Esoteric Meaning Of The Black Sun

The Black Sun is an esoteric symbol dating far back into antiquity, petroglyphs have been found in the Americas of this ancient symbol as well as artifacts discovered in 3000 year old graves of Nordic women such as the Zierscheiben pictured below. Since the masses are not taught true history or the true origins of most things this symbol is now mainly known for its placement in the floor at Wewelsburg Castle by the SS of the German Reich and the casual researcher won’t look much further than this unfortunately.

It is an esoteric concept rather than an actual object and like all esoteric symbols it represents knowledge, the more knowledge you have the more of the symbols secrets you unlock   and   the   amount   of   knowledge   needed   to understand esoteric symbols can border on staggering for the uninitiated at times since the knowledge and science they represent is not taught outside of esoteric circles for a reason. In fact in almost every instance what people have been taught is the exact opposite of the truth. I have compiled a number of videos and made some myself I will provide throughout the article after a brief introduction of some of the concepts this symbol represents.

At its core I suppose you could say this symbol represents polarity as this is one of the main precepts behind all esoteric symbols. A good place to start learning about this topic is a book called the Kybalion. In this reality everything has an esoteric and exoteric level of understanding. All esoteric symbols originate from astrology, math and sacred geometry, which are all one thing in the end. All philosophical meanings come after this based on interpretation and understanding of these things and how they create the reality our consciousness inhabits. In short, one can say esoteric symbols represent Dharma, which is defined as the cosmic order. These symbols have presentations and interpretations in the physical realm and also in the spiritual realm, one in the seen and also in the unseen. The yin and yang represents this basic tenant nicely, but like all esoteric symbols and concepts the yin and yang has numerous other meanings as well I will expand on in the future.

I have read a few articles in the past about different people’s interpretation of this symbol, some decent and some not so much. Symbols are used as esoteric concepts because the amount of knowledge they represent is not easily explainable to the laymen. Anyone that tries to tell you what an esoteric symbol means without going into at least an hour long explanation of all its different meanings based on context ie time period, who is using it and how does not understand its true meaning. They simply know a single aspect of its meaning that they most likely learned from someone else that does not truly understand its meaning.

A good way to think of esoteric symbols is to imagine them as the same concept of putting PHD or Esquire in the title of someone’s name. By doing this it signifies that this person is very educated in a particular field of knowledge, with esquire that subject would be the law, with PHD the field of study is often given along with the title. These symbols represent knowledge of how this reality is designed and works on countless levels because the design of this reality is fractal in nature, microcosms of macrocosms for infinity. I know this will be difficult for people new to occult material to grasp at first so I will try and give some of the more important aspects of the knowledge this symbol represents.

The Black Sun were a secret society comprised of the leadership of the German Reich just prior to and during WWII, they were the anti-Illuminati if you will. I have heard them referred to as the Illuminazi in the past that I thought was rather clever and humorous. I have lightly touched on the Illuminati here in previous articles but haven’t really gotten into detail of all the players yet because as I explained in those articles on this topic it is quite complex and convoluted as to who all the players are. Let’s just say there has been a fiction about human history and how this reality works that originally began in Babylon, but for now let’s stick with Rome since their handy work can be considered to be the most prevalent aspect of perpetuating the largest aspect of this fiction by burning down the Library of Alexandria and reseting history to be what they wanted it to be in their conquered territories, or what we refer to as the western world today.

By creating the fiction of the historical figure of Christ, which actually means anointed one and is an ancient term and concept I cover in the What Is Christ Consciousness article, the Catholic Church was able to effectively re-write the entire history of humanity as it saw fit starting time and our collective memory in the western world based on the life of this fictional character ala BC, AD etc. This character was based largely on the chronicles of the life of Krishna from the Hindu Vedas. Of course this isn’t the only source the Bible was plagiarized from, much of it was also taken from the Egyptian Book Of The Dead as well as a number of Sumerian myths such as the Epic of Gilgamesh among others. There is also a ton of Zoroastrian symbolic dogma as well and this is most likely the origin of monotheism itself, not Judaism as many westerners assume based on misinterpretations of Biblical scripture and history. “Catholic” means universal in Latin so you can see why the Romans named their state religion and church this drawing from so many sources and traditions. It was the “universal,” state sanctioned religion in the Empire. I don’t want to wander too far off of topic for now however, I will go into more detail on these topics in the future.

For now let’s make it simple by saying the so-called Illuminati consists largely of the Church that started the fiction and system of debt slavery (this isn’t exactly 100% true as this system is far older but it is too lengthy to explain further so for our purposes here we can make this claim for the current world corporate system) and often times actual physical slavery throughout its long and sordid past, and the organizations and people that have come to capitalize on these systems and lies to use them to their own advantage such as the Jesuits, Free Masons and a considerably large faction of Zionist Jews. Of course this is a bit of a misnomer because many of these so called Jews are not Jews at all since Judaism is a religion not a race, contrary to some opinions. This appears to have been recognized even in the ancient world, as noted by the esteemed Roman Senator and historian Publius Tacitus.

The original Israelites were Caucasoid Aryans commonly referred to as Scythians while the Jews were a slightly darker skinned Aryan race known as the Phoenicians as this video by anthropologist    Robert Sepehr will help illustrate along with numerous other videos in my archive to trace the etymology and lineage of the ancient Aryans back to pre-flood Atlantis just as the Vedas have always contended.

This gets incredibly technical and only people that have studied all of this in depth for years in most instances will understand these references and terminology. Even then there are some areas where it is open to slightly differing interpretations as there are some slight gaps where people have to take their best guess based on the evidence. I will write a massive article in the near future explaining to the best of my ability how this all fits together but for those that are curious enough that they want to study all the sources I have gathered for themselves I have linked to my video archive a few times already where I have collected the best sources you will find anywhere on these topics that have been personally vetted by me after years of research.

I suggest looking through everything here at the site on the Aryans if you want to understand the fine details. I have material by names such as Immanuel Velikovsky, Phillip Lindsay, Graham Hancock, Robert Sepehr, David Childress, Anatoly Fomenko, Michael Tellinger, Michael Cremo and Henry Makow among numerous other researchers. Again, this is such a vast and tangled topic much of it falls outside of the scope of this article, but I will link a couple videos about the Scythians the pre-Egyptian Aryans of the East that explains some of this in a little more detail and I will cover all of this here on the site eventually and have likely covered a lot of it already by the time you are reading this.

Back to the Order of The Black Sun for now. WWII was basically the American Revolution 2.0. The Germans were starting to wake up to this fiction perpetrated by Rome, and the Jews plot to genocide and enslave Europe under communism via the Kalergi Plan and United Nations (now under the guise of UN Agenda 21), among many other esoteric truths we won’t go into just yet but will be covered in other videos I will link later. The Black Sun along with Thule and the Vril society were the organizations that rose up to fight back to correct the timeline, corruption, injustice and history adopting the Aryan swastika of their Vedic ancestors once again as opposed to the Roman cross that adorned the flags of most European nations. These are some of the main aspects of what was known as the Völkisch movement, they were finding their lost history, heritage and roots.

They were way ahead of the curve however by about a century so the rest of us are only just starting to catch up to as to what they discovered. I will cover all of this in detail in future articles to help people navigate all of the massive amounts of propaganda and disinfo designed to confuse them, for now I suggest starting with the documentary The Greatest Story Never Told and this video I myself made from a number of videos of friends of my old YT channel Impartial Truth and one who moved to ugetube because of censorship Trimurti Vishnu, who do great work on this topic and are good folks and allies to those searching for the truth about WWII.

Now that we have a general idea of who all of the players are and a general outline of the circumstances surrounding the founding of this organization let’s decode what this symbol’s esoteric concept is. Let’s start with the first fundamental base concept which is that the yellow sun is the sun of the material realm while the black sun is the sun of the spiritual realm. The sun behind the sun as Miguel Serrano put it. The yellow sun exerts energy into the material world which it is constructed out of while the black sun is the opposing or negative pole, where the vortex = 0 recycling this energy.

Don’t worry if this doesn’t make sense quite yet, I will explain further and have a video I made below to help you visualize what I am explaining. This symbol also represents Saturn as the video I just mentioned will illustrate why and how. As we can see there is a ring around the center dot, this symbol is called the circumpunct and represents the sun in astrology. You may be wondering how this symbol represents Saturn and the Sun. Well, Saturn used to be our Sun in our distant past at the time of the ancient Aryans as recorded in the Vedas who were pale blue giants (not all humanoids at this time were pale blue giants, but apparently some were). I suggest reading my article on the Holofractal Universe where I go to into great detail explaining how all the science works to produce this race of giants that had different color skin than the modern human races. This gets very complex so I will just link this video by the guys at the Thunderbolts Project to help get you started and also suggest you visit the channel Sun Of Saturn at YouTube for background on the mythology.

If this material is new to you it will likely take you quite some time to watch and understand the videos I have linked here already and I suggest getting a good grasp on the material before trying to understand the rest of this article especially in regards to the meaning of Saturn because I often see people that have no understanding of Saturn or astrology in general completely derailing any possibility of understanding they may have been able to obtain by coming at all of this from an angle of ignorance and misconceptions. They often say it is Satan and evil etc. Of course this is superstitious nonsense and based on ignorance and if you ask them to elaborate as to how a planet is some fallen angel, horned figure with bat wings and cloven hooves they of course can’t and will likely call you a shill, such as the profane do which should be no surprise to anyone reading this.

Like all ignorance they are simply repeating someone else’s ignorance in their own ignorance. That isn’t to say they are completely wrong in what they have said however, just wrong in their interpretation of what these things mean. In Hebrew the word Satan means adversary, with this in mind is Saturn “Satan,” or an adversary? Well in terms of polarity yes, it is an adversary of the Sun. Earth is 3 planets away from the Sun and three planets away from Saturn so these two forces are a dynamo for this planet so to speak. Their electromagnetic forces are the most influential on our planet because of this alignment. Everything in nature needs balance, the forces of this reality are always at work to create this balance which is why everything is symmetrical. This is yet another of the esoteric meanings of the yin and yang symbol, balance.

Visualize a good knife or sword, or any weapon or piece of sports equipment for that matter. What is the number one aspect that makes it useful as opposed to cumbersome? Balance. Every weight needs a counter weight or it creates big problems in its functionality. Think of your car tires when they are not properly balanced and how badly it effects the way it rides. Try to imagine the kind of chaos the Earth would experience with the huge electromagnetic influence on it being exerted by the Sun without a counter balance force. Of course this would never happen because the creator, or what the Masons aptly refer to as the Grand Architect, does everything perfectly and does not make mistakes. This is a very apt description of the creator, the Grand Architect.

In the movie Jurassic Park there is a scene in the opening of the movie where the archaeologist tells the lawyer “Grant’s like meHe’s a digger.” I commonly think of this line when pondering the nature of the creator. The creator is an engineer and architect, these are its prime responsibilities and duties and to truly understand the creator you also need to understand how the creator constructs this reality by thinking in these same terms, engineering and architecture. To get a basic idea of this concept you should read my previous article on the number 6 and even this article on the esoteric meaning of Skull And Bones, I think they will help in illustrating the importance of numbers, what they mean and how the creator uses them to construct this reality. Using this esoteric concept you can interpret the Black Sun as a symbol of balance and the perfection of the creator.

I will go ahead and embed the video I made I mentioned a moment ago because I think it further illustrates this concept of perfection and balance not only in the Saturnian aspect but also the number of Sig Runes used (12) and how it relates to the astrological table.

Speaking of the Sig Runes, they are obviously representations of lighting bolts, why did the SS use two lightning bolts as their emblem and use them in the Black Sun symbol as well? The exoteric name of the SS was the Schutzstaffel, but as I explained earlier everything in this reality has an exoteric and esoteric meaning. This was not the true meaning of the SS, the esoteric meaning was Schwarze Sonne which of course means Black Sun or even Sohns von Saturn meaning Sons of Saturn. What exactly does Son Of Saturn even mean however? I will get into this in a future article I will write soon, it opens a whole other can of worms that is far to expansive of a topic to go into at the moment. You can probably even figure it out on your own if you try. I have been waiting for quite some time for someone to decode the meaning of my pseudonym “title” and don’t want to make it too easy, it is a fun little esoteric brainteaser to get the creative mental juices flowing.

Let’s continue on this line of thought about the runes. We have the Sig Runes that are lighting bolts, which are a very important esoteric concept itself, think of Thor and Zeus, the Universe is electric in nature. This esoteric knowledge was also reflected by the German Reich in their use of the term Blitzkrieg which meant lightning war.

Another esoteric concept of this Black Sun symbol with the circumpunct center, is inner and outer Earth, and the origins of the vril which is the German term for Chi, Qi, Prana, etc. written about in the book The Coming Race by Edward Bulwer-Lytton. This is the life force all things in this reality derive from and what our soul truly is, the aether force, conscious light, electricity radiating from the Sun, energy radiating from the core.

This pattern is also representative of the structure of the atom, which in turn means it can also represent the solar system the microcosm and the macrocosm, as above so below.

It can also represent the structure of the eye, which is obviously a very esoteric symbol itself, as in the all seeing eye of providence featured on the back of the dollar bill and countless other representations of this concept by all ancient cultures and the Free Masons.

Yet another very important meaning attached to the Black Sun is the knowledge of eclipses, referred to as Rahu in Vedic terms and Itzpapalotl to the Aztecs. We just recently had an important eclipse occur on August 21, 2017 in fact, one that has not occurred since 1776. What else happened in 1776? The founding of the United States for one but also the founding of the Bavarian Illuminati. The next time this kind of eclipse will occur is 7 years from now, in the Bible in the Book Of Revelation it states that tribulations will last 7 years. Interesting right? Let’s examine the numbers of all of this in a bit more detail.

  • 923 and 33 are the two most important numbers in free masonry
  • The Bavarian Illuminati was founded in 1776
  • The United States founded in 1776
  • 1776 is used to calculate 923 in free masonry, there is a video by Mark Passio on YouTube that can explain how for those interested
  • The last eclipse like the one we just had was in 1776
  • 9/23 is 33 days after the eclipse
  • The next one is 7 years away
  • Tribulations in the Book of Revelation last 7 years
  • The Book Of Revelation was written by people that obviously had the arcanum
  • The Pyramids mark this exact date not just the Egyptian ones but all over the world including Antarctica
  • Israel was purchased in 1917 under the Balfour agreement then populated using the faked holocaust in order to fulfill biblical prophecy and match the dates precisely for 9/23
  • The Mayan calendar ended in 2012
  • There was a pole shift in 2012

I know this is a lot to take in and understand but once again this falls outside of the scope of this particular article and no single source will be able to explain it to you, you will have to do years of research to be able to understand all of this although I did try to make it as easy I could with this website and my video archive. It is up to you to do the work however like any other knowledge worth acquiring. There is much more to the numerology than this, I suggest watching a 5 part video series called the Pyramid Code that will give some insight into these precise calculations and their implications. Repeating numbers, the Fibonacci sequence, magnetism, electricity, astrology, sacred geometry, vortex mathematics, as above so below, these things are all connected in the matrix and this symbol represents knowledge of this fact commonly referred to as the arcanum in esoteric circles.

Esoteric symbols have infinite meanings because they repeat everywhere in this fractal reality changing in scale all originating from the source expressed in sacred geometry. Let’s take a look at the most abstract representation of this symbol we can imagine, a bird’s eye view of the torus whose energy explodes and will be expressed in 12’s just as the number of Sig Runes represent and the below image should hopefully demonstrate. The torus is the governing dynamic of this entire reality so it is the source of all esoteric symbols, all shapes in general for that matter. While we’re on the subject I may as well add in the fact that one would not be incorrect in claiming this symbol represents free energy or even anti-gravity, both of which have been available since at least the time of Atlantis if not earlier, I will cover this later when I get to the root races of humanity.

Generally people that are looking for a simple explanation of what an esoteric symbol means have no capacity to understand its meaning and if told will not understand it because it represents an extensive amount of knowledge they likely do not possess. It is akin to some rando from the humanities department wandering into an engineering class at a University and seeing a math equation representing the exothermic reaction of a thermic lance on a chalkboard. It will just look like a bunch of hieroglyphs to them and until they understand the actual science those symbols represent you aren’t going to be able to explain it to them in a way they will be able to comprehend.

You can’t really be told what this symbol means you can only gain the knowledge needed to experience it so you can recognize it everywhere in the world around you. You should be able to stare at the symbol and then close your eyes and see with your minds eye the infinite number of things in this reality the Black Sun represents. It is inside of you, outside of you, in a bird, in a flower, above you and below you, it is the heartbeat of the creator, the source of the zero point magnetic flux which creates this reality that comes from outside of the cube matrix.


This concept is even mentioned in the Christian Gnostic gospels in the Gospel of Thomas where it is written:

Jesus said: Split wood, I am there. Lift up a rock, you will find me there. If your leaders say to you ‘Look! The Kingdom is in the heavens!” Then the birds will be there before you are. If they say that the Kingdom is in the sea, then the fish will be there before you are. Rather, the Kingdom is within you and it is outside of you

This video should help you get started with these visualization exercises for those interested in finding the lost Kingdom of Heaven, find yourself and there you will find the divine. Namaste

Here a few more links to videos about the Order Of The Black Sun. The first one is an excellent podcast interview with Kalki Weisthor done by Kyle Hunt from the Renegade Tribune that I made a nice video out of. The second is on Thule, The Black Sun, and the Vril Society and the last one The Das Vril Projekt. You may also be interested in the alchemical concepts associated with the Black Sun and  Saturn and here is a link to a fellow writer on the symbolism of the Black Sun I enjoyed at a website I really enjoy called Crystalinks.

Bodhi Mantra

I am a computer scientist, researcher and writer. Son Of Saturn of the 4th Sun and guardian of the arcanum for the preservation of the Aryan legacy.


  • Now you’re lying. The Israelites was not white, they were black and so is the original Jews. Therefore your message is good to me. Your race is not that old. Stop trying to seem superior when you’re not.

  • There is important information here that sadly isn’t common knowledge but also misinformation that you should take with a grain of salt at best and dismiss at worst. It is up for you to work out fact from fiction, interpretations from inspirations and harmonious unification from “square-peg-round-hole” symbolism.

    Our species (all humans are different breeds just like dogs come in different breeds but are all dogs) true history has been stolen from us and false history or modified history indoctrination and ignorance is now unquestioned coupled with the modern refusal of universities to be places to critically think and challenge the status quo, often at the (ignorant useful idiots) students demands.

    Only time will change this, time and knowledge and the journey to seek it. Dismiss all which is assumed correct lest we follow our ancestors who “knew” the sun “orbited the earth” and “knew” continental drift was “pseudoscience”. The passage of time reveals all lies. Let inquiry and discovery be your mantra.


    • You are free to explain what needs to be “taken with a grain of salt” if you like my fren. I don’t think vague sweeping statements are conducive to progressing an intellectual conversation. Go through point by point anything you disagree with and give arguments and I will be glad to rebut with sources, logic and reason if I can, if I can’t I will gladly concede to having made an error. I actually kept this article quite simplistic by design, I’m not sure what there even is to disagree with here as I tried to stick mainly to the facts, there is very little speculation. If your refutation is any good I will even publish the entire conversation, deal? Thank you for visiting and commenting, Hare Krisha 🙂

  • To say one theory or idea is wrong for another believe is ignorance without it being flawless in every way. If a person says 5/8 of the truth and the other 3/8 is a lie, does that make it truth or a lie?

    • Stop your differentiated thinking already. These incalculable shades of gray make us all dizzy!

      A sharp razor that cuts the wrong form the right, firm guidance! Is what we crave because we depend on it.
      Because our livelihoods depend on it…

      Differentiated, probability aware thinking is a luxury of those that have options, isn’t it?
      Most people have no options, there’s one way to go only.

      And dissonance burdens the mind.

    • “All manifested things have two sides, two aspects, or two poles. Everything “is” and “isn’t” at the same time, all truths are but half truths and every truth is half false, there are two sides to everything, opposites are identical in nature yet different in degree, extremes meet, and all paradoxes may be reconciled” – Kybalion

      • Yes, and the studied one can separate truth from opinion. We all have the right to opinion. None of us are the truth, for when truth speaks it is not I speaking but truth speaking. Is your understanding the whole understanding, incorporating both sides and seeing the line where truth dwels and illusion shines?

      • And the fools who decipher personal opinion to be absolute truth speak an abundance of words yet mean nothing. All is in one and thus one can be in all, what is your understanding, is your view, but is your view whole, both sides? This is about occult symbol of the black sun, then it turns into a race war? A race that isnt even a race just a group of the same species that think a certain way. Whats the message? Are you worshiping the message or the mesenger? Its your decision don’t fuck with my life choices. See the holly wars coming? Do no harm and if harm be done to ye smite your enemy hard. Dont do to others as you dont want done to you. In plain words you dont want to be murderd so dont murder others, it aint said nothing about loving everybody. Peace is for slaves and freedom is earned by the brave, by knowledge and by right. The sun that is an ever turning wheel of law.

  • hi, (of course I’m afraid I’m being gaslighted, but..)
    from my ‘youtube research’, I also understand ‘Satan’ as being etymologically derived from ‘Saturn’, and equate elite Satanism with Saturnians, and I think this Saturnian cult lurks behind the elite Jewish and Catholic circles. ..One key tip was when, at the council of nicea, they decided to birth Jesus during what was then celebrated as Saturnalia, and the common depiction of jesus (blond long haired aryan,) is actually of lucifer.. we see all sorts of satanic undertones, which I can only assume traces back to Saturnism that was celebrated in Rome. …Also I understand Saturn to be the bad guy in mythology, especially as juxtaposed to Jupiter (Zeus, or J-Zeus, Jesus) which is supposed to represent the good. (ya, Jupiter good, Saturn bad.) Finally we see Saturnian symbols all over the corporate world (logos and such,) which I can only assume implies their presence and dominance. ..My understanding, before I came here, was that the Nazi’s were infiltrated by Jesuits and this saturnian influence (and any shifted emphasis on ‘aryan supremacy’ over the original national socialism,) to sabotage the party from within. ..So skull and bones, (a Jesuit offshoot,) is derived from these infiltration operations, and with the Bush family at the head came back to the US to start and head the CIA (covert spy agency, duh.) …So clearly I am afraid you are sharing half-truths and gaslighting it all the same. (The proto-Nazis were indeed the good guys, fighting what has since become the new world order !!) …Can you help rectify my understanding..?

    • Hi David,
      Wow you have a pretty impressive understanding as it is already. I can see you have really done your homework and have been researching for some time. You dodged a lot of psyops and misinfo as well to put the pieces in the right place. I will be glad to help any way I can my friend.

      from my ‘youtube research’, I also understand ‘Satan’ as being etymologically derived from ‘Saturn’, and equate elite Satanism with Saturnians, and I think this Saturnian cult lurks behind the elite Jewish and Catholic circles… One key tip was when, at the council of nicea, they decided to birth Jesus during what was then celebrated as Saturnalia

      Indeed, have you done much research into this festival? Apparently it was debauchery on levels that made the Weimar Republic and modern America look like Sunday Schools, orgies, human sacrifice etc. I actually cover some of the Jewish connection in my article on Rune magic you may want to read here is a link:

      the common depiction of jesus (blond long haired aryan,) is actually of lucifer.. we see all sorts of satanic undertones, which I can only assume traces back to Saturnism that was celebrated in Rome.

      You should stop by the YT channel Sun Of Saturn I think you will find what you are looking for there to confirm your line of thought here : ). We have to keep in mind the symbolism of Lucifer here also though. Lucifer meaning light bearer in Latin which equates to the Sun, the Bible also references Lucifer as the morning star which is Venus. There are layered meanings in all of this symbolism, there is even a specific term for it known as typology and is covered in the video I have here called Origin of Christianity – The Piso Flavian Dynasty, here is a link to it as well.

      Also I understand Saturn to be the bad guy in mythology, especially as juxtaposed to Jupiter (Zeus, or J-Zeus, Jesus) which is supposed to represent the good. (ya, Jupiter good, Saturn bad.). Finally we see Saturnian symbols all over the corporate world (logos and such,) which I can only assume implies their presence and dominance

      Well, Saturn was the father of the Gods and in Rome claiming divine status and lineage was common for emperors there as it was in Egypt (Pharaoh = God King) so this can be a bit tricky. I believe Julius Caesar claimed divine lineage to Venus if I am not mistaken (cupid). The Sons Of Saturn was a popular moniker in the Roman empire for Legionnaires. I suspect due to bravado and machismo etc. Since Saturn is the God of time (Cronus in Greek) perhaps there was some aspect of immortality associated with it as well, timeless etc. Akin to the immortals in the Persian army in the movie 300 perhaps. I agree the modern Saturnians certainly like to mark their “territory”. I cover this in my article on the number 6 a bit and Santos discusses this as well in a fantastic video I have here I will link them both below.
      Occult Significance Of The Number 6
      The Science Of Yugas And Saturn

      We can only really guess at someone’s motives and meaning in these kinds of things, without directly asking them we are stabbing in the dark akin to trying to guess what a tattoo means to the person wearing it. What we can do is learn the esoteric concepts behind these symbols and see how they are being used and try to take our best guess as to what the people using them are symbolizing which can be effective if we have a deep enough understanding of the symbol and the people using it. I discussed this a little in this article and go into it in the below article as well a bit
      What Is Reality? The Holofractal Universe:

      In the above article I make the point that we can rarely guess why the profane do these things as they don’t even know themselves but I do cover many of the aspects of Saturnian symbolism and Saturn’s “function” in our matrix. Again, you make a great point about layered symbolism. JeZeus was the messiah what is the messiah in the heavens? Jupiter. Jesus was the father and the son (sun), who is the father of the sun of God? Saturn. There are many layers to play around with in the astrotheological symbolism. I suggest watching the videos I have on the presentations by Santos Bonnaci on these things, you won’t find a better source. I suggest starting with this one I will link below. On that page there is a link to the video archive, it is a 3 part series you can watch the other two there. I have 4 or 5 more presentations by Santos as well there you can watch.
      Astrotheology And The Initiate

      I have many more in the video archive and of course you can always find his work on his YT channels as well. I only put ones that are most poignant to the things I write about here in the archive for safekeeping as material mysteriously disappears breaking links here I have had to change in the past on occasion. I am sure you already know of this bizarre phenomenon of disappearing knowledge and sources on mainstream platforms : )

      My understanding, before I came here, was that the Nazi’s were infiltrated by Jesuits and this saturnian influence (and any shifted emphasis on ‘aryan supremacy’ over the original national socialism,) to sabotage the party from within. ..So skull and bones, (a Jesuit offshoot,) is derived from these infiltration operations

      I don’t mean to sound like a broken record but again I am impressed. Yes, the high command was infiltrated this can be demonstrated fairly easily in some ways and I plan to write a very detailed article about it in the future which I mention in the article I linked above about Rune magic. It can also be easily demonstrated this was just as you claim, an infiltration not the entire order/party. I think one could hardly justify claiming the entire party and leadership were in on it, their reward for their service being tortured and hung at the end of the war. I imagine their “deep state” was exactly the same situation the west finds itself in again today. Rogue elements in the CIA, FBI, Media, Military etc. “Rogue” is actually a bit of a misnomer as they are actually quite organized on a single team just not the team of the nation and people they are supposed to represent. I do have a great article for you to read however that is semi-related I am sure you will be interested in at Winter Watch on the Jesuits semitic connections.

      Review: the Jesuit Order as a Synagogue of Jews

      So skull and bones, (a Jesuit offshoot,) is derived from these infiltration operations, and with the Bush family at the head came back to the US to start and head the CIA (covert spy agency, duh.)

      I have an article I wrote on the symbolism of skull and bones you can read at the below link

      So clearly I am afraid you are sharing half-truths and gaslighting it all the same.

      Healthy skepticism is a good thing especially in this matrix of deceit we inhabit, no worries. If you feel like I have not been candid or said things you disagree with feel free to say so my friend. I will be glad to try and elaborate more. I do ask that you consume all of the sources I have offered in my responses first however as you are not likely to understand the answers until you do and once you do you likely won’t need me to answer anymore questions for you on these topics. I think if you do consume these sources I have suggested you will have most if not all of the answers you are looking for.

      The proto-Nazis were indeed the good guys, fighting what has since become the new world order

      Indeed, tragic heroes and the fall of Camelot. Heartbreaking, in the kali yuga the heroes are branded villains and the villains are lauded as heroes, everything is upside down, mirrored/inverted. I go into detail about this occult phenomenon/technique as well in two of the articles I linked above. In the near future they will be recognized as the heroes they were.

      I am very thankful for your insightful comment, it offers others a chance to read it and expand their knowledge. You are certainly asking the right questions. I look forward to more of your comments about these sources if you care to leave more. Namaste and Hare Krishna

      • wow! thank you for the reply! I will study all of your response and resources. I already quickly went through your analysis of the skull and bones symbol, but I better believe it originates from Ignatius Loyola, who I think glamorized the skull in his order. I would draw your attention again to the ‘black sun’ symbol at the top of the page, and notice the skull and bones symbol on the bottom.. which in my mind implies Jesuit infiltration. …I can only assume that the Jesuits believe they are working in league with Satan to further God’s plan or something, and therefore justify evil ‘for the sake of good’ or something like that. ..Hence this apparent merging of the catholic church with saturnism. …if you read about how satan made a deal with ‘the lord’ to torture job and butcher his family to test job’s devotion to god.. you could maybe interpret that in interesting and unpleasant ways. …and of course now I can only suspect that you are a part of this inner-circle as you conflate and confuse proto-Nazism with the saturnian, .. but maybe I am wrong and I will continue to look. Thanks again

        • btw, in the off-chance that I am right and you are catholic, let me illustrate my understanding: When Abraham was called to sacrifice his son, Abraham agreed and carried it out. Only by the grace of an angel was the act halted. …Do you really believe that it was God that made the command? …After reading the story of Job, when Satan said ‘bet he only loves you because he is happy. Let me take that away and see if he is still as devoted…’ …I think it is safe to assume that people can be tricked by satan. So why not Abraham in this case? (because who but satan/saturn requests the sacrifice of children?) … I think God wanted Abraham to do good of his own volition — not simply just do whatever he was told. …So when Abraham actually agreed to butcher his boy, it was to god’s dismay. …I think, if I was Abraham, that I would sooner choose to do the right thing (NOT butcher my boy,) even if that meant standing up to god himself. …unfortunately Abraham proved himself a coward and carried out the act. …So my opinion? anybody who has ever read that story and holds it in canon, (jews, Christians, muslims,) and AGREES that Abraham did the right thing (which they all do!) then they essentially capitulate to evil and, thus, Saturn. Finally I think Abraham and all his ilk should be damned and forsaken for that act of cowardice , and concluding moral being: do good even if it means standing against the lord himself.

          ….just in case you are, you know, actually a catholic infiltrator as I suspect.

          • btw, in the off-chance that I am right and you are catholic, let me illustrate my understanding: When Abraham was called to sacrifice his son, Abraham agreed and carried it out. Only by the grace of an angel was the act halted. …Do you really believe that it was God that made the command?

            I am not Catholic, I suggest watching a video I have here called
            The Corrupted Aryan Mysteries And History

            It won’t answer this specific question but it will shed some light on the symbolism and etymology of the Abrahamic scriptures and their origins that will put you in the right direction.

            just in case you are, you know, actually a catholic infiltrator as I suspect.

            The Abrahamic scriptures are a heresy, adharmic plagiarisms, Abrahamism is the cancer of the kali yuga a mind virus just like its political and academic counterpoints communism/relativity. I don’t find much use for them outside of academic pursuits like cracking their true meanings and origin which I have done. The article I mentioned several times already I will write soon I will explain their true origin as thoroughly as possible. In the meantime you can look into the Amen priesthood if you want and the Hyksos you will find interesting material there. If you study the sources I have suggested I think you will likely agree. Namaste and Hare Krishna : )

          • You all are hilarious. All scripture is man made. None of it is real or divine. Hindu, Islam, Buddhism, Christianity etc… It’s all made up. Grow up and realize this.

          • I don’t know where you assumed anyone disagrees with you about scripture being “man made”, if this isn’t self evident to you you likely have some form of retardation. Saying it is “made up” shows your ignorance however. Perhaps you should spend more time reading and less time writing your silly nonsense. As far as “growing up”, the irony is not lost on me child, milk for babes meat for men as it were. If you are looking for the truth you will find it here, if you are looking to try and spread your ignorance you will find no takers here.

        • wow! thank you for the reply!

          You’re welcome

          I already quickly went through your analysis of the skull and bones symbol, but I better believe it originates from Ignatius Loyola, who I think glamorized the skull in his order

          Interesting I wasn’t aware of this, however I believe the skull and bones symbolism is an esoteric symbol older than the Jesuits though I don’t want to misspeak because I can’t be certain off the cuff. I’m not certain when the Jesuit order first popped up so I can’t say, I do know I can trace the skull and bones symbolism back to at least the middle ages though I have never tried to look further. I don’t know if you know who Robert Sepehr is but I shared my research with him a few years ago and he later made a video expanding on the material I wrote about in that article. You can find him on YT as well if you want to check the video out, I suggest doing so it is very informative and he tied the runes into it which was great.

          so I would draw your attention again to the ‘black sun’ symbol at the top of the page, and notice the skull and bones symbol on the bottom.

          Well with this, again it gets tricky so I wouldn’t want to make this leap without confirming it. Lots of bikers get tattoos of skulls and bones and it doesn’t mean they are Jesuits. Many orders and individuals use this symbol to symbolize machismo the same as the title Son Of Saturn, no fear of death, immortality, perhaps even to signify a blood oath to orders on the penalty of death for betrayal etc. I would imagine OBS possibly used it to symbolize this and let’s be honest it is great aesthetics. I want to avoid sounding like an apologist by only taking the most flattering position for the institutions of the Third Reich but I have done a lot of research into these things for many years so I am confident in my conclusions and can always provide the evidence to back them up so until someone can provide evidence to the contrary I will remain confident in my findings and interpretation. Was OBS infiltrated from jump or did it happen over time? Hard to say, I do know the people that do these things (infiltrate and subvert) get out in front of movements and co-opt them to subvert them, we see this everywhere today so I will say 50/50 for now but as I mentioned in my last comment I will write a very detailed article in the future laying all the facts out and letting people decide for themselves. No question when the Germans started waking up to the things I mention in this article the agents in place and provocateurs would have been put into position to derail their movement and their fight for freedom at every turn just as today.

          they are working in league with Satan to further God’s plan or something, and therefore justify evil ‘for the sake of good’ or something like that.

          Look into the Sabbatean-Frankists. I suggest Robert Sepehr’s material again on this topic he has a video or two on them.

          I can only suspect that you are a part of this inner-circle as you conflate and confuse proto-Nazism with the Saturnian

          I lol’d, I never claimed the OBS were Saturnian at least not in the way most people would understand this. They may have honored and called on Saturn for order and success/help in the war. Try this website

          If anything I would say they were Hindu Wotanists but of course the proper term to use for any dharmic ideologies is simply Aryanism I don’t think the specific flavor of the mythology matters as much as obtaining the arcanum. Let’s talk more once you check out the sources I have suggested I think you will have a very different perspective on some things : )

          Thanks again

          You’re very welcome, same

          • mm, this might sound crazy, but I just had an unusual dream that I had the legs of a goat — that I was a satyr. …kind of embarrassed to go out on a limb like this.. but did you have anything to do with that?

          • Not that I am aware of :). I will say that once you start cracking the codes of the matrix and seeing the patterns/math shakti will send you visions. Just as you claim “it is embarrassing going out on a limb to talk about these things”, I rarely discuss such things in the Yuga of the walking dead as it draws unwanted “attention” let’s say. Most initiates high enough in their gnosis I have spoken too confirm this has also happened to them so I have no problem speaking of these things with those I feel are at a level to understand and relate to them from their own personal experience.

            You should learn transcendental meditation if you are interested in learning and receiving more of these kinds of messages. I commonly tomb trance (lay on my back with my arms crossed over my chest) listening to the Emerald Tablets of Thoth on audio book to reach out to the akash. I have a copy here and another copy in the video archive with commentary that are fantastic for this. There are other methods also I have many great videos and books here with differing methods if you are interested. Namaste my friend

      • Oh My God. People Thought I was Mad about my View of WWII Germany. I did some Homework and Came Away Seeing Them As Good in All of that. I Ruffled Some Feathers but I think I made some good point cause they didn’t get to Angry With Me. Anyhow, I Thought I was alone in my Interpretation of the Nazi Regime. Feel Better Now after Crossing You Guys Paths. I will have to Look at your Videos and Any other Reading You Have. It Seems Both Hitler and JFK were Silenced From the Inside Due to Their Actions and Underestimation of the Dark Side. If Much is at Stake, Never Underestimate Your Enemy!

      • can you be specific about the article that references “Indeed, tragic heroes and the fall of Camelot. Heartbreaking, in the kali yuga the heroes are branded villains and the villains are lauded as heroes, everything is upside down, mirrored/inverted. I go into detail about this occult phenomenon/technique as well in two of the articles I linked above. In the near future they will be recognized as the heroes they were.”

        or can you reply with a direct link? Thank you!

    • Sound Like Someone found the Path.

  • Awakened thought.

  • Hello my friend, I was impressed after reading your article as there is a lot of info that resonates with me on many levels. I would like to share with you my understanding of the events that gave birth to the solar system as we know it today and also triggered the change in the microscopic level. Earth is multidimensional being and story we are involved in has its begining in the 5th dimensions were Earth was known as Tara. The whole story is very complicated but will try to make it as short as possible. Tara was chosen as the seeding place of the the multidimensional race that was intended to make changes in the Universal matrix and influence the realm of deities creating movement in higher dimensions . That race was the original 12 stranded angelic humanity beings aware of 12 dimensions in this octave of the Universe. Human race was never designed to be dependent on external source of energy in other words we were never planed to be vampiric in nature, consuming other forms of consciousness. We are the solar deities and we suppose to give life in the similar way the Sun does. Everything that exist in the wave form Universes is based upon geometry and there are specific patterns that are being generated by the levels of consciousness depending on the dimension and point in the Universal time matrix. Considering that info we can conclude that multidimensional consciousness gives you the ability to project anything from the higher dimensions into the lower one being aware of all changes in all boundary levels of the Universal fractal. Another aspect of this story is the way time is being perceived in different dimensions…5th dimensional reality contains all possible events and time lines in the lower dimensional space time and so time is just another dimension that you can control consciously and from 5th dimensional point of view you could view and point of the Earth 3d time lines. When you think that 5th dimensional Earth was a Sun that was the source of the events in the space time below as well as the blueprint of the microcosmos you will understand how the events in the 5d influenced us here at this point in the linear time. It is a very long story on its own but in short there was an event triggered by the beings that didnt want human to complete their evolutionary cycle and cause the 5d Tara to turn into a reversal black hole. It happened in the past but yet is to happen in the future when you look at it from the higher dimension. As a result of that our consciousness was trapped in so called phantom matrix and the souls that make up 5d Taran matrix were shattered into pieces and spread across time lines. Considering the fact that we are the solar deities, our bodies are the fractal segment of the solar system. Looking at that closer our chakras are the copy of the planets that orbit the Sun and each planet emanate different frequency that in general make up ONE energetic system. Human term called enlightenment means that we link all chakras into ONE center in our heart and Earth happened to be a heart chakra of our solar system. When you look closer at the microcosm even every atom is in fact a black hole that collapse the light of the external source, the light of our Sun made up of matter. The black sun in my understanding is the anti matter counterpart. Same like with humans, matter and anti matter is being merged by the 12 stranded DNA structure that gives access to 12 chakras and are being synthesized in our morphogenetic field. I will write some more on that if you interested? Our solar system also have got 12 chakras manifested as 12 planets and Im sure you know how the chakras influence the consciousness of the entire system. Another interesting topic is how the reality works thru geometry and how experimental dualistic pattern is designed. I will write some more on that as well if you would be interested ?

  • im held by the black sun and rahu on a jan 4 1992 solar eclipse. good stuff. the balfour agreement is itneretesting. baal and four is the devil yea. i say that cause while im triple m, im also technically harry the 4th born the 4th my numerology is 8 and 4 i live on 88 st and liberty ave. and just baal four just stuck out to me so i know its something

  • I’ve been tracking the Black/Invisible Sun for years, and I’ve come to all the same conclusions. I feel I could’ve saved myself hundreds of research hours by simply waiting for this article. I can understand the negative comments by those with shameful grammar, as the black sun is only visible to the few (lest you throw pearl before swine’ so to speak). This may be one of the best articles I’ve read on this ominous subject, as its invisible nature is purposefully elusive. I think you’ve done a fine job, Bodhi. I’ve also found the history of the great schizm between the two factions of aryans (< to be politically correct) thousands of years ago. These two groups being quite literally like night and day, opposing philosophies, opposing values, opposing lifestyles and opposing gods.I admire your dynamism in leaving no subject matter of limits. The dark star rises and Surturs fire will reveal and ignite the soul in all its glory and doom. If you haven’t done this yet, the rabbit hole connecting the (Holy) Ghost particle, Neutrinos, Neutrons and Nova/Solar events is an interesting one. Keep doing what you’re doing!

  • Hi, I see your last post in this article was 2 weeks ago, so I’m going to bother to type this comment.

    I’d like to ask you if you could elaborate on how 923 is calculated from 1776. This is of course an interesting point since besides the significance of that year, and 923 being equivalent to 9/11/2001, the new world trade center is 1776 ft long. I would view that as a confirmation that 1776 indeed corresponds to 923. A link to the mark passio video would be sufficient as well. I couldn’t find it.

    And keep up the good work. Every bit to wake normies up helps. It’s a shame they shoah’d your yt channel.

    Happy 2020,
    Some dutch guy you once spoke to on /pol/

  • Thank you for your knowledge, I await the return of Lord Shani this 29th year of mine in this life. All glories to the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Vasudeva Krsna

  • Hello,
    I am utterly stunned by the quality of this piece. Do you offer any kind of mentoring? Either way, thank you for the amount of work you’ve put into this not to mention your archive. Wow. I’ll be here a lot.

    • Thank you for such kind comments my friend, they are genuinely appreciated. We have an initiates discord for people interested in these kinds of things.

      • Question,
        I have otherwise open-minded friends who are having trouble getting past aspects of this page. While my own feeling is that light is light, and I don’t like to be rude, but I’m curious if you’ve spoken on your relationship with white supremacism anywhere that I can point to? Obliged.

        • Hi Pieratt, I am not sure what you are asking, I don’t have any ties to “white supremacism”. If you want to elaborate on what you mean I will be glad to discuss it further if you like. I am guessing because I don’t support the “evil nazis bad” mainstream narrative your friends assume I support the “white supremacy” narrative as they have been brainwashed to do? Perhaps I am wrong and just misread your comment I just see this a lot and have mentioned it in a few articles I have written even, so I am guessing this is what you are referring to. If not I apologize feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

          If I am not wrong I would suggest telling them to unlearn everything they have learned because 99.9% of what they think they know is carefully crafted lies over 1000’s of years used to manipulate them as you will come to realize if you take the time to study what I have put together here at my website. Namaste

  • hanz shekelstein

    (March 7, 2020 - 6:02 am)

    Hi, great article!
    Do you know about the various symbols within the first image? Such as, why the hexagon, square, triangles, etc – or the shapes inside them? Presumably, they are sig runes in the triangles and other runes in the other shapes. I have also learned to guess that symbols have astrological meanings. I wonder what these shapes have to do with astrology though…

    • Hi, ty! Yah I have information on all these things here and in the video archive. You can start with the playlists if you want you will find it there faster than trying to search through all the videos I think

  • Thanks for writing so much and not explaining anything at all

  • Hello, is this site still active? Bcuz I have a ton of questions I guess I’m going through that Awakening and suddenly I understand Metaphor=Meta meaning IV accidentally activated it but I don’t think it was a accident… bcuz it was right on time because of what’s happening today.
    I see & feel everything I even felt the Aether field I was able to see in between Photons quantum light.
    I’m in a rut right now with knowledge. At the same time I feel a panic telling something bad is going to happen.
    So I need to know more.
    I really need someone to collaborate with.
    I know everything is Meta and I see the horrors that went on through out history and still continues today. Like I said IV activated my third Eye.
    I know consciousness defies time and space.

    I’m still confused about this Jesus character… the prophecy I’m 33 years old same age as he was. My bday is 2-25-1987 I’m a Pisces I don’t think this is a coincidence…I’m literally sensing bad forces against me it’s as if they are aware of me.

    • WizOfChinoHills

      (May 3, 2020 - 3:25 pm)

      One thing I can Tell You, is that if You Know Consciousness Defines Space and Time, then If You’re Truly Awakened, You Know Very Well It Defines a Lot More Than That! Man is a Duality. Two Souls, One Avatar. Or Basically, the Power Of 3/6/9. God, The 9 of 3/6/9 Can Interact with the 3 and 6 Frequencies and Operate Them Like a Remote Control Operates an RC Car. However, We Cannot Obviously Operate and Move the 9 God Head Frequency. He is the Creator, the All. However, Learn a Vital Lesson. You are a God In Training and Should Never Face Fear. Like the Matrix, Society Has Torn and Stripped You Of Your Powers. You are Like Neo Of The Matrix. Sad to Say, but All Of Us Are but We Have Been Dumbed Down So That a Few Can Rule Us. You Are Built In The Spiritual Likeness Of the 9 Godhead with Immense Powers. Your Consciousness Can Change The Construct. Don’t Think It, Know It!

    • Yes I am still active my friend how are you?

  • Interesting site. I’m a syncretic esotericist I guess. Have you come across a woman who goes by the pseudonym Ashayana Deane, who teaches a 12 centered tree of life she calls a Kathara grid? Rather than the Kabbalistic 10?

    • No I haven’t I will check her out though thanks. I would suggest checking out Lord Osiron as well if this subject interests you

      • Stewart J. Melanson

        (August 22, 2020 - 6:03 pm)

        Hi, I searched on Black Sun and came to your website – I have done a fair amount of research but some of the things you state are new to me and interesting. My curiosity in this symbol is for several reasons. First, I got in my recommendations a Youtube video on how to interpret the meaning of one’s name. In particular, when appropriate to split the name – my last name is Melanson and the origins according to is surprisingly unknown hence my interests in discovering my name’s meaning.

        So I split according to the video Melan and Son. The meaning of Melan is Black. So my last name is Black Son. Hmmmmm…

        Then there is the symbol itself – rays the rays emanating outward are kinked. Well it so happens that the cosmic rays display switch back causing kinks that resemble the Black Sun Symbol. This is a link to the Youtube video showing and it says “During a switchback, the magnetic field whips back on itself until it is pointed almost directly back at the Sun.” – So polarity reversal that lasts from seconds to much longer.

        This discovery is very recent (we cannot see this from Earth) so makes one wonder that this phenomenon would be captured in an occult symbol.

        Would like to hear your thoughts. Cheers, Stewart

      • Hi, I would be really interested in your thoughts on Ashayana Deans work from the GA, particularly as I noted you enjoy Thoth and the Emerald Tablets, who she contends is the great deceiver, a fallen Rishi being, along with Metatron and his cube with the anti-life Vesica Pisces, the false merkabah mechanics Designed to siphon souls into the black hole / worm hole system and prolong their finite life. She contends that the suns prana seed has closed and we are in an evac situation, made all the more challenging by the fact the Halls of Amenti (the 12 ascension portals linked to other dimensions and universes) have all been taken over by Anunaki / Thothian / NAA races and they are trying to pull the whole Andromedan system and it’s souls through into their black hole system, using earth as some kind of pivot, to feed them for another billion years or so. The total reversal and flipping that one of your other commenters mentioned. I think it is all linked to the eye of Brahma.

        I have also wondered if the magic box activation at Uluru on the solstice last year was the activation of hidden ancient portals and templates for ascension designed by the Plaedians to help us out in a casevac situ?

        I’d be really interested in your thoughts and any research on this. I ask because the GA teachings feel true to me, but I haven’t any corroborated evidence. The anti life versions of the Black hole system seem to be everywhere, being used and believed by so many in the spiritual world. I know this is a slight tangent on your core area of research possibly so thank you in advance for considering this question. Alex 🙏

        • Hi Alex, thank you for visiting the site and leaving a great comment.

          You know many years ago I ran into this narrative (Thoth the deciever) and as far as I could tell the type of people pushing it didn’t have much of an idea of what they were talking about. They reminded me of how Christians call anything that contradicts their mental narrative and hamfisted theological construct they create on a whim “the devil” and all that kind of nonsense that comes with those types of people. This could in fact possibly be a psyop as well to keep the Abrahamists from steering away from their “believing” to “knowing.”

          People that believe false narratives are easy to control whereas people who KNOW truth are not. It appears she has quite a fantastical sci-fi novel in the works based on your description. I would be glad to see what evidence she has for such fanciful claims as these but I imagine it will be scant.

          I have also wondered if the magic box activation at Uluru on the solstice last year was the activation of hidden ancient portals and templates for ascension designed by the Plaedians to help us out in a casevac situ?

          I have never heard of this, provide links if you like and I would be glad to check it out and comment more if that is something you are interested in.

          I’d be really interested in your thoughts and any research on this. I ask because the GA teachings feel true to me, but I haven’t any corroborated evidence. The anti life versions of the Black hole system seem to be everywhere, being used and believed by so many in the spiritual world. I know this is a slight tangent on your core area of research possibly so thank you in advance for considering this question.

          I am always willing to look at any material and expose the countless charlatans afoot on the interwebz and I am always looking for other souls searching for truth who may have something to teach me so always feel free to comment whatever you like my friend.

          Judge a man by his works, Thoth (Hermes Trismigestus) was known the world over as the great teacher, the bringer of wisdom, responsible for bringing us (or leaving us depending on your point of view) the hermetic sciences upon which all truth can be divined so until I ever see evidence Thoth directly deceived people for nefarious purposes then I have no reason to besmirch his name or entertain such nonsense.

          Leave any link you like and I will be glad to check them out my friend. Namaste

  • Ok, maybe there’s something i missed out or don’t understand very well, but essentially The Order of Back Sun was a jesuit thing? linked with the zionists and almost every nazi symbolism we see was made up from…zionism???

    • No, not exactly. Esoteric symbols come from deep in antiquity when the holy sciences were still pure and uncorrupted. OBS was not a Jesuit institution no. In fact the 3rd Reich was quite hostile against the Vatican rewriting the Bible and religion into something called “Positive Christianity” for Germany if you want to look into that. They also believed the Church was responsible for hunting down Aryan witches during the inquisition and set up an SS witches division if you also want to look that up it is very interesting.

      Most of the people in Germany would have been Christians as it was the most dominant religion for millennia in Europe so I imagine the Nazi leadership wanted diplomatic relations with the Vatican for a surface level relationship in the eyes of the masses. Coming out and directly condemning and cutting off all relations with the Church would have been some bad PR and would have had negative political ramifications for the party. I believe the relationship was as I said, just surface level and the Reich had a deep distrust of the Vatican in my opinion and I can source this fairly well to logically draw this conclusion.

  • Hi Bodhi, really enjoyed the info and the subsequent discussions with fellow seekers. Has been a timely little acceleration for me and many launching points for further study thank you. I’m not sure if I’ve misunderstood here of not, but I get the impression your research hasn’t delved too deeply into the Jesuits. If this is the case I recommend spending some time on it as for me so far they seem to be the fingers up the dress of much of what we can see around us today. Their goal was to infiltrate by any means necessary, including assassination of royalty, rulers, or people in influential positions so they could place their own people in or close to these positions in society. The preference though was stealth and subterfuge, they would be whatever necessary to gain power and influence over everything that mattered without anyone being any the wiser. The original secret society and master deceivers, their “white is black and black is white” moto, the inverted/upside down reality that you have spoken of somewhere here, can be credited to the recognised founder (there was I think 6 or 8 founding members) as he became the first appointed leader (superior general) Ignatius of Loyola or Iñigo López de Oñaz y Loyola. The principle is much older than this but my research led to this man being the first to coin this white/black phrase. These are the silent instigators and funders behind all the wars since their inception in order to gain profit and power, to what ends I have never found any reliable source to definitively state their ultimate goal but the principles they operate from and the directions you see the world taking now makes it pretty clear it’s sinister in the extreme. The opposite to Gods plan, in way which serves to mock Him and perhaps disprove His perfection. This has led me to try and understand what entity or energy is driving this agenda that has been single minded in its task over long periods of time, spanning many many generations which points to something/someone obviously not human. This is where I’m getting stuck to be honest, lucifer, satan, Saturn, ba al, baphomet, moloch. Seemingly many deities recorded as having been worshiped, and competed for status as most worthy of the worship but sometimes seem to be confused for each other, and end up looking like they all represent one entity, which the God of the Old Testament hates, and promises terrible but divine judgement (some kind of horrible death I expect) for anyone betraying him by giving allegiance or making sacrifices to or worshiping this opposing god. This opposing religion, seems to have somehow survived all throughout history despite entire civilisations under its law being “wiped out” in war or earth cataclysms. We know this as we can see it prevalent in today’s society if one is able to force their minds to accept the truth and horror of the child sacrifice/pedovore practices of the elite and powerful of society. Many call them luciferian, others call it satanism, others call it diana worship, black sun cult, the list goes on. But the principles, practices and modus operandi have remained the same over history. I intend to work through all the links you and others have left here to scan the info for myself but I wonder if you have got to that one source, one answer to the question that I’m looking for, which is what are these people worshipping. What is this opposing god or deity. Can it be viewed as seperate to the creator God? From all I have seen and read and heard I have always been suspicious of the Catholic Church that ultimately gave the western world our holy scriptures. Specifically the Jesus story, they’re pretty insistent on the need to accept Jesus Christ as our lord and saviour, as he died for our sins which means a whole lot more apparently, and to accept him into our life, etc, not only worshipping but invoking/inviting him to have an influence over us, and then to symbolise this we perform the Eucharist where we eat of his body and drink of his blood. These are all pretty big red flags for me, if we are meant to be loyal to a God who has warned us not to worship false idols, or make ritual sacrifices, but then he’s meant to have sent his only son, to be sacrificed….you see where I’m going with all this. It’s looking like all the organisations that worship Christ and his Father as God, have been infiltrated and flipped to worship something else ..the opposite, and only those at the very top understand this, not only these organisations, but Islam, Druidism, Judaism, 7thD.A. Jehovahs Witnesses…new age spiritualism, all flipped. More alarmingly we may have been asked to accept “something dark and Satan like” called Jesus Christ as our lord and saviour and accept him into our life and ask him to save us. Anyway all these contradictions and confusing messages has made it hard for me to trust much to truth. I’m hoping the reason is only the usual lack of enough information, and that I’ll recognise it when I see it. But do you have a short answer to my long winded distracted drawn out explanation of my situation? 😂 Was even an earthquake as I wrote this. Cheers!

    • WizardOfChinoHills

      (November 28, 2020 - 7:24 am)

      I Have an Answer For You. Hermès Tris Megistis. He Puts The True Religion In Place. And All the Organizations You Mentioned Put His Philosophies In The Devil Worship Category. Jesus Did Come But Like You Said With All Things, The Truth Gets Inverted and Twisted to Use As They Like to. To Enslave. Who Are They. It’s The; “I Am The Walrus Song”. I Am He as You are He As You Are Me and We All Together. What I’m Saying is Thoth Nails It. We are All Light Spiritual Beings. Even the Evil Souls. Unfortunately, The Fallen Angels Beat Down In Heaven have Remember, Been Cast Out of Heaven. NOT DESTROYED!! Which Sets Up The Test Dynamics You, Me, and All the Younger Souls Have to Be Tested With. These Beings Have Thousands of Years More Experience then Our Souls. In Fact, to the Extent that They Might Be Instilling Amnesia in Souls that Have Left Their Body but Because of the Brain Washing, Get Ensnared Back Into the Trap. The Egyptian And Tibetan Book of the Dead Speak of the Gate Keepers. The only Thing You Need Concern Yourself With However, Is Living and Being THE TRUTH. The Truth Shall Set You Free. Even From these Dark Beings Who Pretty Much are Agents of The Matrix. Put In to Throw You Off Course So You Can Never Fly. The Neo Represented in the Movie is What An Awakened Being Can Truly Be If He Is Open Minded Like Us Here. Thoth Talks of The Age Old Story of Good vs Evil in The Emerald Tablets of Thoth and that is Exactly What it is. These Dark souls are Anti-Light World or Heaven. They Represent All Materialism, Dark Lower Vibration. They Seek to Rule What?? An Ant Hill! But Due to Their Dark Focus, They Know No Better. That is Why, Even Christ Talks Nice of Satan in One of the Books of the Bible. No Venom Like One Would Think. Why. It’s Doing What it Does. Christ, Says to Pick a Master. You Can’t Serve 2 Masters. So. Which One. Choice is Easy. 1000 Years is But One Day to a Soul. So. 100,000 Years is Only 100 Days to You. Even if You Ruled a Million Years, that Would Only Be 1000 Days Time. And Time Flies. It’s Much Better to Go Light, Cause It is Timeless and Eternal. Free Choice. That is The Test.

      • “Free Choice”. I like this, you nailed it. We don’t have “free will” but we do have free choice. Thank you for this comment

        • Those that have knowledge and the wisdom to set that knowledge into action upon reality do have free will, yet they earned it by blood sweat and tears. The unbegun are the mass we swim in today. You choose of your own accord that is free will. How strong you are to back up your will is an entirely different story. Face the great opposer and you will see. Slavery is a choice, you choose not to have free will, then thats your fucking problem. Reality is naturally meaningless. If you are a dreamer then what your dream is is your own will, not the circumstances holding you in bondage.

      • Preech on. The light that flashes in the darkness is the strongest light of ALL. Make your own religion, those that know do not speak lol. When its holly war time where u at? See you at the sphinx lol. To defeat them with ease.

    • Hello divine frequency how are you? I would be glad to speak with you about these topics. Please respond to this to let me know you are still interested before I invest the time it will take to respond to something like this as it will require a substantial time investment to do so. Thank you for reading and commenting. Namaste

  • All the WE WUZ KANGZ crowdd, y’all thinking melanin is the spiritual chemical when its melatonin. 😀

    that’s the sasme link to how you were the original jews, israelites and nation of islam (freemasonic (jew infiltrated) psyop to enslave the black people even further, while selling them a superiority complex.)

    first of all judaism is a rip off of all the pagan religions prior, the torah is a ripoff of the tarot, and jews have the strongest racial superiority complex (thats what makes it appealing to you).
    and we know that a superiority complex stems from an inferiority complex.
    y’all read some talmud and now you want to have 1000 slaves.
    just because you identify as an israelite, does not make you an israelite.

    please stop emabaracing yourselves.

  • Anyone who denies Jesus Christ was not a historical figure and was who He claimed, can be easily dismissed as lying. Of course there are secret black societies and false history but anyone who doesn’t include actual history should not be listened to. You have been brainwashed by demons to an amazing level. I hope you can escape.

    • Anyone who claims something as truth that they cannot prove to be true can easily be dismissed as a fool and should not be listened to. You have been brainwashed by demons to an amazing level. I hope you can escape.

    • Anybody who worships Jesus as a God has trouble separating the message from the messenger. I strongly recommend you keep your personal opinions to yourself it is for you and only for you. Rapists like to force themselves onto others too. You think Jesus accepts your bullshit as the teachings of God? So the messenger told you a truth, so everything out of the mouth of the messenger is truth? You are violating peoples free will to choose for themselves and yet your understanding of Jesus is so high you cant even see what the rights of humans are? Eat those pearls you swine lol.

  • It’s diamagnetism. Energy expressed in right angles.

  • […] Esoteric Meaning Of The Black Sun (edited) […]

  • HI Bodhi, I want to tell you how much I appreciate the incredible wealth of information you have here. This may be an obvious question, or perhaps it’s one that you’ve talked about at some other point, but I was wondering what your thoughts were on the difference between Runic symbolism, the magic of the Black Sun etc, and the more Kabbalistic magical ideas that you explore in other areas. Do you feel there is an opposition between these two esoteric schools or is there a deeper reconciliation on some level? I’ve been reading a lot of Miguel Serrano and studying the Armanen masters such as List and Gorsleben. I’m also pretty well versed in the Western Hermetic tradition as well. I’m still triyng to put the pieces together and I’m aware there’s a good deal of historical falsification which makes it difficult to find reliable sources on this kind of thing. I was wondering if you could shed any light on the subject.

    • Hi Scott, thank you so much! Wow interesting question. I hate to be “that guy,” but I think all the answers to these questions will be here on the site if you just surf around and check things out. If not feel free to ask more (and more specific questions) as you go on other pages and I will be glad to talk more in depth about everything in relation to the information in a particular video or article, otherwise this question is way too broad and would require an entire article in response to address (with me mostly linking to material on the site anyway). Thanks for the great comment and thanks for stopping by.

  • The Nazi Black Sun is the black hole! black holes are the recycling centers for the matter. black hole and atom are interconnected through the centers (almost like heart of mother and child) with an invisible umbilical cord that channels energy from black hole to every atom in the galaxy. why is it invisible? because it pierces 4 dimensions folds space at the center from 5D to 4D at the junction point inside each atom and the centers of galaxies (black holes). If you start looking at our world through 5D lens you will understand the whole picture. We’ve always been looking at our world through 3D, 4D, but our real reality is 5D because of its ability to fold space at junction points.

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