The Occult History Of Communism

Why do the wealthy elite and their legion of minions support and push communism? This was the question that stumped me the most when I first started unraveling the mess we call modern society and trying to find out who the perpetrators are and what ideology they follow driving their actions. On the surface at first glance it doesn’t seem to make much sense. Why would the worlds wealthy elite under a capitalist system that made them wealthy push communism which would seemingly strip them of their wealth? It seems antithetical until you fully understand the scheme. Communism is a system that runs on nepotism. Party members live in a position of lofty privilege while the goyim plow the fields and do the labor, it is a caste system with Jews sitting atop of the pyramid. This may be surprising to some at first since few people realize it is the Jews behind Communism and the Soviet Union was run by Jews not Russians. Here is a link to an interesting website I discovered years ago that has some very revealing quotes as well a lot of other interesting material that attests to the ideology, methodology, and sentiment of the perpetrators.

World War II should make a lot more sense with this knowledge, as well as the Reich’s distaste for the Jews I imagine. The villains have magically turned themselves into the victims. Common theme throughout the history of Judaism. If you haven’t seen the documentary The Greatest Story Never Told I suggest watching it. It is a 6 hour long detailed explanation of what WWII was really about. I have also linked some other YouTube channels like Impartial Truth and Esoteric Truths in previous articles that do great work on this particular topic for those interested in exploring it further.

Let’s focus on the scheme for now and how it works. Karl Marx was basically an Illuminati shill. If you have read John Robison’s Proof Of a Conspiracy you will know the goals of the Illuminati as stated by the founder Adam Weishaupt the Jesuit Jew are documented as:

  1. Abolition of all Monarchical Government and patriotism to it
  2. Elimination of private property and inheritance
  3. Destruction of the traditional family
  4. Eradication of all religion


l don’t think it is hard to recognize these things making their way into the Communist Manifesto and becoming standard operating procedure for how the Soviet Union was formed and governed. To make things simple here is a basic gestalt.

Strong central bank owned by Jews, namely the Rothschilds of course
Jews hold most white collar positions of privilege
Everyone is equal as slaves in squalor and hunger under Jewish hegemony
Antisemitism is outlawed
Authoritarian rule, with lots of purges

The scheme is to take private property, aka the means of production or factories, from the individuals that own them and give them to “the state” which is a small number of people in positions of privilege filled through nepotism turning the entire country into private property owned by them with the people still working in factories they don’t own and now will never have an opportunity to own making less than they did before with a lower standard of living. Or to make it simple basically a return to feudal serfdom only the lords will now all be Jews and their shabbos goy instead of natives that basically consider the gentiles subhuman livestock. This should show why the wealthy establishment have no problem with a communist takeover and why all the “progressive” media and corporations are fully in support of it.

Just look and see who owns all these politicians, businesses and media outlets behind this push and cover up. I could give countless sources for all of this but I will let you do your own research on all of it for now. I wrote a book a few years ago where I outlined all of this and how they are doing it but I took time off to work on other things. It is complete for all practical purposes but it requires some editing still to clean it up before publishing. I will let everyone here know when I do if they are interested in purchasing a copy, I can also provide a list of many other great books on this topic.

Bodhi Mantra

I am a computer scientist, researcher and writer. Son Of Saturn of the 4th Sun and guardian of the arcanum for the preservation of the Aryan legacy.

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