What Is Controlled Opposition?

A quick explanation of controlled opposition is whenever a counter movement starts to form against the agenda of those in power they will put someone in place to get out in front of it to control it and employ misdirection subversion tactics. The example most often times will be a Zionist in today’s political climate as world Zionism is what is the main cause of oppression and terrorism. I made the below videos to illustrate how this works and how to spot it. I would say an easy way to do this is if someone has a platform it is because they are some form of controlled opposition propped up by the media and other institutions put in place to accomplish this to supply the malcontents with an “hero” for their cause and to be their voice, but their function is to simply placate the masses and redirect blame and in the end just run people around in circles accomplishing little with regards to any kind of real change to the status quo.

These videos particularly concentrate on figures propped up by the “right”, which is to say anyone opposing communism and Jewish supremacy. It should be evident they are controlled opposition by the fact that they themselves are Jews. These figures like Faith Goldy, Lauren Southern, Jordan Peterson, Richard Spencer etc popped up on the scene out of nowhere in the alternative media to supposedly represent and be the voices for those fighting the neo-Marxist agenda, which is to say the Jewish supremacy global enslavement agenda as these are one in the same. Amazingly they can never seem to figure out who is behind this agenda though it is not hard to do, there are countless books published on the subject, and when others try to help them understand who it is they seem to become obtuse and unable to comprehend it and do not pursue it any further or inform their “audience”.

Then we also have the “truthers” like Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, David Icke etc. I will let you watch the videos and judge for yourself.


Bodhi Mantra

I am a computer scientist, researcher and writer. Son Of Saturn of the 4th Sun and guardian of the arcanum for the preservation of the Aryan legacy.

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