Occult History Of WWII

The Greatest Story Never Told                                           Zionist Occupied Government Statistics

Bodhi Mantra

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  • Wow… such an eye opening video, thank you so much for posting this…

  • Clemens Forell

    (July 3, 2020 - 1:40 am)

    It makes sense why the story we’ve been given all these years is so great a lie – for that is the way of Marxism, Communism, New World Order. The real murderers do not want you to know what they are up to and what they’ve been doing so they accuse those who stand against them of the very thing they do themselves. Hitler was the greatest threat to Marxism, Communism, Stalinism and would be today if he were alive and raising a Nation, the greatest threat to the New World Order totalitarianism and all of its master plans of genocide and slavery on a global scale. It is on our doorsteps and in our streets today. The aftermath of WWII atrocities carried out against the Germans was deliberate to set example to any who will oppose the New World Order just what is in store. Not a fan of islam but perhaps Pakistan should launch its thermonuclear arsenal onto the Levant and start the roll back and hopeful destruction, yes, annihilation of the New World Order.

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  • Wowww .. .This all makes so much more sense all for sudden. What I was thinking all along, but was never voicing out loud (because you can really get thrown in jail here for that), is that lot of it was a haux … It’s amazing to see what a spindoctor Churchill was in all this actually, I knew he was upto no good, but that he was actually that dirty, I would never had guessed.
    Also the role of the So-called Collaborators (which plays a very big part now a days in my country Belgium until now still, is astounding, but more understandable in the light of this storyline). When it is in a fight against a demoralizing leftist Communism which is throwing people into soms sort of a dehumanized state, then who wouldn’t fight against that in their right state of mind?

    In that light, it becomes also more clear, why the German people all stood behind Hitler, because he wasn’t like the demon the western allies portrayed him to be. like they say he was. The victors always write the history. Well, they sure did a good job of writing a serious quack. As always they used the big broom to try to put the most of it disappear under the carpet. Luckily, there is footage like this, and probably there must be more. I hope one day more truth will come out and the German people also will get compensation for the wrongs that were done to them. Because they too were victims in this war. Victims of especially Churchill if I look at it. Because Hitler repeatedly offered him a peace treaty, which he refused every time, knowing it would plummet the world into war.

    Also the camps in Dachau, Buchenwald, Auschwitz, there where other examinations done into the matters, but they all kind of get dismissed somewhere in the line of research, or before getting published, or in the process … That says enough I think. If you compare the Nazi camps to the Russian Gulags, I think the difference is Crystal Clear and people would have been rather in the German camps then the Russian for sure. Just to say. The story stinks miles away, but it may not be told. And it’s sad, because there are so many German people living with a karmic debt on their shoulders, which is not even theirs to bare. And it’s all fabricated by the Russians, the English and partly USA and the rest of the allies … But the spin doctor in this, was most certainly Churchill and Stalin. Damn .. This is so sick if you come to look at it from another angle.

    Thank you for this Eye opening footage Looking forward to more from you bro Namaste

    • Extremely sick indeed, it shows the kind of minds and people we are dealing with and the very real danger the entire world faces with these people. Thank you for your comment my friend. Namaste

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