Pied Pipers of Babylon by Dr. Verl K. Speer

The Doctor of Common Law, Verl K. Speer released his book Pied Pipers of Babylon in 1985. Out of print with limited used copies in circulation, this book needs to be in the hands of all who care for their future, the world we live in, and the system we are subjects to/of. Much of what Winston Shrout teaches is based on Dr. Speers work. He was way ahead of his time in respects to understanding the truth about law and the mercantile system, Dr. Speer experienced the destruction first hand through the subsidies and controls inflicted upon his family farm in Kansas.

About The Author

Verl K. Speer was raised on a Kansas farm and had first hand experience with the beginning of the destruction of the true independence of the JEFFERSONIAN farmer: the beginning of the myth that farm subsidies would free the farmer from controls and manipulations of mercantile interests in the cities and result in long term economic stability; the beginning of an everlasting tune with “benefits” as its theme that has, in fact, piped all recipients of these so-called “benefits” directly on board the City/Ship Babylon and placed these beneficiaries under the absolute control and jurisdiction of the Merchants of earth – the Beast of Babylon.

In 1961, he received his Bachelor’s degree in physics from the University of Wichita and in 1968 received his Master’s degree in Systems Management, the science that put men on the moon, from the University of Southern California. From 1968 through 1979 he was employed by TRW on contract with United States Air Force as a Systems Engineer and Technical Director in the test and development of various Minuteman II missile subsystems.

This education and training in the analysis and understanding of interacting components and subsystems caused him to use this approach in probing into a system of legality and its various subsystems, which affect every aspect of our lives. Much of this “legal” system, he has discovered, is not based on law but is, in fact, operating in direct violation of law. The author has deeply involved himself in research and writing on various topics of law for the past eight years and has co-authored a correspondence program for the Universal Life University School of Law entitled “THE COMMON LAW.” He received his Doctor of Common Law degree from the University in 1984.

“Pied Pipers of Babylon” is a systems approach to an understanding of the present day plight of the Natural Born Individual and his recourse at Law to regain and maintain the Birthright to be his own governor.

Keeping in mind the maxim that THE IMPORTANCE IS THE MESSAGE AND NOT THE MESSENGER – It is the deep and sincere hope of the author that the message will serve as a catalyst for “spiritual” revival of knowledge, understanding and practice for the Law. He means by SPIRITUAL that we start with the spirit of man and work through the laws of God and Nature – the first systems approach to harmonizing our lives, thoughts and actions with an orderly Universe.


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