The Falsification Of History Starting With Rome

One of the hardest problems I ran into making this site was having to go back over material I went over years ago to re-explain everything all from the beginning. What a daunting task this is. I have new material I want to delve into, new questions to ask and explore, and only a very small audience to present all of this information too, for now anyway, hopefully this will change over time.

I suppose Rome is the best place to start for now. The below video by Red Ice is an interview with Frank O’Collins which is quite a gem. I don’t listen to Red Ice much but there are a few videos by them I will present here at the site. This one and another one on Saturn I will get to at a later date, when I get more into the esoteric aspects of Saturn which I touched on already in the article about the number 6. I will leave a link to it at the end of the article.

This will be my first article reviewing a specific video that is not one of my own, so forgive me if it turns out to be lack luster, hopefully my writing and review style will improve over time. I have to be careful not to get too ahead of myself. My knowledge of true history is far outside of what the average person is taught to believe true history is so that it is very easy to get lost for them or completely dismiss the truth about true history as nonsense.  To understand true history requires more than just putting the pieces together to track the falsification over time, it also requires intimate knowledge about how this reality works. Hmmm, perhaps I should have started with the Ancient Knowledge series first. No matter here we are, I will do that video series next. At my old YT channel I always tried to tell people to start with that series first before watching anything else as it lays the foundation for everything else. Nothing in this reality is what it seems and people simply don’t have any solid basis to operate from to be able to recognize the truth because most of their beliefs are the exact opposite of reality and trying to explain this to them is most times fruitless.

I apologize for the tangent, I will often use a very informal writing style for video reviews as I am writing what I am thinking, reverie if you will and trying to get through a lot of material quickly. I will often be asking as many questions as I am giving answers. I like to challenge my own paradigms as well as the reader.  I don’t think I will make specific comments on the content in the video just yet, I think Frank does an excellent job, explaining it all. I will reference material from this video in the future however in a series of articles I will write where I describe how the current system is constructed in the western world and why. I already wrote one article on how the banks work you can visit here and you can read the article about the number 6 here.

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I am a computer scientist, researcher and writer. Son Of Saturn of the 4th Sun and guardian of the arcanum for the preservation of the Aryan legacy.


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    • I do it for you of course <3. Miss you at FB I will be back soon I guess. I have an account at if you want to join I am Kalki_The_Avenger 🙂

      • Acct on Minds? … Yay !! 🙂 <3 We miss you too. I share your articles often in groups… at least the ones that I have explored. The most popular right now is “Occult Significance Of The Number 6” .Because of D-Wave having so much notoriety lately. You might be creating a bigger wave than you know my beautiful guardian of the Arcanum , Erudite master of endless knowledge holder of truths and father of Dragons (Wait !, maybe not that last one….. :))) …) I love you man <3 …And I respect you and admire you deeply .


    (December 29, 2018 - 4:59 pm)

    What is the name of the “satan worshipers” who joined with the Khazars? I can’t pinpoint the spelling. Minochet? Minoshea?

  • Hey it’s Elder Thing. I watched the whole thing and had some things to say on Discord but it’s down right now… So it’s not the Jews. It an entire conglomerate of ultra rich fuck tards. What ever the plan is I am in. I’ll would love to help fight them. I don’t have anything to lose and they have everything to lose. Email me maybe. 😉

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