Great Britain: A Hebrew Covenant

By boajala

A little known fact outside of Archaeological circles is becoming ever more known.

There is no Archaeological evidence that Hebrews lived as slaves in Egypt, or that there was an exodus out of Egypt or that Moses led them out. Not one shred of Archaeological evidence of millions of Jews wandering the desert for forty years, surely there would be pottery or tools or some kind of evidence left behind. Nor is there evidence of the Bibles main cast of Hebrew characters, Abraham, Joseph, Jacob, Moses, Solomon or David.

There is however plenty of evidence of the Egyptian Pharaohs who these biblical characters are based on. The bibles Old Testament has carefully covered up the connections between the Egyptian Pharaohs and Hebrew Patriarchs by mixing up historical facts with myth and legends. Modern Archaeologists have confirmed that the Hebrews were not a race of people like once thought, they were a Semitic and Asiatic class of foreign workers who migrated into Egypt from neighboring lands in search of work as craftsman and builders, as their population grew over hundreds of years they intermarried with the Egyptians and gradually rose to positions of influence and wealth in Egypt.

Abram married his sister Sari; at Gods command angry at the incestuous relationship he ordered them to change their names to Abraham and Sarah. They then went to Egypt, where Abraham turned his Sister/Wife over to the Pharaoh as a sex slave and was rewarded with gold and silver. In 1818 Antonio Lebolo made a revolutionary discovery that identified Abraham as an Egyptian Pharaoh during excavation in the Valley of the Kings; he exhumed eleven Egyptian mummies along with rolls of papyrus inscribed with hieroglyphic writings and drawings. One of the drawings depicted Abraham sitting on the Pharaoh’s throne.

Abraham’s name was also deciphered on a roll of papyrus. Joseph Smith published his controversial findings in the “Book of Abraham” in 1842 and was murdered two years later. Today the only Egyptian Tomb forbidden to the public is the tomb of Amenemhet 1 who many researchers now believe is the biblical Abraham. The Pharaoh Amenemhet worshiped Amen, the question then becomes is God and Amen the same. In the Egyptian version, Amen also turned a river into blood. There is ever increasing evidence that Pharaoh Tutmoses III was actually Moses. Pharaoh Tsusennes was actually King David.

Why would the Hebrew authors of the Bible hide the fact that the biblical characters were really Pharaohs? Bible and Egyptian scholars concluded that the Jews had to hide their identity the same way Joseph did and change their names if they were to retain power and rule Egypt. And their lineage has continued to rule until this day.

Hebrew authors covered this up to hide the fact that Hebrews and Egyptians shared the same royal bloodline. After the Egyptians forced the Hebrew Hyksos out of Egypt the only way they could continue to rule was to hide their identity from the Egyptian people and the Hebrews.

They continued to rule secretly and intermarried with Egyptians and worshiped Gods and violated Jewish Hebrew law. They kept their identities hidden in secret societies and royal power circles just as they have done until this day.

The descendants of the Hebrew Pharaohs of Egypt have ruled throughout history, through the millennia they have left oceans of blood in their wake, they have murdered, cheated, slaughtered, robbed, colonized and enslaved to fulfill their biblical covenants to maintain one throne and one world empire. Great Britain is a Hebrew covenant. Queen Elizabeth II is a direct descendant from the long line of Hebrew Kings all the way to King David, consequently all the way to Adam. This is according to the “College of Heralds” in London.

The United Kingdom’s Coat of Arms depicts the lion of the tribe of Judah in the pre-eminent right hand position, wearing the crown, the Unicorn (Bull) of Ephraim of equal stature with the lion. The harp of David recognizes the Davidic covenant and symbolizes the marriage of the two lines of Judah in Ireland, through Jeremiah.

The Stone of Destiny is the stone that Jacob used as a pillow and had a dream in which he saw a stairway to heaven. The Old Testament referred to this stone as the “Rock”. The stone has rested in Westminster Abbey for 700 years beneath the coronation chair before it was moved back to Edinburgh Scotland. This is where the house of Israel relocated and it was the tribe of Ephraim who were the caretakers of this anointed stone. Queen Elizabeth is the 122nd lineal descendant of King David who is of the tribe of Judah.

EDITOR’S NOTE: There is a lot more material on this topic here at the website and in my video archive. Here are a few related suggestions: Atlantean Aryan Bloodlines, The Real Israelites – The Scythians, The Moses Myth – Acharya S – Red Ice Radio, Ancient Dynasties and The Israel Myth – Michael Tsarion – Red Ice, Esoteric Biblical Genealogy and Etymology. I also have tangentially related material in the Lost/Hidden History playlist in my archive that connects to all of this via the Hyksos, Amen priesthood, Phoenicians etc. I published this article in its entirety without altering it, however, I do have to point out a common mistake in the article made by some researchers conflating the Hebrews and Jews as interchangeable terms. The Hebrews and Jews are not interchangeable, the Jews were just one sect of the Hebrews, only one of the 12 tribes, the tribe of Judah as the video Esoteric Biblical Genealogy and Etymology and a few others will point out. If you come across any other good sources on this topic I haven’t included here feel free to leave a comment with links. Namaste

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Bodhi Mantra

I am a computer scientist, researcher and writer. Son Of Saturn of the 4th Sun and guardian of the arcanum for the preservation of the Aryan legacy.


  • BODHI,

    Do you have a link that explains these things
    “Son Of Saturn of the 4th Sun”


    • Which part mate? In the editor’s note there are suggestions and links for follow up and there is plenty more on the website and in the video archive to help you understand it all

      • Hi, is there no credence to the story of the Gaelic leader Heremon cutting off his hand and throwing it from the boat into Ulster?

        • Hi Robbie. I am not familiar with this story or Gaelic mythology/tradition. I think if you check out Robert Sepehr’s works and a friend of the site Ancient Mystery on Youtube they may have answers for you there. Feel free to leave comments here as well sharing anything you learn if you like.

  • Thats a lie the current royal family have no connection to the ancient Hebrew Israelites and they don’t even make that claim. The minute they used a woman to dictate their bloodline it was the end of their Israelite claim. A woman does not carry the seed or lineage she is just a vessel to hold the seed, to be a blue blood aka black blood you must be from the line of Jacob and they are NOT. The true blue bloods of Great Britain was rounded up in the Cromwell wars, massacred and put into slavery around America and the Caribbean now they are being called BLACK PEOPLE. But a lie can only go so far before all is exposed. I am an awakened Israelite, Jacobite and I know my truth and nobody can ever take that away from me.

    • Hi. I have no problem letting people who post comments here post whatever they want as long as they aren’t shills and are posting their comments in good faith. I do not however like to be called a liar. If you want to say something is incorrect and provide evidence for your counter claims you are more than welcome to but I ask that you do it in a civil and respectful way please. I don’t make much time for silliness either, if you have proof for your claims I will always be happy to look at it and converse with you, but I dont have any patience for nonsense. People have been bs’d and lied to enough in this world when they’ve found their way here so I try to keep it out of here for them in order to not add any confusion they may be experiencing. That being said, thanks for stopping by and commenting, namaste

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