Is Bitcoin A Bankers Scam?

Satoshi is supposedly the creator of Bitcoin yet no one knows who Satoshi actually is, is this a bankers scheme to create a cashless society? I will explain the dangers and possible implications of the crypto currency craze and see what we can conclude. First, you can’t spend any crypto currencies unless you first exchange it for cash to do so other than a handful of minor exceptions. Who owns the exchanges? That would be the same bankers that own the banks. Seems they are taking even more of your money now than they were before, which I covered in this previous article.

They now get a percentage of the trade along with their original percentage of every dollar printed. Considering the fact that the banks have been pushing to get rid of cash for quite some time, this sudden crypto craze certainly seems suspicious to those among us that have pierced the veil. The first real visible push for a cashless society came in the late 90’s with the introduction of the debit card I think. One could make the argument it started with the introduction of the credit card, however this could have simply been a scheme to create more debt and consumerism rather than an attempt to move towards a cashless society, make your own mind up. What are the dangers of a cashless society? A cashless society means they can track and or deny all of your purchases. The dangers of this should be apparent but the most prevalent example of this danger are credit card payment handlers like denying charges for gun purchases covered in this article by

Of course the bankers want an all digital currency, control of the economy is always the ultimate goal. The more control of the economy they have the more power they have and the happier they are obviously as this quote by Nathan Rothschild clearly illustrates.

The block chain is promoted as being decentralized but is it really? I am a computer scientist and I can tell you this is not exactly true. The original block chain for Bitcoin may be I have never looked at the code myself but the general public are tech illiterate anyway and have no idea what any of this means or how to verify it anyhow. Like all aspects of the illusions it functions because of the ignorance of the general populous. There could be back doors in the Bitcoin block chain and hashes we don’t know about and I think it is a safe bet there will be in the newer ones that aren’t Bitcoin. Every BTC transaction could be tracked by the NSA for all we know or more likely an Israeli/Vatican outfit. Few have the faintest idea whether or not this is possible or even happening already and it appears that it is as this article by shows.

Bitcoin at its heart is a Ponzi scheme, it has no intrinsic value, you can barely even spend it as I already mentioned. When you really analyze it, it has a lot in common with fractional reserve lending, which is to say it is wealth created out of thin air, whether it is paper or pixels means little in this regard.

This Ponzi scheme also makes it incredibly easy to cause the biggest market crash in history which is something they have been planning for some time already anyway as I point out in my previous article about the Federal Reserve. They will likely wait until the market is ripe with trillions of dollars then simply crash the market, close the exchanges and keep the wealth they stole to create economic crisis’ they can capitalize on like they have countless times covered in my previous article about how the Federal Reserve works. They have been doing this for quite some time and are exceedingly good at finding new ways to do it. Has this all been a scam from the beginning? Sure smells like it. My advice is to be aware of how everything works, the possible dangers and long game. Of course understanding the long game is not quick or easy and requires a lot of research and effort obviously, something I try to help with as much as I can with this website but every individual has to put in the work. The trick is to get the goyim to think they made a choice using the Hegelian Dialectic, problem>reaction>solution. Create the problem (the banking system) then provide the solution (crypto currency) while convincing the goyim the choice they are making solves the problem, which was in fact created to get them to make that choice to begin with. Very effective on the goyim but not hard to dissect once you understand it and are looking for it. This is how they have created revolutions and wars for profit and control for millennia as Henry Ford warned us about nearly a 100 years ago among others so I advise due diligence in researching how they do it to avoid falling victim to it.

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