Is Free Will An Illusion?

Most people will likely think this is a ridiculous question at first. The followers of the Abrahamic faiths will point to their scriptures and say because it was written in a book from “God” it must be true while the “scientists” scoff at this because they believe they are educated about how this reality works and mistakenly consider making decisions for exercising free will. Making decisions does not mean a person exercises free will however, after all ants make decisions and humans are little different from ants in our function in the Universe or even on this planet. I know those new to the mysteries and spiritual science in general or “real science” as I prefer to call it, are likely perplexed or shaking their head at reading this however this is a scientific fact. In order to understand this fact however one has to understand sacred geometry and vortex mathematics, you can also add in at least a rudimentary understanding of quantum physics for good measure.

Let’s start with vortex mathematics, what does vortex mathematics teach us? It teaches us that everything in the Universe is on a schedule and nothing ever deviates from that schedule. It also teaches us that everything is cyclical. A good way to visualize this is that we are inside of a giant watch for all practical purposes. The planets orbit at a set pattern as does the sun and moon and everything else in this reality. There are 4 seasons that come and go every year like clockwork, the tide flows in and out on a set schedule based on the lunar cycle as well as womens menstrual cycles and gestation periods of pregnancies etc, the list goes on literally to infinity, everything in this reality is a cycle of ups and downs, a sine wave.

Not only does vortex math teach us that everything is cyclical it also teaches us when these cycles occur and that they never deviate from this pattern, if they did this entire reality would come crashing down. Can you imagine what would happen if the sun suddenly decided to rise in the west instead of the east, or if the moon suddenly wanted to take a few days off? We all have the knowledge that these cycles exist obviously but apparently people don’t think too deeply about it beyond that, I know I didn’t for most of my life. Some readers may be confused thinking this has nothing to do with human activity, but this is where they would be dead wrong. Vortex math itself proves for an indisputable fact that nothing in this reality is random but I imagine some readers still may not grasp the full implications of what this math means and still think they are somehow exempt from this rule of the Universe, but I will explain different ways of how to visualize this to make it easier to understand.

Let’s move on to sacred geometry for now and use some examples from it to illustrate this further. The below pattern is referred to as the seed of life. This is the way the creator creates everything in this reality, using this specific pattern which evolves to ever increasing complexity then at its apex it begins decreasing in complexity to return to the vortex and its original starting pattern again.

It doesn’t matter how complex it gets however it always follows this pattern. Now let’s examine the flower of life which holds every shape possible in this reality.

I won’t go into a extended lesson on sacred geometry since I have already linked a great video on it that will explain all of this much better than I can, but it is important to understand at least the basics I am presenting here.  What is important to understand from these patterns? The same thing vortex mathematics teaches us, nothing is random in this reality, it all follows a set pattern and nothing we do can change this fact anymore than we can keep the sun from rising. Now let’s analyze it a little more in depth and see how it applies to human behavior. What this pattern is showing us unequivocally is that the creator has a design for all things in this reality. The reality itself starts at a very basic pattern, the seed of life, and evolves to become the flower of life eventually. Imagine this reality like a maze in the Sunday paper, you can choose all these different paths that lead to dead ends but there is only way out and when you get there the maze is completed.

Image result for newspaper maze

I know some people who don’t fully understand this yet will likely be saying to themselves, “we have the choice of the path to take so that is free will”. They are wrong of course, in the same way as those among us that think we live in a democracy are wrong. Just because you get to vote for one of two candidates doesn’t mean you live in a democracy, you just have the illusion of democracy because you got to vote. No one ever seems to consider who chose the candidates or realize they work for the same boss. Making choices it not exercising free will.

To further illustrate this point let’s look at it as there are 4 roads we get to choose from at a crossroad that all lead to the same place, yes we can choose which road we take but we cannot choose the destination.  If we cannot choose the destination then how can we possibly be exercising free will? We can refer to vortex mathematics again here to pose this same analogy, this time in numerical terms. If everything will equal nine in the end and all we get to do is choose the two numbers we use to get 9 (7+2 or 5+4 or 3+6) is this exercising free will?

Now let’s consider what this reality is. This may seem an odd statement to some at first, or one they have never asked themselves or even considered, but what is the nature of this reality? The important aspect of this reality for now is that it is a single living organism of which we are only fractals of, microcosms of the macrocosm. I will write an in depth article on this specific topic soon but for now I will stick with this simplified abbreviated version. The article I wrote on the number 6, especially the video at the end of it as well as this video I made can fill in the blanks for now. What do these videos teach us? They show us that we are basically no different from the blood cells in our own bodies. We are blood cells in the body of the creator, the Universal organism Gaia is one way to put it. Or you could also see us as a virus if you will for now, since it is the Kali Yuga. I will write a detailed article on the yugas soon as well but for now I will just say that yugas are cycles, galactic seasons that consist of differing degrees of waves of levels of consciousness among other things, and in the Kali Yuga humanity is at our lowest level of intellect and consciousness. During the Kali Yuga only around 13% of the population are capable of rational independent thought, which means that 87% of the population are basically non playable characters in the matrix. Since you are here reading this article I imagine this comes as no surprise to you and you have probably already suspected this at some point in your life and realized that you are different and have probably known this for some time.

Understanding reality in this context, do you think your red blood cells exercise free will? If this was possible wouldn’t a rather large number of people be dying at alarming rates if the cells in their bodies exercised free will and simply decided to stop doing their function? This same concept applies to humanity in this respect. If we as humans suddenly decided to not serve our function in the universal organism, the grand cosmic dance of Shakti, it would cause some serious problems, problems as devastating as say the sun deciding to rise in the west instead of the east to reuse an earlier example. If these analogies don’t hit home hopefully some future articles I have planned will help with other interesting ways to visualize these concepts.

So where does this leave us philosophically, what now? For the brave seekers that went looking for the holy grail, the truth of truths, which is what likely brought you here this can be quite a shocking realization and cause a bit of havoc for you in this world of the walking dead. Why were you chosen by the creator to have this expanded consciousness and awareness, to have human consciousness surrounded by low level hive consciousness, what is your specific role in all of this? We have already established nothing is random in the matrix. so make no mistake you were “chosen” by the creator for this fate. Whether you consider it a blessing or a curse is up to you but you earned it, this is the law of karma.

When I first read the Dhammapada over 20 years ago now, I knew it was my last lifetime. Reading the wisdom and knowledge the Buddha left for us, it resonated with me like nothing I had ever read or learned before. Immediately my mind put together the fact that if I had this knowledge it had to serve some purpose in my life, which of course was later verified by the math, so this begged the question, why did I have the karma to discover and learn the Buddha’s teachings? At the time I assumed it meant I had to discover the rest, how to escape the cycle of Samsara, it was the only thing I could come up with that made any sense and I have gone over and over this question many times in my life over the years since then. Often times I had put this on the back burner however, I still had to survive within the matrix after all and Mara is very enchanting, always whispering in your ear to try to get you to believe the illusion is real. I went about my life partaking in the illusion fully engaged in it and believing it was real as we all do, then after years of being dissatisfied with this reality on pretty much every level the circumstances occurred for me to happen upon the Emerald Tablets Of Thoth. I am no fool and I consider myself to be above average intelligence and no slouch when it comes to investigation and research so my first instinct was to investigate their authenticity. I will write an article on this topic in the future at some point, but for now let’s just say I lean 95% towards believing them to be authentic and I think the content on this website should show why. Putting that aside for the moment let’s concentrate on the teachings. My interpretation is that Thoth is teaching us that in order to escape this level of the matrix in order to ascend is by learning how to leave our bodies with our consciousness known as an OOBE or out of body experience. I get the impression that it means we are in our last lifetime as a human entity and we have the karma to experience this expanded awareness and consciousness to figure out how to escape Samsara.

My point earlier was that we do not exercise free will in our actions as they do not effect the outcome, they can’t, but what about our feelings? We do get to choose how we feel about the illusion and most of the Buddha’s teachings focus solely on this but apparently we have some control of when we leave this matrix to go to the next level as well if what Thoth teaches us is true, and his teachings are congruent with the teachings of other ancient cultures much wiser than ours and the science certainly seems to confirm it. This article has suddenly taken a U-turn now so where does this leave us? In a constant struggle with Mara. A foot in two worlds, the one we know is reality and the hologram in front of us Mara tries to convince us is reality, and it is incredibly convincing I’m sure I don’t have to tell you. Add to the fact that everyone around us believes the hologram is real and the gas lighting shills everywhere trying to keep us from finding others who also see through the illusion and it can become quite a burden at times unfortunately.

We don’t get to choose where we are going but we do get to choose how we get there. If we don’t get to choose where we are going then why are we here? The only logical conclusion is that we are here to experience and only we get to choose how we experience, so was I wrong when I said this is not free will earlier? Like all things in this reality it boils down to perspective in the end I suppose, the only real choice we have is our perspective, what do you think? I look forward to reading the comments and if anyone would ever like to submit an article I will be happy to read it and possibly publish it. I think Lao Tzu was one of the best teachers on how to experience this reality, I hope you enjoy his work as much as I do. Namaste my friends, love, light, truth, wisdom, folk, dharma.

Bodhi Mantra

I am a computer scientist, researcher and writer. Son Of Saturn of the 4th Sun and guardian of the arcanum for the preservation of the Aryan legacy.


  • As I am quite new to such esoteric/spiritual/philosophical topics as this, I don’t have in depth knowledge on it but much of this just confirms what I had discovered in the admittedly quite short time I have spent in this reality. When we were children, my friend and I had often contemplated the cyclical nature of things, if it was good, bad or neither, if, why and how we could escape it or what consquences this would have. I look forward to expanding my horizon and reading more articles.

    • Hi David welcome to the site. I am glad you are here my friend, a series of synchronicities brought you here I’m sure as it did all of us to get where we are. If you ever have any questions or comments and want to share your knowledge and experiences feel free to leave them any time my friend. Namaste

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  • Have you read Jung, James Hillmann, Erich Neumann?…
    (There’s also Italian thinker Emanuele Severino, too ahead to be understood, and almost untranslated; not that he minds it.)

    I think that, no matter whether we know or not, for instance, vortex mathematics, some of us feel so bad in the world shared/imagined by the majority of humans that we reach a place, or it reaches us in fact.
    And then, each with his character, intelligence, knowledge, verbal ability, to draw on, we try to communicate our experience with that place to others, to feel less lone probably, using writing, music, film, videogame, song, … any medium.

    I wonder how, for instance, you do feel after realizing that our ego, what says “I” in us, isn’t in charge with directing us (= we have no free will, no real will). An alien who gets to watch a myriad organic 2-legged mechanisms as they gyrate, move, do all they are fated to do… without realizing it?
    Can it be that in reality we aren’t more aware than they? Or is there a diversity so absolute between us and them?

    • I have read some small amounts of Jung, nowhere near as much as I would like to but I have so much material I am always studying on so many topics it sometimes becomes maddening to think I may never get to everything I would like too. I haven’t read the other two writers, in fact I have never even heard of them unfortunately, judging by the wisdom in your comment I imagine they are something not to be dismissed lightly.

      I agree yes some of us once awakened are moved to “share” this knowledge in any outlet we can find, hence the very existence of this website. I imagine (I say imagine but it is in fact a provable fact), it was our time to awaken to spark the flames as it were for the awakening in the approaching age. We are all here to do what we were put here to do, all a cog in the machine waiting for our cue and call to action I suppose to knock our domino over that creates the chain reaction to reach the masses of others in our line of gnosis for those we are supposed to effect who will in turn effect others in a tree of branches and connections, if this makes sense. I whole heartedly understand your sentiment of being “less alone”. Once you understand the truth and you are watching the world go by, the “ants marching” as the Dave Matthews song goes it is very alienating as if it is all in slow motion and such a silly drama playing out, everyone an actor on the stage with no awareness they are even in a play. Being one the few people in the movie that knows it is a movie can be lonesome at times. I suppose this is why esoteric organizations exist (the ones that aren’t full of people in their bathrobes LARPing as wizards anyway). I have an invite only private discord server if you are interested in joining let me know and I will send you an invite.

      Very great questions, I have a few videos on my bitchute channel that may be able to give you some paths to follow in this line of inquiry.

      Multi Dimensional Reality Described In The Vedas

      Vedic Cosmology Mysteries of the Sacred Universe

  • [blockquote]During the Kali Yuga only around 13% of the population are capable of rational independent thought, which means that 87% of the population are basically non playable characters in the matrix. Since you are here reading this article I imagine this comes as no surprise to you and you have probably already suspected this at some point in your life and realized that you are different and have probably known this for some time.[/blockquote]

    The Grand Inquisitor in that very renowned book estimates 1:10000… I trust that more than this 13% estimation here 😀. Although, to be sure, 1:10000 seems exaggerated in the opposite direction. Perhaps it’s 1:1000, or 1:5000.
    There are varied degrees of thought independence, also. Maybe traces of it are found in 13% of people, but it’s a truly long way from there to exit the so-called matrix entirely.

    • I took some liberty with that figure lol. I based it on studies of the number of people in alpha brain wave states the majority of their waking hours that I wish I could site right now but embarrassingly can’t at the moment but shouldn’t be too hard to find for those interested in doing an hour or two of googling and reading. I ran across the figure some years ago studying brain wave patterns and the effect television and cell phones etc have on them and liberally applied it here.

      If there is a higher authority you think is more accurate in this book you suggest I gladly concede to it and look forward to reading it in the near future to understand his methodology and am thankful for you informing me of it.

      Yes agreed, leaving this matrix for higher lokas is the goal, have you ever read the Emerald Tablets Of Thoth? Some interesting tips in it. I have an audio and written version here at the site. I look forward to hearing what you think if you take the time to read it and comment on it. Namaste and blessings

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