What Is Christ Consciousness

I have a series of articles already planned, about 8 of them at the moment in fact, a few of which I have started, some that are even about 3/4 finished, but sometimes it is difficult to get motivated to spend the time needed in order to write them. There is so much hidden knowledge people aren’t aware of and so many important truths I have discovered in my years searching for truth it is very daunting often times knowing where to begin to help others understand it all. I began with a linear approach when I first made this website starting with the falsification of history by Rome. I figured it is probably best to start at the beginning, or what we have all been falsely taught is the beginning anyway. I easily grow weary taking this route however as the amount of information to cover borders on absurd and it is better to just link some 2 hour presentation videos of experts on these topics in my opinion rather than trying to write some ridiculously long articles regurgitating the work of people far more educated than me on these topics.

I have decided to put this approach off for now and instead try and focus on relevant topics of discussion. Speaking of which I belong to a number of esoteric groups and in one called Global Light And Gathering the group administrator Zenn Mishler posed the question “What would you say if someone told you they already had Christ Consciousness?”. An interesting question considering I know more people in the 5th dimension of thought already than I can readily count off the top of my head. Being an open forum as it is, as is the case with all groups of this type there are people of every level of understanding from advanced initiates to people that are pretty much clueless to put it bluntly. So of course you had the usual occurrence of people making silly comments as they tend to do when they have limited knowledge and understanding of esoteric concepts and terminology so I decided why not write an article on what Christ Consciousness really means.

First we have to understand the biblical Christ was not a historical figure but rather a metaphor for Christ consciousness itself among many other themes stemming from astrotheology along with aspects of the true history and life story of Sri Krishna and his teachings recorded in the Vedas which Rome plagiarized to create their own mythos for control. Most people that are at least somewhat aware of this Christ term will usually site it going back to the Greek term Christos meaning anointed one. They aren’t wrong however Christ is a term/title dating as far back as our modern written language at the least. I know few people are even aware of the origins of our modern alphabet so I suppose we have to start there for now. As far as I have been able to determine the oldest “alphabet” consists of the Nordic Runes, in our current root race anyway, there are possibly and I would even say likely ones that are far older that have been lost to antiquity from past root races. Nordic Runes have been found all over the world that were placed there by survivors of Atlantis in some instances I would imagine and possibly by Viking explorers in later times. I say likely here because pretty much all of mainstream history is iffy at best and outright lies at worst as it has been highly controlled and doctored for some time by numerous groups I cover here at the site. Even if the researchers were legitimate, trying to date rock carvings is not really possible beyond speculation and since the sources those researchers used in their University education would have taught them nothing about Atlantis and real history anymore than anyone else in the mainstream public, naturally their assumption would be that these were left sometime in the near past by Vikings rather than understanding their true origin creating a bias paradigm they cannot cognitively escape.

The Runes like everything else developed by our ancient ancestors were ingeniously crafted with a very high level understanding of the arcanum, so much so it is absolutely mind blowing when you understand their design and meaning. I could not possibly cover this topic in this article or any article honestly so I will refer you to this presentation by Santos Bonacci that is the best you will find anywhere in my opinion. I highly suggest watching it to fully understand what I mean by this term Christ being related to the alphabet, for now I will simply say there are many words coded directly into the alphabet that have to do with occult science, or real science as I prefer to call it. QRST being the incarnation of this term in the modern derivative of the Phoenician alphabet we use in the west. Here we see it coded into the Elder Futhark which pre-dates the Phoenician alphabet.


I know this will be hard to understand for those new to occult sciences and history and may even seem like quite a stretch which is why I highly suggest watching the presentation on the runes and even reading my article on the number 6 among others I have written about the meaning of esoteric symbols to understand just how encoded and connected everything is in this reality by humans and the grand architect himself. Everything in this reality has an exoteric and multiple esoteric meanings, when you start to see and understand these esoteric meanings and connections is when you start to crack the code of the matrix to see beyond the veil of Maya, you begin to see the blueprints of this reality and the true meaning of everything inside it. That presentation on the Runes is very advanced so don’t worry if you don’t fully understand it yet, few outside of high level initiates will, it took me countless viewings to fully grasp all of the material presented in it along with always increasing my depth of knowledge of the rules of this material matrix.

Now that I have roughly laid out the origins of this term I can describe why it is such an important esoteric concept that it has been encoded into the very structure of the alphabet itself along with other important words. I suppose Yoda said it best to Luke in George Lucas’s esoteric masterpiece Star Wars “Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter”. What was Yoda trying to teach Luke? Everything in this reality is constructed out of conscious light which vibrates at different frequencies to create what we can perceive with our limited 5 senses. What we perceive as our physical reality with our 5 senses we call matter, but what this reality really is, is what creates that matter which is energy. The energy in this reality comes in many other forms that we cannot sense however, not yet anyway. One of the aspects of this reality we cannot percieve with our 5 senses is our soul, a word deriving from sol which is Latin for Sun or light. Our soul is what we really are which is pure light vibrating at a very high frequency with almost no density. Our soul is housed in these avatars we call our bodies which vibrate at a much lower frequency making them much more dense than our soul in the 3rd dimension. What do I mean by “conscious light”? The double slit experiment showed conclusively that light (electrons) actually make decisions, mind blowing right? How do we know it makes decisions? Because it knows when it is being watched and behaves differently than when it isn’t. This starts going into some complex science that requires a lot of background knowledge to fully understand but I have covered most of it here already in numerous articles namely the article on how the reality is constructed where I tried to break it all down as simply as I could that I suggest reading. I also highly suggest watching this video on crystal science as well if you want a detailed crash course of what I am describing here which is how magnetism creates light which in turn is what creates matter and by proxy the rest of the 3rd dimension.

Why is all of this science important? Why are these terms “vibration” and “frequency” thrown around so much in esoteric circles? Tesla said it best of course.

So what does this have to do with Christ consciousness? The higher you can raise your vibration frequency the higher your intellect and consciousness becomes, the closer you come to your true self, your divine self, pure light, and the closer your connection is to the all, the divine, the akash. Christ consciousness means you have opened your third eye, your pineal gland to be able to understand deeper truths about this reality because you are more receptive to frequencies of light those that do not have their third eye open can tune into. For those reading this thinking this is some new age woo woo mumbo jumbo this is in fact hard science which I cover in a number of videos on my channel I have linked throughout the article to help explain.

Your pineal gland is called your third eye because it is a photo receptor just like your other two eyes. It is said in the records of these ancient cultures that this gland in fact was an eye at the time of the Lemurians. There is no way to verify this of course outside of these records but humans evolve very differently than what we are taught in school, we evolve on a macro scale mainly in response to the electromagnetic frequencies emitted by particular planetary alignments that change drastically from yuga to yuga. Couple this with the knowledge that previous races were giants with different colored skin than modern humans including blue and green just to name a few, which the ancient Aryans recorded in the Vedas and their art and you should begin to understand that these electromagnetic frequencies change so drastically from epoch to epoch that what we know as reality becomes an entirely different reality that the inhabitants of one epoch would not even recognize if they were to switch places with an inhabitant of another. The very state of matter itself changes, along with some rules of physics which are in fact dynamic not static as is thought to be the case and taught in mainstream science. Having a third eye on the forehead is one of the least weird things about past humans in my opinion considering some very strange historical artifacts like the star child skull and cone head skulls among many other “humanoid” remains you can easily find if you do a little digging. In our current epoch and form we consider these remains of past races to be quite odd in comparison to say the least and completely unexplainable using mainstream theories and science. I have numerous videos on my channel that also cover these topics and include the evidence to prove this is indeed the case. With this in mind the fact that this gland contains photo receptors and is highly revered and depicted by most if not all ancient cultures in numerous forms I will conclude that the pineal gland being at one time an actual third eye is most likely the case.

If you look at depictions of the former masters they are always depicted with halos and even in the case of Krishna a flute. Why? What does the halo signify? It is depicted as light signifying a deeper connection to the aether, the pure conscious light, in the case of the flute with Krishna, sound, frequency.

To conclude our exploration of the meaning of Christ consciousness, what are we referring to? People being able to walk on water and change water to wine? No, of course not, we are talking about Krisha consciousness, Aryan consciousness (frontal lobe, the first sign of the Zodiac), Buddha consciousness, the divine union between this dimension and the divine dimension, the akash in the aether. For an advanced explanation on how to achieve this level of consciousness physically this video will explain numerous ways of doing personal energy work to physically raise your level of vibration and in turn your level of Gnosis. Truth, wisdom, love, light, folk and Dharma are the mantra of the ascended masters, honor them by learning the lessons they left to teach us the path to the divine and vibrate at your optimal frequency in this human experience. Namaste

Bodhi Mantra

I am a computer scientist, researcher and writer. Son Of Saturn of the 4th Sun and guardian of the arcanum for the preservation of the Aryan legacy.

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