GE Kincaid – Egyptian Artifacts In The Grand Canyon

I have a great video here by a friend of my old channel I have mentioned in one or two articles here at the site already called Ancient Mystery. The video is on the Vedic Egyptian artifacts that were discovered and consequently covered up that were found in the Grand Canyon. I also have a great radio interview with David Childress you can visit here on my channel that covers more on this topic and numerous other archaeological cover-ups of the global Vedic empire written about in the Vedas. Ancient Mysteries is a great source for people that don’t have the time to read 100 primary sources on their own to sort through and understand the ancient mythologies and legends to find their hidden truths. If you want someone whose thoroughness and judgment can be depended on to bring you top shelf material that is the next best thing to a primary source then his channel is where you want to go and tell him I said hello.


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