Joker: The Incel Meme And Reading Between The Lines

If you keep up with mainstream “culture” or more accurately the attempts to spin narratives to influence and control it, which if you didn’t before I hope you have after hanging out here a bit, you may be aware of the hype and toxicity from the “woke left” aka MSM concerning this movie. I haven’t seen it myself yet but I did watch a few reviews of it shortly before deciding to write this article, specifically the ones by Comics Explained, Carl Benjamin and Tim Pool and by all accounts it sounds like a great film.

I don’t want to rehash what they already mentioned in their reviews because all three were interesting in their own right but I do want to reiterate some points they brought up and expand on them slightly. Both Carl and Tim make poignant observations about the class and power dynamic aspect of the film’s message and though, as I mentioned I haven’t seen it myself yet, I can certainly imagine how this plays out as it is a universal message and sentiment. A sentiment that has been brushed aside by this new “woke culture” (cultural Marxism) for some time now in favor of focusing almost entirely on race, sex and religion to keep the masses busy fighting over trivial matters, divide and conquer as it were.

I have touched on this topic before in my article The Occult History Of Communism and since this is a perfect time to see this divide and conquer tactic in action we can juxtapose it against what is happening in regards to this film, the reviews and the narratives being spun.

Tim, who doesn’t like to wade into “conspiracy theory” territory, as it would obviously affect his ability to reach a wide audience and his bottom line, has even given little Easter eggs in past videos in regard to how shortly after occupy Wall Street he noticed this shift from class and wealth inequality to a new Marxist paradigm of demonizing mundane and powerless people in our society, namely CIS white males.

You may be wondering what a CIS white male even is since you aren’t a mentally unstable, ideological Social Justice Zealot with a double digit IQ. Generally only the people in the cult of Social Justice and those who follow their activities and indoctrination are familiar with it so I will explain it for you heretics. A CIS white male is a non-trans straight white male, the bogeyman and ultimate evil all these cultural Marxists must seek out and destroy at all costs with extreme prejudice. There are intersectional derivatives as well depending on where you are in the Progressive stack of oppression and what crab is perceived to be slightly higher than you that you need to pull back into the pot for being too uppity or because you want to usurp them in some capacity when it is convenient.

The factions of cultural Marxism all “in fight” and attack each other fairly often in their oppression Olympics hierarchy, the LGBT faction attack the straights, the BLM attack the whites, the feminists attack the men, but they can all form like Voltron to attack the straight white male. The armed straight white male, who is coincidentally the greatest threat to the actual power structure hiding behind the bogeyman they are putting out as a decoy for these groups to attack.

It is actually rather amusing and bold for these agents in academia and MSM to even associate this with Marxism as Marx, the father of Communism, (in the normieverse anyway it is far older than Marx) developed this ideology based entirely on class struggle. It is very odd how the core quintessential tenant of an ideology can completely transform to something entirely different. The fact that this is not noticed or mentioned very often shows that the people brainwashed with this nonsense, for one are obviously not very bright which I don’t think is surprising to anyone reading this, but it also reveals the ones pushing it from on high know exactly what they are doing, using the useful idiots to attack their enemies for them.

Let’s start with this Vice article to explore the more humorous aspects of the mainstream media’s constant chase for something to point the finger at to make sure everyone is living in constant fear of non-existent threats.

The level of hilarity in this article from its headline and image alone is enough to spit your coffee out on your screen from uncontrollable laughter. In the right hand corner at the top there we see our usual suspect, Pepe of course. Pepe loves to leave his signature in the normieverse while planting his memes in order to later reap the harvest of endless KEKs gifted by the God of chaos.

What makes this so hilarious is that these people occasionally buy into their own insanity, it is a special treat when this occurs to KEK farmers. What we really have here with this Internet meme culture are people with a healthy sense of humor that make jokes NPC normies can’t understand. It really does scare them, to an extent, so they take it upon themselves to be the Good Samaritan as it were and make sure you know you should be scared too, for a small profit of course from their click bait fear porn. This may seem contradictory to what I mentioned above with respect to the agenda being pushed, but you have to understand the useful idiots at the bottom of the pyramid rarely have any idea what the top of the pyramid is doing or why. They are mostly just brainwashed NPC or sociopath sycophants jockeying for money and power towing the line to get their good goy points and table scraps.

So the question you have been waiting for I imagine is “what is this incel” you are supposed to be deathly afraid of that will cut down your life in your prime for daring to watch a movie about a comic book character with numerous adaptations that have been done in the past? Is the incel the foe so deadly and dangerous our armed forces are needed to guard the movie theaters to protect us all from this insidious terrorist threat?

This is just one article I chose by Gizmodo from the scores available if you search “armed forces joker incel”

Of course not, there are maybe 10 deaths at most in all of history that could be even remotely associated with the term “incel” in the most liberally applied manner possible. Incel simply stands for involuntary celibate. These are “men”, in actuality overwhelmingly more often simply young boys, who are mostly just social outcasts in some way either because of looks, social awkwardness, or perhaps some kind of disorder like autism or aspergers etc. The media, specifically that article by Vice, has described them as a “cult”, which is laughably absurd especially coming from the cult of Social Justice. The people they claim are in this cult are mainly people from the board /r9k/ at the online forum 4chan. 4chan being the place these jokes of an organization calling themselves the media get 90% of their “stories”.

This so-called “cult” (/r9k/) is just a message board on an online forum for lonely people to share their stories and experiences in a support group type atmosphere much like Alcoholics Anonymous or any other support group. These people never even referred to themselves as incels until after it became a popular meme and only then for its literal meaning not an organization or “cult”.

This meme became popular on the site long before the MSM, who are humorless, clueless, millennial SJWs that either don’t understand meme culture, or do understand the meme and sensationalize what they know is bullshit for clicks and ideology. It reminds me of the stereotypical trope “this kids is the devil’s music”, referring to Elvis, The Beatles, once again with Heavy Metal, so on and so forth. It is a repeating trope of a previous generation out of touch with the youth and the mainstream culture the media portrays themselves as representing with “hip” Marxist rags like Buzzfeed, Vice, and Vox to name a few. These garbage outlets sprang up to replace the cable dinosaurs that are no longer relevant to anyone under 65, but now even these “hello fellow kids” outlets are so out of touch it is cringe inducing to watch.

The meme took off in the MSM with the coverage of the van attacker in Toronto around April 2018, when this label was applied to this mentally ill man, because of a “shitpost” he made on Facebook before committing the attack.

Shitpost being an Interesting term Vice used in their headline. Making a shitpost means one is trolling and/or joking, posting shit on the Internet for amusement to pass the time. Vice ruins their narrative in their own headline using this term. If they are “shitposting” then by the very definition they are joking. To show you just how dishonest their narrative and fear mongering are let’s examine the history of this meme by seeing what the website says about it.

So this “cult” (meme) has been around since 1993 and has even been featured humorously in a commercial by a major television network in 2005, but now all of a sudden in 2019 this cult are a grave concern to your security and the angle of attack the actual cult of social justice uses to criticize a film that jeopardizes their victim complex, victim narrative and position on the progressive stack (in their mind anyhow as Sargon points out in his video). They are also applying this label to 4chan as a whole which consists of 50 or more boards covering interests from science to history, politics and television to outdoor adventuring.

This website knowyourmeme is easily found after a 20 second Google search for any so-called journalist to read just as you and I just did so why are these so-called journalists unable to find it to write a factually accurate story?

The answer is simple enough, they aren’t interested in writing factually accurate stories, they are simply attacking their ideological opponents. They know their industry and ideology is failing and their ability to control the narrative to brainwash the masses has grossly diminished exponentially over the last 4 years. This movie was the perfect opportunity to attack the movie’s premise that threatens their victim narrative and hate mongering as Sargon points out and what they claim this movie represents, as well as attack a platform for free speech where minds opposed to their schemes, scams and lies meet to mock and run counter ops on them in plain view. It is pretty hilarious when you think about the fact that a bunch of “shitposting incels” make the juggernaut of the global media and intelligence agencies look like amateurs.

4chan has nothing to do with the incel meme or “incel” culture, outside of /r9k/ as I mentioned, who in the strictest sense of the word could be considered incels but they never called themselves incels or claimed to belong to any group associated with the term. The media have been pushing this narrative for months trying to stir up panic and attack a political target like 4chan, something they do relentlessly as they have done numerous times in the past on numerous platforms that aren’t part of the Silicon Valley Progressive cult hive mind like Minds, GAB, Dissenter, as well as Youtube and Youtube creators that point out and deconstruct their lies. It came to the point that the military issued a public safety warning based solely on the media fear mongering over someone shitposting a meme on an anonymous image board, clown world intensifies honk honk.

I have been looking for a place in an article to insert the below synopsis of the book State Of Fear by Michael Crichton, one of the most genius and successful writers of the 20th/21st century whom I suggest reading every one of his books when you get the time. Reading this book was one of the major moments of clarity for me when I read it in 2004, among countless others I could list that changed the paradigm in my mind to see through the illusion. The book exposed a major glitch in the matrix to me, which is that you can’t trust quackademia or the media any more than the politicians, and this article seems as good a place as any to share the synopsis.

The subject of the book was the climate change hoax and the hysteria and industry being built around it, and with what’s happening with the Green New (Communism) Deal and Greta Thunberg being tauted as the “end is nigh” autistic messiah of George Soros’ Open Society Foundation, I thought this article would be a pertinent place to share it. What they are doing is so overtly blatant at this point it is comical to watch. Greta (actually her handlers) is preaching the Gospel that Communism will somehow save us from a climate apocalypse (it is all so tiring how over the top absurd it all is I know), it ties all the fear porn together nicely to end this article with I think.

  • The science behind global warming is speculative and incomplete, meaning no concrete conclusions can be drawn regarding human involvement in climate change.
  • Elites in various fields use either real or artificial crises to maintain the existing social order, misusing the “science” behind global warming.
  • As a result of potential conflicts of interest, the scientists conducting research on topics related to global warming may subtly change their findings to bring them in line with their funding sources. Since climatology can not incorporate double-blind studies, as are routine in other sciences, and climate scientists set experiment parameters, perform experiments within the parameters they have set, and analyze the resulting data, a phenomenon known as “bias” is offered as the most benign reason for climate science being so inaccurate.
  • A key concept, delivered from the eccentric Professor Hoffman, suggests, in Hoffman’s words, the existence of a “politico-legal-media” complex, comparable to the “military-industrial complex,” of the Cold War era. Hoffman insists climate science began using more extreme, fear-inducing terms such as “crisis,” “catastrophe,” and, “disaster,” shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall, in order to maintain a level of fear in citizens, for the purpose of social control, since the specter of Soviet Communism was gone. This “state of fear” gives the book its title.


I know this article is perhaps a bit of low hanging fruit for some readers but there are people who read articles here who are not “plugged in” so to speak to the cloak and dagger games being played out between the media and who they work for and those who know what they are up to and countering them, so this was just a fun piece on a contemporary topic to write about, I hope you enjoyed it.

Why so smug Pepe?

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