• I’m having insomnia from nightmares right now so I just wanted to comment something here real quick. I’m sorry I sent you a strange email where I was panicking about advanced technology and ritual abuse and stuff like that, I’m diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder so I think that’s probably making me sound even more dumb. I’ve been too scared to check the email address inbox to see if you responded/or what you said, So I just wanted to ask you on here. Trying to think about the topics I mentioned and the paranormal experiences I had that I mentioned sort of made me have ptsd flashbacks so I’m scared to go back and look at the dumb stuff I said, the anxiety was making my brain not work right, and now in hindsight I’m really really embarrassed, sorry about that. And I’m only 18 so I’m still figuring out the world sort of and maybe that’s another reason I sounded more strange than normal, I’m at neophyte level of occult learning still! I’m just wondering if I offended you or anything like that, that’s all I’m asking just let me know here if you mostly got annoyed or if mostly it’s ok, I’m just scared you got annoyed at me because of my disorder flaring up, I haven’t checked the inbox yet. I’m sorry about being panicky before/appearing schizophrenic or something

    Also just wanted to say that the info on this website has been really helpful to me for learning about the occult stuff and is really interesting and also helped me with anxiety a little bit too, namaste and hare krishna : )

    • Hi. Oh I hadn’t seen the email. I have multiple addresses I use for different things and I don’t check them all very often unless I know something will be there I need to look at and i have been very busy for months doing research on some very specific topics. Of course I wasn’t offended, why would I be offended about people reaching out to discuss their experiences? I will check it in a few hours and respond if you want. I am glad you enjoy the material : ). Namaste and hare Krishna

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