What Is Reality? The Holofractal Universe

To understand the design of this reality we must realize first and foremost that it is mathematical perfection just as the architect designed it and as Pythagoras said “All is number.” That being said to understand the nature of this reality you have to study the numbers, the language of the architect, the designer. The only ultimate truth will always be in the numbers.

The Fibonacci sequence is the fingerprint of the creator that has been left on everything in this reality. Tesla’s vortex mathematics and even sacred geometry shows us there is nothing random in this reality, the vortex math in actual numbers and sacred geometry in how those numbers are expressed into shapes, how they take form to construct the reality and how the shapes evolve to ever increasing complexity from the microcosm to the macrocosm.

Of course this math far pre-dates Tesla dating back to at least the time of Atlantis, most likely as far back as Lemuria or even Hyperborea I would wager, but Tesla is most well known for bringing this math back into the mainstream consciousness. To fully understand this article you need to be intimately familiar with these two fields of mathematics. If you are new to these fields of study I wrote this previous article on the significance of the number 6 that can give you a basic introduction to this math and some musings on its implications along with numerous other articles here and I will expand on these topics in future ones.

First let’s start with God, the creator. What is God? The all father is pure consciousness and everything in the cube matrix is a fractal of that consciousness, from the entire matrix itself to the smallest piece of it, all of it is part of the one source, the all. Our bodies are simply avatars for our consciousness, material forms in this dense 3d reality. What we really are is our soul which is what temporarily inhabits these skin suits. You are probably wondering “what is a soul?” Your soul is conscious light, everything in this matrix is constructed out of conscious light, light carrying information that is self aware, the double slit experiment and quantum entanglement has proven this conclusively. So what does this mean exactly? It means these skin suits, these avatars are only an illusion of solidity through magnetic fields. This reality is in fact loosely connected “empty space” (it isn’t really empty it is actually a super fluid undetectable to our 5 senses in the 3rd dimension called aether) linked by electrons then given form through resonance from the source, the all father. This is called cymatics and covered in depth in the Introduction To The Mysteries videos I have in my video archive you should watch when you finish reading this if you want to see some experiments and presentations on this science. Everything in this reality is the result of a frequency, the creator sings to us and the UniVERSE (one song) takes shape.

This reality is a literal matrix comprised entirely out of information encoded into self aware conscious light, something akin to the holodeck on the Enterprise in the old Star Trek series. Our bodies are temporary avatars for our consciousness, they are just vehicles for this dimension of reality, however there are many other dimensions in this reality as the video I have on sacred geometry explains and even teaches you how to count them and how they work and differ from this one. Think of the source as a radio station emitting countless frequencies, we are the radio tuned into those frequencies, we are currently only tuned into one station using our antennae which is our pineal gland, however we can tune into many others if we train ourselves to, exercise and eat right and stop drinking fluoridated water.

Vortex math also proves reincarnation is a mathematical fact and is built into the matrix. The first law of thermodynamics states that energy never ceases to exist it only changes form. Since everything in the matrix is constructed out of energy, in the end the energy is the only thing that is real, everything else is a literal hologram given the illusion of solidity constructed out of that energy. This reality is symmetrical, cyclical, so the real question is why do we keep coming back? The Buddhists/Hindu still have the in tact teachings passed down from Atlantis since Rome was never able to convert the east by the sword like they have the west and destroy the teachings. The Vedas, Dhammapada and even the Emerald Tablets Of Thoth teach us that we can leave this dimension of reality if we learn how and want to escape Samsara and studying the keys of a piano in the original solfeggio shows the teachings were right. Not that this would come as a surprise to the initiated since they would be well aware the ancients intellect and knowledge far exceeded that of modern humanity. The Emerald Tablets may be a forgery, impossible to know for sure but the science they teach is 100% verifiably correct, coupled with the other knowledge presented in them that is also verifiably correct, I myself lean towards them being legitimate and will write an article in the future laying out the facts and my analysis of their legitimacy. For now all we need to know is that the teachings contained in them can be proven to be verifiably correct.

Karma is also a provable scientific fact. Newton’s third law of motion states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Couple this with the first law of thermodynamics I mentioned earlier that states energy can never be destroyed it only changes forms and what you have is a closed system, a matrix, where everything, no matter how minute is connected to and effects everything else within that system. This is known as Zen in the Vedic teachings, chaos theory in mathematics and the butterfly effect in lay circles. Understanding the mysteries and the Vedic teachings they are derived from is based on understanding how energy works and manifests itself into what we perceive as reality with the senses our avatars posses in this 3 dimensional level we currently inhabit.

If you search the Internet or YouTube or anywhere else in the mainstream for that matter on why the “ELites” (EL is the Hebrew name for Saturn) “worship” Saturn you will find mountains of pure nonsense. I doubt any of the people giving their opinion will have the faintest idea what they are talking about. They have very limited knowledge on how this reality works and those that do actually use a decent esoteric source only regurgitate what they have read with no real understanding of what it means or the science behind it. I haven’t found a source yet that has figured this out outside of Santos Bonnaci who is the foremost contemporary expert on the mysteries in my opinion, but even searching through his work I didn’t find a definitive explanation that fully explains the significance of Saturn, though this short video coupled with a clip I added of Alan Watts gives some great background information to help understand what I will explain in this article. To understand Saturn and all the “Gods” for that matter you need to understand the Tesla quote “To understand the Universe think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”. So what does this mean exactly? As I have already stated everything in this reality is the result a frequency emitted from the source but the source is not the only thing emitting these frequencies. The Universe is electric, the frequencies shaping the electric plasma into what we perceive as matter are expressed in the form of magnetism on the cosmic level. The profane often refer to this as gravity but there is no such thing as “gravity” separate from magnetism, it is simply an expression of electromagnetism. Basically the planets are massive magnets that emit electromagnetic frequencies that govern the nature of our little patch of the Universe here on Earth.

Back to the Tesla quote, what did Tesla mean by this quote? What Tesla was saying is that the frequencies govern how quickly objects in this reality vibrate. The higher the frequency, the higher the “matter” vibrates, the higher it vibrates the closer it comes to becoming pure light. Crystals are great examples of this, some crystals are even used as batteries in watches because of their high level of vibration. An easy way to visualize this concept is to consider the difference between ice, liquid water and steam. They are all forms of water but what is the difference that changes the state of their manifestation in this reality? Only how quickly the molecules are vibrating. The higher the molecules are vibrating the less dense the form the water takes is. The molecules of the water ice is composed of vibrates at a very low rate making it very dense whereas the molecules of the water comprising steam are vibrating at a very high rate. All matter in this reality must follow this law of the matrix. The most common way we use to increase the rates of vibration of molecules is through applying heat but it is not the only way. Microwaves come to mind as an easy example of how to transmute matter using microwave frequencies. Heat is the natural byproduct of increased vibration and frequency. Going back to my earlier statement about the first law of thermodynamics, the increased vibration transmutates the energy of increased vibration to heat.

Blavatsky was correct in her assessment that the first race of humans were ethereal beings which she called the Polarians, it was not speculation it is provable science. The Hutchison effect and Philadelphia experiment demonstrate how matter transmutates when you make it vibrate at different frequencies. The reason there were giants in the ancient world is because they were vibrating at higher frequencies than we do with a weaker magnetic field making them less dense and therefore more ethereal in nature. The reason we evolve and de-evolve at cyclical rates is because of the orbit of the planets, which is of course, cyclical. We measure these cycles calling them “years”, but there are greater measurements as well such as in the Mayan system known as great years, in Vedic knowledge these are called yugas, in the western tradition ages, epochs etc which are all based on the procession of the equinox and what planet is ruling the age among other cosmic entities like our twin star Sirius and even radiation belts we pass through as explained in the Das Vril Projekt video, which is a video about the research the 3rd Reich did into these topics.

The basic gestalt is that objects in the cosmos cause the frequencies to vibrate at different rates and directly effect the levels of intellect and consciousness, we as conscious entities, are able to achieve and even the state of what we perceive to be matter and reality itself. If you want hard science to demonstrate this fact look into how magnetic helmets called the “God Helmet” directly effect how people experience this reality or how when you were born directly effects your personality which can be demonstrated through astrological personality profiles. This can be considered to be your base programming or operating system to serve your function for the age you inhabit. What does this science show us? Basically humans are little different than ants, we all have our role to play in the “colony” which is the universal living organism Gaia “organ” we call Earth and we don’t really exercise free will. Most people are barely even what can be considered to be conscious. They are automatons, sleep walkers in a constant alpha brain wave state, stimulus action etc. I discuss this more in depth in the article I wrote on free will being an illusion the other day if you want to read more on that topic.

This is an interesting article as well at gnosticteachings.org that explains the kunda buffer organ mentioned in my Root Races video and though it doesn’t go into the science behind it, it certainly shows the Gnostics that originally wrote about these things understood the implications of the science. Once upon a time anyway. Their knowledge of what these things really mean is now as confused about what is symbolic and what is literal from the original works as all the other Abrahamists evidenced by the articles devolution into Abrahamic nonsense about Satan and God being literal human like entities when they are obviously symbolic and figurative personifications of Dharma. The creator is not a person or entity, God is the aether itself and everything in it. That isn’t to say God can’t take forms in avatars like Sri Krishna and visit the many realms he has created. The point is just that he doesn’t need to as he is omnipresent. All light is sentient and part of God. The frequencies arrange the light into matter. The idea Einstein had about the space time fabric, his concept was correct but it is not space time fabric, it is the aether “fabric”, though a better description would be aether ocean.

I think it was the Aztecs that called men walking salt. This is an interesting way to characterize it as our bodies are avatars, or the salt of the Earth in the Abrahamic teachings that are housing our consciousness while experiencing different aspects of this reality from different perspectives in this dimension. I admit it is very strange, why does the Universe do this what is the point? We can only really guess at the answer to this question. It could be just some weird quirk that was built into the reality that serves no real function but this seems very unlikely since everything else serves a specific function in the reality. This is where you get vastly differing perspectives and philosophical interpretations of this knowledge. The Gnostics interpretation of this science is the exact opposite of the Vedic interpretation. I will explain more about this later.

For now let’s get back to Saturn. As I explained in my article about the number 6, Saturn is literally the personification of the number 6 in our solar system. It is the 6th planet from the Sun and 3 planets away from us whereas the Sun is also 3 planets from us. This makes the Sun and Saturn the two opposing “poles” so to speak of the Earth. This obviously holds some major significance. The Sun and Saturn are opposing forces that form a dynamo effect around the Earth so they emit the most potent frequencies that effect the material realm we call reality. This is one reason the concept of the Black Sun can be applied to Saturn and one would not be incorrect in calling Saturn the Black Sun but as I mentioned in my previous article on the Black Sun not the only concept the Black Sun can be applied to and not even the most important one to be honest. But the question is why do the ELites “worship” Saturn? Saturn is said to be the God that ruled over the golden age. If the Thunderbolts Project team are correct, Saturn was the sun at one time in the distant past. I don’t know if I fully support this model as a scientist because it can’t be proven conclusively, but there is more than enough evidence to show it is highly likely. Not just from the science but the ancient accounts as well.

I don’t think it even matters in the big scheme of things honestly, because there are countless reasons people that worship Saturn can claim as their reason for doing so and their reasons can vary drastically from person to person. I can make a list a mile long of the different things Saturn represents as a deity and any of them can be chosen at random for a person to claim they worship Saturn for. If you want a general idea of all these traits this is a great video by Sun Of Saturn called Saturn The God Of 1000 Names and you can spend hours at his channel making your own list if you want then take your pick. Of course we aren’t interested in why the profane worship Saturn, we are interested in Saturn’s significance with respect to our reality. I’m no expert in astrology, in fact my knowledge of the actual study of astrology is quite limited but I do know how and why it is important and how it works as I think I have demonstrated to this point.

Different planets rule over different ages, Neptune ruled over the age of Pisces whereas Saturn rules over the age of Aquarius which we just entered so this plays some major significance as well I imagine for those in the know. Each planet exerts different magnetic frequencies that vibrate at different rates changing the levels of human intellect and consciousness, but this is not all they change. They also change the state of what we consider to be matter as I already explained briefly earlier. This is why we had giants in the ancient world in past ages, huge beasts called dinosaurs and even the plant life was huge which can be seen by observing Devils Tower which is not a mountain but rather a massive fossilized tree?

Knowledge of this science also explains why these giants had different color skin than we do today. The Ancient Aryans are described as being very pale white, pale blue and even green in some instances in the Vedas and Vedic art (including Egyptian). If this sounds laughable and bizarre to you keep in mind this is a recessive genetic trait that still exists to this day known as methemoglobinemia.

When you understand that these planets emit these different frequencies in numerous spectrums it isn’t hard to understand the visual light spectrum frequencies are linked to this phenomenon as well and obviously has some effect on skin tones and colors among the other physical aspects they effect and even merging multiple dimensions into a single “reality” which is how these past beings had what we consider to be magical powers to manipulate the aether and interacted with other entities outside of our current dimension. We commonly refer to these entities as demons and angels as well as other types of entities that inhabit other dimensions described throughout mythology. If you want to learn more about these entities there is a YouTube channel that is run by a friend of my old channel called Ancient Mystery that does some of the best work on YouTube in this regard as well as the Fear Channel I mentioned in the Root Races article. In the Introduction To The Mysteries video I mentioned earlier there is even a specific experiment where nucleotides in water are formed directly into DNA simply by being manipulated by electromagnetic frequencies in the water.

Now let’s go back to the original question, what is reality? Most people think this reality is like an episode of Seinfeld or Sex In The City and it is to the profane but for the initiated it is more like an episode of x-files or better yet the movie Hellboy. The way things are now is nothing like what they were in the past, not even just 5000 years ago at the time of the Ancient Aryans descried in the Vedas. Talking animals, pale blue giants, fairies, trolls, demons this is all true history and all of the evidence exists to prove it beyond any doubt and I have it all here at the website and my video archive. There is a good CGI movie called Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within that does a good job demonstrating what it is like when dimensions merge in different yugas. In the movie the entities from two different dimensions are interacting in the 3rd dimension. The “spirits” are ethereal with very low density compared to the matter and entities from the 3rd dimension which is how it really happens I would imagine. Even JRR Tolkien author of Lord Of The Rings was very clear that the stories he wrote were true history from books he had access to (some of which you can find at sacredtexts.com) not some fictional fairy tales he made up.

What we perceive to be reality with our 5 senses is only about .000001% of actual reality. What our experience of reality is in the current epoch is like looking into a forest and only seeing a leaf. This reality consists of far more than what most people think it is. There are entities in other dimensions/frequencies and things that are possible in this reality the profane can’t even really fathom. We as light beings (energy) don’t even really need food to power our avatars even in this current density as evidenced by those that practice grounding and sun gazing. Using crystals and consuming mono atomic elements like ormus and numerous other techniques to power our avatars is also possible to raise our vibrational frequency. This is why the Vedas describe one of the factors signaling we were moving into the Kali Yuga was that people started slaughtering cows for food as we were moving into a more dense reality where consciousness and intellect were falling to lower levels and more dense sources of energy were needed to power our avatars that were also becoming more dense.

Everything in the holofractal Universe is constructed of light, energy, we call these little parcels of energy atoms. The unitiated look around them and see tables, bricks, paint, wood etc. What the initiated see is light vibrating at different frequencies that create a myriad of forms we call matter. Think of the movie the Matrix where NEO is seeing the code of the matrix, this is a good way to understand and visualize it.

Where does one “object” end and another begin? It is a matter of perspective directly related to your level of understanding of the matrix. This concept is called oneness in Hindu and Buddhism, the Egyptians also called this concept the law of one, what else can you call it honestly? I am sure this concept is present in all the ancient Pagan religions Rome destroyed in the west in some form, as they were all bastardized, culture centric forms of Hindu passed down from Atlantis. The below image is this reality and everything in it. The further away you are from understanding this the more you develop what is known as ego and the misunderstanding that you are somehow separate from everything else.

The movie The Matrix was a great representation of this reality on many levels. After all we create in the creators image. When you come to the realization that everything in this reality is light energy that holds information you begin to come to the realization that anything is possible and you are a fractal of the creator itself made of infinite light and consciousness. Our avatars act out our thoughts in this dense level of reality but the thought dimension is much less dense. It is where our thoughts come from and where we visit in our dreams. The thought dimension only differs from this dimension in density.

Thoughts take far less time to materialize in the thought dimension than this one which is why your dreams seem to last much longer while dreaming than they did in this denser reality when you wake up. It is comparable to moving underwater vs moving on land.  This reality is a construct in the mind of the creator is another way to think of it. The aether ocean is what all matter is created from and there are many levels and dimensions to this construct. It is all an elaborate illusion of solidity and “reality”. Even Einstein who was wrong about most everything else understood this.

This reality is constructed of atoms which are small bits of the Universal consciousness. Our thoughts do not come from our brains neither does our consciousness they come from the aether our brain just processes them for our avatar in this dimension. Much like playing a video game, the character you see on the screen is not using its digital representation of a head to “think”, the processor does that and projects it onto the television. The aether is the processor in this reality and everything we perceive with our 5 senses is merely a projection it manifests for us to experience. I know for those new to this material it may seem like some bizarre foreign language you don’t understand and be incredibly difficult to process at first but I provide all the sources here in the article to prove all of this to be true though it will take time to study and understand to prove it to yourself.

There are numerous good interpretations of this knowledge in fiction and religious texts besides the Matrix movie. The Vedas and Dhammapada describe it as a dream, an illusion, this concept is called Mara in Buddhism and Maya in Hindu. The Toltecs, the 4th root race of the Atlanteans also used this dream concept in their teachings. Hermetics calls it a thought form “the Universe is mental” as taught in the Kybalion. The modern Gnostics call it a simulation, this should not be taken literally however I highly doubt we are in a computer simulation but vortex math shows it is very much like a computer simulation and nothing is random and it is all cyclical which the Vedic scriptures have always contended. However as I previously mentioned we create in the image of the creator using the same rules of creation so computer simulations are simply our newest attempt to model and understand this reality. I also mentioned earlier in the article the holodeck from Star Trek example as another great way to visualize and understand this, the movie Total Recall is another good one, Osmosis Jones yet another. In fact Osmosis Jones is one of my favorite examples to use but I like to combine it with one of the others to have the correct technical aspects. A good way to think of this reality and our function in it is that we are blood cells in the Universal life form Gaia here to serve our function in the health of the Universal organism that basically functions the same as a clock or computer simulation.

I am going to stop here for now as the length of this article far exceeded what I thought it would. I have a lot of the second part already written, most of it in fact, but realizing the length I decided to break it up into 2 parts and will publish the next one within the next couple of days after I proofread it.

Read Part 2 Here: What is Reality Part 2: Philosophical Interpretations

Bodhi Mantra

I am a computer scientist, researcher and writer. Son Of Saturn of the 4th Sun and guardian of the arcanum for the preservation of the Aryan legacy.


  • Thanks,, interesting read. Remember that Thunderbolts Project might say Devil’s Tower is an effect of electricity.

    • You know I have seen a video on this and it is great work, based on my research I feel confident making this claim but I should have maybe used a question mark instead of stating it as a definitive. Perhaps I will edit it to say “credible researchers believe it is a fossilized tree and from the data I have seen it seems to confirm it”.

  • I like almost everything, i just can t believe the part on giants and Lord of rings. Any more info?

  • Great article! I am a student of the Law of One/Ra Material. It all makes perfect sense.

    I’ve been taking pictures of light passing through crystals which reveal the holofractal nature of life. High def shots are posted at https://ello.co/fractalsoflight. AS ABOVE, SO BELOW!

  • I have been searching far and wide for years. Looking for the Bodhisattva. Your info is some of the best I have come across. Thank you!

  • i totally buy the skin color thing. im a super capricorn and my skin is olive toned. it changes throughout the day like a mood ring. and that translates to UV/infrared for saturn. and i connect to many green/yellow characters like peridot, a character from steven universe. well many green chakra characters who represent heart yes, but vast levels of immaturity at a lower level like myself. i am a gnome of sorts with the yellowing effect, natural green thumb too i suppose. golden age i get it

  • i also relate to the gamme ray thing. while the stars are in sag and capricorn, i discovered thermodynamics through my numerology. the gamma for air like that purple spectrum above is 1.4 like my bday which is diatomic gas. the monatomic gas ideal is 1.66 i mean dude saturn is the perfect way to measure many things…. its even the first planet whose umm black sun orbit doesnt smack the sun or mercury so yea…. great for measuring

  • That blue guy is someone who drank silver though, you can google it. Nice read even tho I don’t agree with some of it, and it has some syntax mistakes

    • Well I was going to mention drinking colloidal silver also turns skin blue and could have possibly been an initiation ritual in the ancient world for Brahman hence why Krishna had blue skin yet his brother was pale white, but it wasn’t really within the scope of this article. I am not sure if you are correct that is the case with this man, do you have a link?

      What syntax errors can you point them out? I actually wrote this article in quite a hurry at the time when I wrote it and I never went back to proofread it as I had so much more I wanted to cover in a short time. Perhaps I will spruce it up some time in the future, if you want to point out the errors however I will be glad to fix them.

  • […] Bodhi Mantrasays:2019-03-23 at 5:51 pm Who can I talk to about this world citizenry to find out its legitimacy and the procedure to do this if I want? Thanks for sharing this info and doing this research. This is my website if you want to check it out. I may even re-publish some of your work if it is ok with you and I can verify this world citizenry material.https://esotericawakening.com/what-is-reality-the-holofractal-universeLikeREPLY […]


    Everything, both perceptible and imperceptible – that is, anything within the material universe which can ever be perceived with the senses, plus the subject (the observer of all phenomena) – is what most persons actually refer to when they use the term “GOD”.

    REAL God is Impersonal Absolute Nothingness (otherwise called “The Tao”, “The Great Spirit”, “Brahman”, “Pure Consciousness”, “Eternal Awareness”, “Independent Existence”, “The Ground of Being”, “The Undifferentiated Substratum of All Reality”, “The Unified Field”, et cetera).

    “God” is One Reality, but just as a knife cannot cut itself, or fire cannot burn itself, “God” cannot know Himself (or at least EXPERIENCE Himself), and so, has manifested this phenomenal universe within Himself. Therefore, this world of duality is really just a play of consciousness within Consciousness. N. B. The word “God” is, by definition, a title of the male Deity, and is not to be taken literally here.

    Apparently, this phenomenal universe was “created” (within Consciousness) with the initial act (the so-called “Big Bang”), and from that first deed, every action that has ever occurred has been a direct or indirect result of it.
    Just as every particle of matter in the universe was once contained in the ’singularity’, Infinite Consciousness was NECESSARILY present at the Big Bang, and is in no way an epiphenomenon of a neural network.

    “Sarvam khalvidam brahma” (‘all this is indeed Brahman’). There is NAUGHT but Eternal Being, Conscious Awareness, Causeless Peace –
    and you are that!

    Everything which can be presently perceived, both tangible and immaterial, including we human beings, is a consequence of that initial manifestation. That is the most accurate and logical explanation for “karma” – everything was preordained from the initial spark, and every action since has unfolded as it was predestined in ETERNITY. The notion of retributive (“tit for tat”) karma is just that – an unverified notion.

    Whatever state in which we currently find ourselves, is the result of two factors – our genetic make-up at conception and our present-life conditioning (which may include mutating genetic code). Every choice ever made by every human (and non-human animal) was determined by those two factors ALONE, thus free-will is purely illusory, despite what most believe.

    Because we are temporarily residing within this dualistic universe, we experience both pleasure and pain.
    Suffering and pain are NOT synonymous.
    Suffering is due to a false sense of personal doership – the belief that one is a separate, independent author of one’s thoughts and deeds.

    There are five MANIFESTATIONS of suffering:
    1. Guilt
    2. Blame
    3. Pride
    4. Worry/Anxiety
    5. Regrets about the past and expectations for the future

    These types of suffering are the result of not properly understanding what was explained above – that life is a series of happenings and NOT caused by the individual living beings. No living creature, including us humans, has personal free-will. There is only the Universal, Divine Will at play, acting through every body, to which William Shakespeare famously alluded when he scribed “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.”
    The human organism is simply a biological machine, comprised of the five gross material elements and the three subtle material elements.

    So, now that you understand life, and the reason why we are suffering here in this (supposedly) material universe, you are now able to be liberated from all forms of suffering, RIGHT?

    WRONG! It is imperative to find an authentic spiritual master to assist you to come to the above realization, by slowly undoing your past conditioning. Just as you have been conditioned over an entire lifetime to think one way, you need to be re-conditioned to think another.

    Even if you follow a competent teacher, you may still not come to a full understanding of life, but if you are sincere, humble and dedicated, you will definitely find more peace in your daily life (all of which was DESTINED to occur, of course).
    Furthermore, if it was ordained, you may be fortunate enough to accept discipline from a truly enlightened master, and subsequently realize the aforementioned fundamental concepts, by practicing at least one of the four systems of yoga (religion) described in the Holy Scripture, “A Final Instruction Sheet for Humanity”. Best wishes for your unique, personal journey towards unalloyed peace and happiness!

    “The meaning of life is life itself.”

    “A wise Rabbi once said ‘If I am I because you are you, and you are you because I am I, then I am not I, and you are not you’.
    In other words, we are not separate.”
    Professor Dr. Alan Wilson Watts,
    British-American Philosopher.
    (06/01/1915 – 16/11/1973).

    “What you seek is seeking you.”
    Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī,
    Persian Sunni Muslim poet, jurist, Islamic scholar, theologian, and Sufi mystic.
    (30/09/1207 – 17/12/1273).

    To read the remaining twenty-nine chapters of “A Final Instruction Sheet for Humanity”, which are the most accurate spiritual precepts so far in human history, Email: prophet4god@icloud.com with the acronym “FISH” in the subject field.
    “The gateway to KNOWLEDGE is ignorance”. 🤓

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