Red Ice Banned From Facebook

More censorship hits as Red Ice, who was removed from Youtube a couple weeks ago, is now removed from Facebook as well. I just wanted to write a quick small article and show some solidarity with truth seekers and truth tellers by posting their video (23 mins) for the readers here to give everyone a heads up. I wrote an article a couple weeks ago titled Neuro Lingustic Programming And How The Hustle Works, explaining what was being setup and if you keep up with my video archive I hope you got a chance to watch the ADL videos by Alex Jones and Matt Christiansen I posted there a few days ago.

I have never seen or heard of Henrik or Lana being hateful and they aren’t “white nationalists” as far as I know. I hesitate to even call them right wing (in America) considering they aren’t Christians so they have just been outright smeared and silenced as is the fashion these days. Speaking of, I know the political spectrum is so bizarre at this time in history old labels don’t apply any more making it sometimes difficult to “classify” people based on their political beliefs. I know it may be frustrating at first, but look at it as a blessing, an opportunity to stop trying to find labels for people to put them in a box and dismiss. Instead give them some of your attention and listen to them, see their divinity with your divinity and we may just make it out of this mess in spite of those that would see us destroy each other for their profit.

I hope Lana and Henrik will take this opportunity to learn some of the law I wrote about here the other day (by the way I have more coming within the next few days) and sue these people. I also hope you readers learn real law as well and how to use it because the courts are the only way to fight tyranny without violence. If we don’t start filing flurries of lawsuits and winning in the courts and forcing these people to follow the law, violence will come like the sun after a storm, it is inevitable unfortunately.

I also wanted to tell everyone Happy Thanksgiving for my American readers. I hope your family is healthy and safe and blessed this holiday. I will leave a beautiful song by Krisha Das for unity prayer below Namaste and Hare Krishna.

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