The Root Races Of Humanity

This is a fantastic video by a friend to my old YT channel called the Fear Channel who does some great work. It is hard to even know where to start in reviewing the content of this video to add some value to what is already covered in it but as a scientist I at least want to go over the science if nothing else as this is always my favorite topic first and foremost, but also because it is the only way to prove the authenticity of what this material covers. The problem for me is that even though I know all of the science already and can write articles and provide sources to teach it, I am no where near as familiar with the sources used in this video as the creator is.

I have read the Secret Doctrine and parts of the Vedas but the other sources he mentions in the video I haven’t read yet. The Secret Doctrine should be a staple of every occult library, it and the Kybalion are the two most critical occult books to have in my opinion if one had to choose just two, in the west anyway. Most occult knowledge in the west is only occult because Rome has been so effective at hording and stomping this knowledge out throughout the west and killing those in possession of it for the last few 1000 years. Most knowledge considered occult in the west is pretty standard knowledge in the east for the serious student of spirituality and the holy texts.

The Secret Doctrine is one of those books that is so dense with information it takes a reader many times reading it to fully understand it all and not only that, after reading it the reader needs to do extensive research into numerous other fields to confirm its validity then come back to it and read it again after acquiring that knowledge to fully grasp the material. It reminded me of the huge books by Cisco I had to read in college in order to learn networking and information science. Throughout my life studying and knowledge came easy to me, I rarely if ever had to really challenge myself to learn or understand things I took an interest in especially in regards to the curriculum in school, in college learning networking however, that is a different story. There were some chapters in my CCNA books I read 4 or 5 times and still had trouble grasping some aspects of. The networking and sub networking masks and IP math was challenging for me to get down in my mind at first as it was a new way of thinking about and doing things completely foreign to how we are conditioned to think about and do most things. The complexities were quite intricate and though some human minds are good at acquiring and processing information very few are good at complete paradigm shifts, in fact most are violently resistant to them. This is the kind of knowledge that requires “doing” while reading so to speak to really understand it. It is similar to instructions on how to install electronic equipment or a car repair manual. It isn’t really effective to read it then do it, it is most effective to read it then sit down and re-read it while doing it.  If you have never seen Cisco textbooks they are as thick as phone books and not much different from sitting down to read a set of encyclopedias as far as entertainment value.

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It is one thing to read the Secret Doctrine and accept the information in it on blind faith, it is another thing entirely to understand the mechanics of this reality to know how the history and knowledge within it is indeed accurate. To do this requires reading it then doing independent research on the science and history involved then coming back to it with a new understanding to apply the new knowledge to the old to achieve synthesis. Even now to review the Secret Doctrine would require me to read it at least two more times in its entirety. Once as a refresher then again reading it while I write to have ideas of what I want to write about fresh in my mind to put to paper so to speak, it is that dense. Incredibly as synchronicity would have it I am reading the opening of Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson to write this article and just read this introduction penned by G. I. Gurdjieff:

It seems Mr. Gurdjieff and I are in agreement on our motives for writing on these topics and the best way to turn knowledge into wisdom. This concept not only applies to his work and The Secret Doctrine, but also to this article. I have numerous links to videos and books already in the article that all require at least a cursory knowledge of to understand the information contained in the video this article is about, unless, as I already mentioned, one simply wants to accept it on blind faith alone. This is not my style however and I certainly hope it is not yours either. When I write I try to imagine I am the reader that knows nothing about the topic, what information will I need to not just read the article but also to verify the information in it to be authentic. This is the trick after all in the age of information. It is no problem finding information, it is literally blasted at you all day everyday, most of it lies and/or nonsense, the trick is to find good information and be able to make sense of it. This is a skill not very common in the kali yuga in my experience. I suppose if you are here reading this article you have already been searching and at least have some cursory understanding of the web of lies and ignorance that has spun itself around every facet of modern society. Hopefully I will be able to help you find some answers in a much shorter time than it took me to find them.

I suggest starting with the article Introduction To The Mysteries and watching the 3 part video series if you haven’t already, it will give you a good base to start from to understand the science behind how all of this works along with other articles on the site I have already written and will write in the future to help explain it all and its implications in more depth. I had thought about watching the video again myself and going through topics contained in it and writing more about them but I think I have given anyone reading this enough to chew on for now to keep them busy for awhile. If there is any specific topic in the video anyone has a question about leave it in the comments and perhaps I will write a future article about it. I will leave a couple more links below to relevant videos/articles as well.

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On my old YT channel I had made an entire playlist called Engineered History that had over 30 videos in it to provide all of the evidence supporting this true version of history. I will rebuild it writing articles to accompany the old videos now I suppose cross referencing and linking everything in the correct order. I may also write a review of Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson in the near future.

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