The Phoenicians The Hidden Nobility

The last article I wrote How The System Was Constructed, which presented the video by Santos Bonnaci on how our current governmental and judicial system was setup, started to delve into who all the players are in this corrupt system we all find ourselves in. Now we can start to name the people behind it all and trace their lineage. Let’s start with the Phoenicians the hidden nobility. In the next article we will start to look deeper into who the Phoenicians were and the different groups they have morphed into and partnered with over the millennia that will start to lead into Biblical history and the falsifications within the Bible itself and its true esoteric meanings. This two part series covers a lot of information that will start to branch out in many directions covering more interesting esoteric topics and concepts.

For the second half of this presentation use this link. I will also link to Santos’ website The Universal Truth School and YouTube channel again for those interested in more of his work. No worries however we have much more from Mr. Bonnaci to come in the future.

Bodhi Mantra

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