The Unified Field – The Grand Arcanum

I made this video a few years ago while working on a number of articles I was writing about some esoteric symbols and other occult topics and it got a lot of positive reviews so I will feature it here at the site as well. There is no easy way to explain the science of the mysteries to those new to esoteric studies but I feel like the symbols themselves when shown in the correct setting trigger something in the human consciousness that awakens the curiosity to learn more and to receive more from Shakti. I hope you enjoy it, if there are any questions about any of the content I think I explain everything in the video here at the site also feel free to leave a comment I try to respond to them all within a few days.

Bodhi Mantra

I am a computer scientist, researcher and writer. Son Of Saturn of the 4th Sun and guardian of the arcanum for the preservation of the Aryan legacy.


  • Greetings from the land of Mt. Everest & Lord Buddha…
    Tesla was impressed with the word “Aakasha” written in VEDAS written by Maharshi Veda Vyasa born in Nepal 32,000 years ago ..

    May the world know that Yoga- Meditation started from the Himalyas of Nepal. Long later, Hindus of India learned the Vedic Culture from Nepal because it is the birthplace of Veda Vyasa (compiler of the 4 Vedas- source of all the literature, religion and scientific discoveries). It is thebirth place of Bhagawan Rishikesh (an enlightened figure before Lord Buddha) who took birth in Ruru Kshetra Palpa district of Nepal. There is no point of making duplicate Lumbini and Rishikesh in India. Entire world shall know the facts one day as we can not hide Sun in your palm. It is the birthplace of Yogi Patanjali (born in Bhojpur district of eastern Nepal) the father of modern yoga. And, all we know that Lord Buddha (peace preacher) was born in Lumbini Nepal.So!
    TUSHITA-NEPAL (The School of Life)

    • Hello my friend. I got notifications for the comments you made there glad you stopped by. Yah I had to make this website for the more advanced readers than what the renegade has, to offer them the more advanced teachings. Thank you for your comments they were very kind and insightful

      • I really enjoy your approach about the significance of number 6. Since every theory of the so called “science” today is plotted using (((Newton))) dynamics, relativity by (((Einstein))) and nobody can question this? I think Nature might be explained in other ways. That is why they failed to comprehend the extension of the Universe and their goals or maybe deliberately they just dont want to do this? You can check there is thousand of thousand of scientific articles everyday saying nothing or repeating the same on the subject! (see this or And they are just to justify the application of money Funds or to justify their lies, like global warming. On the same time, there is something hidding and (((they))) will not inform us (like the (((Church))) did it), as a part of the theater. (((Science))) today has stopped (from WWII: It is just the extension of German´s scientific works), instead it turned into extension of the MAFIA machine to obtain money from fundings or worst: machine to suck the intelligence of our people, machine to steal the original ideas? Of course they are still some honest people working in this suffocating environment. Nikola Tesla was right! I think we need to review their works again to understand the extension of their knowledge. That is why I found your approach interesting and clever. If they are blocking or questioning you? It means that you are going on something they dont want to be reveal to us. I saw many points in your article you were telling to do something in another articles, I am and I will coming back here to see this new things with the numbers, in particular that 3, 6 and 9. Something else, Himmler were working on the origins of the race (see Ahnenerbe´s works) and they discover Gautama Buddha was himself an Aryan, when I read that frost me and changed me in many ways!
        Let me tell you about magic, when all this honest people across the time discover such revealings (“science”), they didnt consider (((Newtons))) laws or (((Einsteins))) views, right?

      • Thank you for bringing us your reveals!
        “Son Of Saturn of the 4th Sun …”, is that Vedic?

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