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I apologize for the hard to read captioning from 55:00 to 1:02. Below is a transcript and a link to the original full speech.

Adolf Hitler’s Address to the Reichstag (19 July 1940)

Once again the conspiracy of pitiful, corrupt political creatures and greedy financial magnates made its appearance, for whom war is a welcome means to bolster business.

The international Jewish poison of the peoples began to agitate against and to corrode healthy minds.

Men of letters set out to portray decent men who desired peace, calling them weaklings and traitors, to denounce opposition parties as a “Fifth Column”, in order to eliminate internal resistance to their criminal policy of war. Jews and Freemasons, armament industrialists and war profiteers, international traders and stock jobbers found political blackguards, desperados and glory seekers, who represent war as something to be yearned for, and hence wished for.

Believe me my deputies, I feel an inner disgust at this type of unscrupulous parliamentarian annihilators of peoples and states. It is almost painful to me to have been chosen by Providence to give a shove to what these men have brought to its knees.

It is not my ambition to wage wars, but to build up a new social state of the highest culture and every year of war takes me away from my work and the cause of this robbery is those ludicrous zeros whom one could, at best, call natures political run of the mill, insofar as their corrupted vileness, does not brand them as something out of the ordinary.

Mr. Churchill has repeated the declaration that he wants war.

About six weeks ago now, he launched this war in an arena, in which he apparently believes he is quite strong, namely in air war against the civilian population, beneath the deceptive slogan of a “War Against Military Objectives”. Ever since Freiburg, these objectives have turned out to be open cities, markets, villages, residential housing, hospitals, schools, kindergartens and whatever else they decide to hit.

Up to now, I have given little response to these attacks. This in not intended to signal, however, that this is the only response possible, or that it shall remain this way. I am fully aware that with our response, which will come, will also bring the nameless suffering and misfortune of many men.

Obviously this does not apply to Mr. Churchill himself, since by then he will surely be secure in Canada, where the money and the children of the most-distinguished of war profiteers have already been brought.

But there will be a great tragedy for millions of other men and Mr. Churchill should make an exception and place trust in me, when as a prophet I now proclaim. A great world empire will be destroyed, a world empire which I never had the ambition to destroy or as much as harm. I am fully aware that the continuation of this war will end only in the complete shattering of one of the two warring parties.

Mr. Churchill may believe this to be Germany. I know it to be England. In this hour, I feel compelled, standing before my conscience, to direct yet another appeal to reason in England. I believe I can do this, as I am not asking as the vanquished, but as the victor. I am speaking in the name of reason. I see no reason, which could force the continuation of this war.

I regret the sacrifices it will demand. I would like to spare my people. I know the hearts of millions of men and boys glow at the thought of finally being allowed to wage war against an enemy, who has, without a reasonable cause, declared war on us a second time. I also know of the women and mothers at home, whose hearts, despite their willingness to sacrifice to the last, hang onto the last with all their might.

Mr. Churchill may well belittle my declaration again, crying that it was nothing other than a symptom of my fear, or my doubts of the final victory. Still I will have an easy conscience of things to come. Deputies, men of the German Reichstag! In reflecting on the ten months lying behind us, all of us will surely feel overcome by the grace of Providence, which will allow us to accomplish such a great a task.

It has blessed our resolves and stood by us on many difficult paths.I myself am touched in recognition of the calling it imparted to me, to restore freedom and honor to my people. The disgrace we suffered for twenty-two years, and which had its beginnings in the Forest Of Compiegne, was erased forever at the very same site.

Today, I have named the men, who before history enabled me to accomplish this great task. They have done their best, dedicating their talents and their industry to the German people. I now wish to conclude in mentioning all those nameless men, who have no less done their duty. Millions of them have risked life and liberty and, as brave German officers and soldiers, have been ready at every hour to make the last sacrifice a man can make.

Today many of them rest in the same graves in which their fathers have rested since the Great War. They bear evidence to silent heroism. They stand as a symbol for all those hundreds of thousands of musketeers, anti-tank gunners and tank gunners, pioneers and artillery men, soldiers of the Navy and the Luffwaffe, men of the Waffen SS, and all those other fighters who stood for the German war machine, in the struggle for freedom and future of our people, and for the eternal greatness of the National Socialist Greater German Reich.

Germany, Sieg Heil…!!!

This is just a small portion of a much longer speech, here is a link to the full speech in its entirety.

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  • Great job! Thank you for all the work that must have taken.

  • Arthur Zakynthos Sirion

    (May 17, 2019 - 9:34 pm)

    Alex Jones the Zionist Satanic chill!

  • Arthur Zakynthos Sirion

    (May 17, 2019 - 9:36 pm)

    Why is Alex Jones a Zionist Satanic chill?


  • wait, but aren’t they ultimately catholics behind them? that’s one thing that bothers me — Catholics and Jesuits go without mention, but they are the other half of the power. CIA, deep state, skull and bones. Right now that dumb asshole john Bolton. — representing the pope in the white house.
    no one seems to mention that the jews were given everything by the catholics?

  • The War was between the Good and Bad Illuminati. Not Jews vs Aryans or something like that. Wars and Incidents that happens in this world is just an after affect of things that have already happened in the Internal Planes. Only 13 very high Initiates know the Truth.
    Hitler was given knowledge and power to represent the white lodge, but he betrayed the white lodge and got very deep into Black Magic with the red dugpas of Tibet due to its immense power and thats why he got destroyed in the end. He degenerated himself due to impatience and thirst for power but failed to realize, theres a price for everything. We forgive enemies but not Traitors.
    We are always watching since the dawn of time and we will pull the Plug very soon. This time there is no War, the Strike will be from WITHIN not WITHOUT. The Cross, The Rose and the Morning star is your only hope. Sufficient are we as guardians and accounters over our creations.

  • I think we must all oppose a one world government and resist the imposition of global multi-cultural miasma. “Growth” in a finite world can only ever be a zero sum game and the gains of richest are the losses of the rest of humanity. The Earth needs a racial breeding contest like a stray dog needs more flees.

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  • I’m a huge fan of your work, Bodhi. I would love to interview you sometime.

    • Hi Rising. Thank you. Most of it is really a conglomeration and “team effort.” I just used great sources by talented people to piece things together to make it easier for the average person to understand so I cant take credit for it all. What did you have in mind for the interview? I am sure I can find some time to make available for you. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. Namaste

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