Elder Scrolls Lore Of The Mysteries

Esoteric truths are hidden in plain sight everywhere around us, in the past movies were a great source to find hidden gems of wisdom and knowledge. Believe it or not comic books are also some of the best sources where you will find this hidden wisdom that has been lost, stolen and destroyed over the eons. In the modern era however video games seem to be some of the best ways to convey this lost wisdom. Sadly most people never see it however because it is not easily recognizable unless you have already been initiated and the masses are most times looking to be entertained with escapism in order to stop thinking rather than expand their horizons.

We have all had glimpses here and there throughout our lives leading us to this point and though we may not have fully understood it at the time we knew what we experienced was something very important and profound. We also knew this epiphany needed to be revisited at a later date when we didn’t have bills to pay, clothes to wash, books to study, meals to cook and all the other things in this “modern” world designed to keep us distracted from what we should have been looking at and concentrating on the entire time.

I don’t want to write anything too fancy to introduce this enchanting video about the lore of a game called The Elder Scrolls I know the readers here will enjoy. I just wanted to write a quick introduction to bridge a connection between your experience and my own.

This video was created by fudegmuppet at YouTube. I also have a video by a channel called Comics Explained who has stellar content that I want to share as well that I have titled There Is Truth In Your Fiction And Fiction In Your Truth that goes together like peas and carrots with this one. They should give you a very entertaining and insightful couple of hours. Also if you want to understand the science behind the truths hidden in plain sight discussed in these videos I suggest reading my article What Is Reality? The Holofractal Universe.

I took a gamble and embedded the original video at YT and since a lot of material tends to disappear at YT these days (especially if it is linked to from this website lol) if it is ever “not working” please let me know in the comments so I can change the link. I have a copy uploaded in my video archive as well. Namaste and blessings

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