The Jesuits, Illuminati Priesthood Of Evil

The Jesuits are one of the main players in the game of global deception, murder and oppression. Let’s take a look at who the Jesuits are shall we? I know I am not writing much to go along with the videos at the moment but there is a lot of material to learn for people new to all of this before they can start to process it all and I don’t mince words when I say a lot here, I have over 300 videos to cover to tie everything together into a coherent picture. As I mentioned in a previous article it took me years to sort through all of this to find good trustworthy sources in the psyops and misinfo at every level. I had to take years to personally vet every source for accuracy to be able to see how all of the puzzle pieces fit together and it will take anyone new to this material quite a bit of time to process it in their minds even on a fast track the way visitors to this site are currently on if they choose. The Jesuits are only one faction in all of this, we will get to the others soon and I will show how they are all connected. These two videos are a good introduction to this branch of the self proclaimed Illuminati.


This is a good accompanying article by Andrew Hitchcock called the The History Of The House Of Rothschild that can help reinforce much of the material covered in these videos.

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  • A lot of the video links on your old videos are dead, can you fix this?

    • Sure, do you know which ones? I check them pretty often, the ones people click are recorded and I check them to make sure they are working fairly often. If you ever find one that isn’t working just leave a comment telling me where and I will fix it. TX

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