - 1:40 am)

    It makes sense why the story we’ve been given all these years is so great a lie – for that is the way of Marxism, Communism, New World Order. The real murderers do not want you to know what they are up to and what they’ve been doing so they accuse those who stand against them of the very thing they do themselves. Hitler was the greatest threat to Marxism, Communism, Stalinism and would be today if he were alive and raising a Nation, the greatest threat to the New World Order totalitarianism and all of its master plans of genocide and slavery on a global scale. It is on our doorsteps and in our streets today. The aftermath of WWII atrocities carried out against the Germans was deliberate to set example to any who will oppose the New World Order just what is in store. Not a fan of islam but perhaps Pakistan should launch its thermonuclear arsenal onto the Levant and start the roll back and hopeful destruction, yes, annihilation of the New World Order.

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