Sarvananda Shastra

by Frater Bhairava

This Is That
That Is this
This Is Not
That Is Not
Not Is Not

Devoid of all meaning
meaning thus arises
full of all meaning
meaning thus departs

What wheel spins upon No axle?
The wheel that is Not
What man knows the wheel with No axle?
No man knows this wheel

The Mother reveals the face of the Father
by no other means is He known
by no other means is She loved
the Child knows Not and loves Not

The subtle is found in the gross
and the gross in the gross
but not the subtle in the gross
unless these two be gross

Two lamps shine upon a lamb
by one is the viewer fleeced
by the other is the viewer released
by both is viewing ceased

Words are the cracks in the wall
through which we peek at the other side
incomplete is our peek
til we scale the wall and reach the peak

In coffee is the secret found
grinding, sifting, straining, boiling
yet the coffee is ever the same
adding to it makes it not less

Pity destroys, compassion saves
cruelty destroys, strength saves
love destroys, division saves
salvation destroys

The Fool sayeth there is No God
The Fool is the wisest of us all
for, being One and None
the Fool knows Not

The highest wisdom
is folly from the basement
bliss from bedroom
contentment from the kitchen
and irrelevant from the attic

All the worlds can be comprehended
in a blade of grass
thus does the blade of grass
withstand and cut through the wind

The master is Jack
the student is Jill
In both is Why found
though taken to differing ends

From the bottom of the hill
does the climb seem difficult
from the top of the hill
does the descent seem even more difficult

Falsehood is the nature of the Word
as heard by the crowd
but heard by the One
is the Word all truth

All suffering has purpose
relieving it, we are devils
defying it, we are devils
causing it, we are devils

Veils are the suffering of the world
Torn asunder, is suffering known
as the world knows suffering
let them stand and still you suffering

There is nothing that is not alien
to the one who knows All
There is nothing that is not familiar
to the one who knows Not

Bullshit grows flowers quicker than concrete
Bullshit is softer than concrete
Yet one offends more than the other
and the other harms more than the other

Bliss is not known by the knower
Bliss is not known by the knowing
Bliss is not known by the knowledge
Bliss is known.

Reject all herein
for this is not for you
it is not for I
It is for I Am

Conflict unresolved leads to conflict
conflict resolved leads to conflict
conflict is inevitable
being in conflict is optional

Surety is the root of Hell
Hell is the root of Earth
Earth is the root of Heaven
Surety is the root of Heaven

Turn from form to form a turn
neglect the form to nourish the form
from form formulate form
lest confusion form


From an egg does all proceed
yet an egg are we all
to an egg do we return
Whereforth thence?

The self is identical to all
yet not truly so
until the self is identical to One
yet always truly so

I am but one man
and the horse I rode in on
through the desert I rode
on a horse with no name

Practicing a thousand times
for a hundred days
did I become ten times better
at being One.

Bugs violate the corpse of an unknown god
Humans violate the corpse of the known god
in ecstasy do we roll in graves
but the ecstasy is not the same

In darkness is light found
shun not darkness
love the darkness
while it yet remains

If you draw from this fire, you are godly
If you draw from this water, you are holy
If you draw from this air, you are wise
If you draw from this earth, you are.

This teaching is a poor man’s teaching
given cheaply
and holding no value
but that which you pay

Three blind mice
see no path to run
black and white
or in all colors, it is the same

My eyesight is not what it used to be
I grow blinder every day
thank God for that.

Pick for yourself
a Pagan, Jew, Christian, Hindu, Muslim
an atheist, agnostic, or one who cares Not
seen one, seen them all.

Refrain from speaking to strangers
love them instead

Which road shall I walk?
From where do I come?
From where do I go?

These ramblings have no purpose
for they are written in bliss

Seeing a cloud, I became cloudy
Seeing the sun, I became sunny
Seeing the sky, I became

Meditate upon these, for by these
you shall attain this light
but even this most be contemplated
for through you will what light shine?

Editor’s note: This is a poem by a friend that wrote it in a state of Samadhi, I am honored to publish it and hope you enjoyed it. Namaste and Hare Krishna

Bodhi Mantra

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