How The System Was Constructed

I know I said in the last article I was going to do the ancient knowledge series next but I listened to the show after posting the article so I figured I would stay with this line of thought for now after that great interview of Frank O’Collins by Red Ice. Now I want to introduce everyone to Santos Bonnaci. This man is truly a Titan, one of, if not the most knowledgeable man alive when it comes to the system and the mysteries in general honestly. There are few people in the realm of esoteric studies I will concede too and take a back seat too, but Santos is certainly one of them, a true master that helped me find my own way in more areas than I count. I will have many presentations by him here at Esoteric Awakening because any topic I post a video by him on he simply has no equal.

If you haven’t read the first article,  The Falsification Of History Starting With Rome and watched the accompanying video yet don’t worry about it, you can watch this one first then that one if you like, they do go together very nicely however so I wouldn’t skip either. Don’t worry if you don’t know who all the players are yet, I will cover them all. Santos tends to overly focus on Rome and the Jesuits in my opinion, not that it isn’t rightfully done, but there are more players in this as I will soon show and connect these groups in the proper context. The further back one goes the more convoluted it becomes and it is easy to get confused and lost if you don’t consume the information in the proper order, believe me I know from experience. It took me quite some time to sort it all out and it only gets stranger and stranger the further back you go. As the dude once said “You know, a lotta ins, a lotta outs, a lotta what-haveyous”.

Santos also has a website called The Universal Truth School. You can also visit his YouTube channel here. I would link the videos I am using here at the site to his channel but I downloaded them long ago and had them on my old channel and don’t know the name of the originals on his channel any longer, and have too many articles to write to go looking at the moment. Feel free to stop by his channel and thank him for his work and tell him I said hello. I will likely ask him to write an article or two in the future if he will and cover more of his content from his books and website.

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I am a computer scientist, researcher and writer. Son Of Saturn of the 4th Sun and guardian of the arcanum for the preservation of the Aryan legacy.

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