Multi-Dimensional Reality Described In The Vedas


Bodhi Mantra

I am a computer scientist, researcher and writer. Son Of Saturn of the 4th Sun and guardian of the arcanum for the preservation of the Aryan legacy.


  • I don’t understand what the deal is with hindu naizs like you and this guy:

    ok, I’m not a white male, and I don’t believe in nazis, but I’m not a hateful person either and I don’t hate nazis and I am aware of the fact that mostly Jews control the world and that most Jews are evil. I’m aware of a lot of conspiracy sorts of stuff like 9/11, flat earth, concave earth, mkultra, satanic ritual abuse, the montauk project, hidden free energy technology, hidden cancer cures, atlantis, astrotheology, ect.

    I learned most of this from this website, which is made by a Gnostic Christian german guy who is aware of the Jew problem who is not a nazi:

    If some white men want to create an all-white ethno-state, fine, I don’t care, that’s honestly fine with me. I think that birth-control/contraception is morally wrong, and since women having a lot of kids due to no birth control would mean women couldn’t have modern feminist Ideas, I would be ok if feminism was abolished too. I don’t believe in misogyny but I don’t believe in feminism either because feminism promotes sexual degeneracy.

    I just really hope that you guys don’t hate asians too much because I feel like asians have never really been aggressive towards whites and have always been allies with whites. Also, Asian people aren’t totally homegenous, there are Koreans, Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese, Tibetans, Bhutanese, Burmese. ect, so even if some asian are bad, you can’t say that all of them are bad. Asian-phenotype people have created a lot of unique cultures and have created advanced technology just like white people have.

    Asian people don’t flood into white countries and create muslim rape gangs, try to live off welfare, complain that police are discriminating against them whenever they commit crimes, support sodomites, ect. Yeah I know that China can be annoying, but the Chinese government is even antagonistic other asian people like the tibetans, and even throw it’s own citizens in prison camps frequently. The Japanese on the other hand, were allied with Germany in world war II and have never supported Jewish supremacy, white genocide, political correctness, or other related degeneracies like that.

    I was raised Buddhist so I’ve always believed in karma and reincarnation. You hindu nazis also believe in karma and reincarnation too, right? Well, if a white man can be reincarnated as a dog because of bad karma, or a dog could be reincarnated as a white man because of karma, that shows that where a soul incarnates as a very advanced lifeform, or a very primitive lifeform, all because of the souls, good or bad behavior, right? So, maybe some asians are less advanced compared to white people, but you shouldn’t be purely white supremacist, because asians could get reincarnated as white in their future lives. (Also, many Japanese have higher IQs than some white people anyway even as asians. Japanese are not the same as the blacks, sodomites, and Jews. Japanese asians are aryans too and have a lot of aryan physiognomy.).

    I respect white people and I feel a lot of sadness because of learning how much the white race has had to suffer through, I can understand why you guys would hate other races so much and have so much pain and trauma. I don’t wish anymore pain on anyone, especially not white people, but I wish that you guys could hate asians less.

    please email me so that we can talk on discord, because I’m kinda confused and would like an explanation for some of this stuff because I’m honestly just confused.

    • Good morning my friend . Wow, this is quite a comment, very thoughtful and interesting points you make. I have a bit of time on my hands atm so I will answer as thoroughly as I can. For a comment that a reader here puts so much time into and I will put so much time into responding too I will publish as a Q&A if you don’t mind. I think some readers here will be interested in these kinds of questions and answers and it provides a chance for me to write some original material without having to agonize over a specific topic to write about. Respond to this message if you are interested and I will get to work on the article/response.

      • (Sorry for the late reply, I forgot to check this email address.)

        One of the things that has been bothering me is how all religion speak about inter-dimensional beings. Whether they’re called angels and demons, suras and asuras, aesir and vanir, seraphim and nephilim, good dijinn and evil djinn, the shinto kami gods, or nagas, rakshasas, gandharvas, or whatever they are called, it’s an eerily ubiquitous concept.

        Since reincarnation is real (at least, I believe reincarnation is real), then different types of sentient being in Samsara should be able to incarnate as any other type of sentient being, right? And this is a natural process when a creature dies, and it is reincarnated as another creature based on it’s karma. Karma prevents the souls of sentient being from being born into the wrong type of body. When karma work effectively, bad people don’t get born into good situation, and vice versa. Here’s the problem though: what if through the use of technology, it was possible to bypass karma, and transfer one’s consciousness into a body that they should not have? Or what if a bad person used to technology to create a sort of biological immortality? When a bad person dies, they would naturally go to naraka lok, but if then could cheat death, then they would wreak havoc in the higher worlds. Sounds like science fiction, right? Well, what if it wasn’t fiction? Here are some links with info about human cloning technology, technological resurrection, and consciousness transfer technology, that you should consider:

        It seems like the amount of technology. The Jews control the USA government. They’ve been stealing billons of dollars of American’s tax payer money every year, but not many people in the alt-right really seems to pay attention to where that money is going:
        and are more focused on how annoying the women and niggers are. Yes, women are niggers are dumb and annoying, but maybe this heavy focus on that is a distraction from more insidious threats. If this book be author Fritz Springmeier is legit and not a psyop, then that is a huge danger to the white race:

        IQ 80 niggers living in mud hut in Sub-Saharan Africa can’t really do much to hurt the white race on their own. Neither can white women, I don’t really agree with the MGTOWS who say women are “evil”. Women are too mentally retarded to be evil, their purpose is to stay in the kitchen, do the laundry, and take care of babies. As insane as this sounds, Women and niggers seem to have been weaponized by (((DARPA))) to derail the white race, because think about it, how else would these idiots have been so successful at derailing western civilization? They’re just not that intelligent. The nigger and women are going against their own self-interest when they try to attack white male patriarchy. There wouldn’t be millions of niggers on this planet it wasn’t for the technology created by whites to produce enough food for them all and organize charities designed to keep the niggers alive, and women wouldn’t be able to have luxurious housewife lifestyles if it wasn’t for technology, in the past women were busy all day just with daily household chores like cooking and cleaning.

        It appears there is some kind of sophisticated conspiracy of nigger and women working together, but that doesn’t make any logical sense, both groups are too retarded to pull that off. It’s much more likely that the niggers and white women have been psychologically manipulated with advanced technology which, it’s hard to say what kind of technology, but it is clear that the women+niggers, are being incredibly self-destructive in their attempts to undermine western civilization, which goes against the natural self-preservation instinct present in all animals. In nature, the Sodariomycetes Cordyceps fungus can completely take over the mind of it’s host. The women and niggers in their anti-white behavior are acting like they are infected with some sort of brain parasite (and not I when I say parasite I don’t mean Jews, I know that Jews are a parasite too, but Jews are a different kind of parasite, however, I suspect that Jews are responsible for the weaponization of Cordyceps, if it has been weaponized). With decades of time and billions of dollars of money to spend on whatever they want, would research into cybernetic brain implants which could mimic the effects of Cordyceps infection be entirely impossible or implausible? Maybe, but maybe not.

        Please consider this documentary about Cordyceps and other types of biologically related lifeforms, and these article:

        It also has to do with pharmaceutical companies suppressing the fact that the disease called “cancer” is not a malignant growth of mutated human cells, but actually an external pathogen, a fungus which grows rapidly within the human body when the immune system isn’t strong enough to fight it off. There have been questionable deaths of doctors related to this:

        There a some books also talking about (((US Government))) research into psychic abilities:

        In general I feel like a big problem in the alt-right is not looking deeply enough into why the niggers are behaving so self destructively. If the niggers succeed in destroying the white race, they’re biting the hand that feeds them. A healthy animal in nature wouldn’t cut off it’s own livelihood. Niggers are behaving in a way which is similar to the way an ant infected with a Cordyceps fungus destroys it’s own ant colony (an ant can not survive on it’s own with an ant colony). It’s unnatural.

        I don’t think it’s good that people try to use evolutionary psychology to explain the mystery of the self-destructiveness of the nigger race. (((Charles Darwin))) was a completely fraud and a freemason. Evolutionary psychology is a (((masonic psyop))), it’s a perfect example of controlled opposition. Yes, obviously whites have higher IQs than niggers, but its not because of the fraudulent Jewish theory of “evolution through natural selection”, this is something a definitely agree with Brutus on. Evolution is not just an unscientific theory, it creates the illusion that niggers and whites have somehow always been. Niggers have always been dependent on whites for their survival, the same way that dogs have always been dependent on their owners for survival.

        I’ve seen that you have videos about Atlantis and the advanced technology back then, so you’ve probably thought about these implications. If aryans had so much advanced tech back then, and a civilization that spread across all seven continents, then, well, how do we know that niggers have ever been capable of surviving on their own without the help and technology of whites? The guys in the alt-right who believe in (((Charles Darwin’s masonic evolution psyop))), seem to think that nigger and whites have always been competing with each other and have had separate races which evolved in tandem, but this is a (((lie))). The truth is that nigger are really just too stupid to ever be a major threat on their own, nigger have always been dependent on whites for their basic needs. The fact that niggers are trying to destroy whites, indicates that something other than natural instincts is at play here. A dog wouldn’t naturally be inclined to kill the owner that give it food, and a non-infected ant wouldn’t naturally try to destroy it’s own colony with a Cordyceps fungus.

        If Jews weren’t suppressing the technology aryan had in Atlantis, we could easily have so much material abundance that not would aryan be free of the need to work for a living, but aryans could also have so much excess wealth, that tons of products could be shipped to Africa, and all nigger could be happily sent back to Africa to live in a kind of nigger-paradise.

        Currently, aryans and niggers are subjected to Jewish parasitic debt-slavery and control, but if the Jews were gone, it would lead to a perfect all-white aryan ehtnostate for whites, AND it would end poverty, starvation and disease for the niggers in Africa

        (If the niggers had an adequate level of material necesities like that, it would eventually allow their souls to evolve to aryan level and reincarnate as aryans after many lifetimes as niggers. All beings have to incarnate as aryans eventually before they can reach nirvana, and their purpose of all souls is to reach nirvana, so it makes sense. The Malthusian model of economics is false and in contrast with the Buddhist model. Thomas Malthus was a protestant Christian anyway, which is degenerate, since Martin Luther, the guy who started the protestant reformation, basically just created that schism with the catholic church to jusifiy pimping around, fornicating with his hoes, and being an alcoholic. The Buddhist soteriology makes much more sense than Thomas Malthus or Martins Luther’s Protestant Christianity) Aryans would get their ethonstate, and niggers would get their ethnostate, It would be beneficial for everyone.

        The (((evolutionary psychology psyop))) makes people believe in the illusion that niggers are more powerful and intelligent than they really are. Large animals like gorilla, lions tigers, or niggers, might look big and scary, but they can easily be fought of aryans because aryans have advanced technology, due to aryan IQs. The Jews just want the white race to be focused on the short-term and immediate dangers. For example, gun control. Yes, of course it’s important to be able to have weapons for self-defense to prevent excessive (((government))) tyranny. But guns can’t protect against biological warfare, or even more advanced types of Jewish meddling like the US’s mkultra, those sorts of attacks are more stealthy. IQ always wins over brute force, and that’s why I think it’s important for people in the alt-right to pay attention to things like human cloning, transhumanism, and consciousness transfer chips.

        If Jews covertly were injecting niggers with biological weapons or cybernetic neurological implants would allow the niggers to be remotely psychically controlled, for whatever dark (((purposes))) the enemies of the white race want to use them for. here’s a couple of patent related to this:

        This free online ebook also has more in-depth information about this topic:

        So, what does all this talk of advanced technology have to do with the interdimensional beings I initially mentioned?

        I’m not sure if this is fake or not, but here’s apparently this CEO of a computer company is saying that there is technology which can access other dimensions:

        I’m honestly not sure what to think about Montalk’s perspective on this, but it seems to essentially be implying that even the Jews themselves cold be under the influence of something else:
        I know you’ve seen Mouthy Buddha’s 2020 pedogate documentary because it’s in your video archive. This child abuse is a really disturbing part not many seem to be talking about lately, I found these articles which are showing that this might be even more widespread than most people are even aware of:

        So, If you take a look at some of this stuff I would be curious to know your thoughts on it, thanks


        (February 1, 2021 - 8:09 pm)

        Hello, Bodhi Mantra! I have been following your discussion with Truth Seeker, but could not find the long answer/ article you mentioned (in this comment) you would provide him if he answered you it was ok with him. Where is it? Oh, by the way,I appreciate your work on this page very much! Looking forward to reading your other posts! Thank you for your time!

        • Hi Rosane. We had a discussion on a few different pages here but I dont think I responded to this because he never responded to my last response. Responding to these comments is very time consuming so if people don’t respond with my first response I generally won’t continue if I don’t think they are going to come back and read it. Thank you for visiting and commenting : )

  • I think that Phil Schneider was murdered for speaking about dulce base and the other underground military facilities. He said that if he ended up dead, it would be because of murder since he wasn’t suicidal, but then he showed up later as dead. The authorities said that he strangled himself to death, but that doesn’t make any sense based on context. He was mostly likely murdered for exposing the truth.

      • Thanks for the invite mate, but I probably shouldn’t. Unless they’re all Buddhist, they likely hate the Japanese. Which is understandable, whites have suffered so much persecution and even though Japanese haven’t really done anything bad to whites, they are probably jealous of Japanese since it gets labeled by leftists SJWs as the same group as all other asians, and leftists SJWs commonly consider even aryan east asians like Japanese to be “people of color”. I have a lot of compassion and solidarity for the white race and the struggles of the white race, and I wish you guys the best, but I feel like I should probably stay out of your white spaces since because of anti-white policies white don’t even get their own white-only places anymore IRL, whites should at least be allowed to have white only groups online. I bet the guys there would think it’s unfair if a Japanese was allowed. I’m mostly just here because I like the conspiracy and science stuff, I don’t want to intrude too much on white space, I don’t want to bother anyone. I just wish for more nazis/alt-right people to not hate Japan because most Japanese have no hatred for whites and have solidarity with the white race, and have a lot of respect for the white race. Japanese and Tibetans, should be allowed to have a ethno-states, and whites should also be allowed to have ethno-states too in Europe and North America too. Europe and North America for the whites, asia for the asians, South American for the brown people, and Africa for the black people.

        • Well they are most certainly Vedic. My first esoteric school of thought began with Buddhism as well and is still some of my favorite. The server is just a place to shoot the shit. If you don’t want to join no worries. If you do go for it. Our people don’t hate anyone mate, especially not Japanese lol. We are just truth seekers same as you. Japanese are some of the most honorable people on the planet in my opinion. This space is for initiates of the mysteries, people’s race is not something we are concerned about and I agree with your sentiments and think they are more than reasonable.

  • Here’s more info about the underground military bases

  • Bodhi! My messages won’t go through on Matrix

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