The Mystery Of Pisces

Let us now dive within the great ocean of the sign of Pisces; a beautiful sign, ruled by Neptune and Jupiter. Pisces is symbolized by two fish united by a hyphen between the hands of Neptune. This is a very profound symbol related with the Monad.

We have to explain about the Monad in order for us to understand our situation – or as we say in Gnosticism, our level of Being. The Monad is the Being. We always state that the reason for the Being to be is to be the Being itself. All of us are part of a Monad (a word rooted in “monas” from the Greek language, which means “unity”) – the individuality within the Spirit. This is what we call “the Innermost.”

In Pisces, you find that the god Neptune has between his hands the two fish, which are the symbol of the two souls that the Monad has. The Spirit (the Being, the Monad) has two souls: one divine and the other human. This is very important to know, because the Spirit is one thing and the soul is another. People often mistake the Spirit with the soul. But we have to explain here that the Spirit is, and a soul is acquired. We have to explain in detail, so please use your imagination (a faculty related to Neptune). Imagination is clairvoyance, and the faculty of clairvoyance related with Neptune is called intuitive clairvoyance, which is distinct from simple clairvoyance.

When you see with your third eye, located between your eyebrows, you are using your clairvoyant eye; this is a power related with the pituitary gland. Clairvoyance is also named “the eye of Shiva.” Yet, indeed, the clairvoyant eye (related with the pituitary gland) is nothing but the instrument or the carrier of the light of the pineal gland. These two glands – pineal and pituitary – are located in the middle of the brain. The pituitary gland is a little bit forward of the pineal gland. If you introduce a needle between your ears, from ear to ear, and another in the middle of your eyebrows, exactly when the needles are crossing, inside your brain, is where the pineal gland is situated, yet the pituitary gland is situated in front of and below the pineal gland.

The pineal gland is called the cyclop eye. In mythology, it is stated that the cyclops were children of Neptune. This is very significant and profound. This symbolizes that all of those who developed their clairvoyant intuitive eye, do so because they worked with the forces of Neptune.

The pineal gland is directly related with the development of the sexual glands. In the sexual glands we have the entity of semen (the Ens Seminis), which in Alchemy and in Kabbalah is always related with the waters, the waters of Genesis – a word which means creation and that is rooted also in the greek word genos for “race, kind.” So, in the sexual organs we have that water of Genesis within which the fish swim, which are the spermatozoa in males and ova in the females. The development of spermatozoa and ova within the testicles or ovaries is done under the influence of the hormones of the pineal gland.

It is good to know that the contraceptives made for men and women have the goal of stopping the activity of the pineal gland, so that it will not command the sexual organs to release ova or spermatozoa. Thus, women and men who take contraceptives are indeed interfering, obstructing the activities of their pineal gland. In women, the result of these contraceptives is that their pineal gland does not command the release of ova from their ovaries, and in men it weakens the spermatozoa so that they cannot swim into the woman’s uterus. So you see here, by studying  endocrinology we see the result of contraceptives.

The work of the pineal gland in relation with sex has been known in esotericism since ancient times. In ancient colleges they taught this sexual wisdom, and they knew it through their relationship with Neptune, because Neptune rules the pineal gland. Yes, they knew that with the development of the pineal gland we develop that intuitive vision.

So, the development of intuitive vision – the power of the pineal gland – is only possible if we transform or transmute the sexual energy. Yes, sexual transmutation is the key or clue for the development of intuitive vision in order for us to see the ultra dimensions.

The cyclops are the symbol of a humanity that existed in the past who had that power. In the times of yore – when humanity had not yet developed the physical sight, as we have now – in those times, the intuitive eye (related with the pineal gland) was more developed. So therefore humanity was more in contact with the internal worlds than with the exterior, which is the physical world.

Here we have to state the relationship of that inner sight with what in Egypt was called the Amenti. You can read in many books about the Egyptian Amenti, which was ruled by Hades. But because, they were also in contact with the wisdom of Neptune, thus, in relation with that vision, the Egyptians called their science “Neptunian-Amentinian science,” through which the initiates were entering into their own psyche in order to fight Hades and to develop their psychic powers, their own spirituality. This is how the Spirit was acquiring what we call mastery, initiationsoulconsciousness.

Remember that we stated that the Spirit is, and the consciousness (soul) is acquired. But we have to know how. The Egyptians knew very well about this topic that we are teaching here. And this is why we find in the Egyptian pantheon many symbols related with the Egyptian Amenti, which most people relate with the forces of death, or the mysteries of death, because they are beyond the physical world. We have to clarify this in order for us to comprehend the Egyptian mysteries, the symbols of that great civilization.

Solon, the great ruler of Greece, brought this knowledge to Greece. Based on it the Greeks founded the mysteries of Eleusis, the Eleusinian Mysteries, the mysteries of “Orpheus,” which are related with the descent into the Amenti, which they call “Thebes.” Moses also brought the knowledge of Egypt and distributed it in a kabbalistic way; this is how we find it in the Bible or Tanakh.

Many other great masters that existed in the past learned about this Neptunian-Amentinian knowledge in Egypt, from that ancient Egypt, of which now you only see symbols in the physical world, symbols that are already worn by time, like the Sphinx for instance, which is a great symbol of that science of the Egyptian Amenti.

The Neptunian civilization comes from the past, from the Atlantean civilization, which was related with the forces of Pisces, with the waters, a beautiful symbol of the Atlantean civilization. The Atlantean word for water is a word that now we use in many languages, since Atlantis existed in the Atlantean ocean. The word ATL – as in “Atl-antean or Atl-antis” – is a word that is rooted in the Nahua, which is an ancient language still spoken in Mexico among the natives.  Nahua was spoken in Atlantis. Atl means “water” in that language. The language from Atlantis is called “Watan.” Thus, from atl come the words Atlantis and Atlantic, both related with the waters.

So, in Atlantis they knew very deeply the knowledge of Neptune, or the Neptunian-Amentian science that here we are going to further explain.

The Neptunian forces are related with the superior aspect of the Moon. Meaning, beyond the moon we find the forces of Neptune, because Neptune rules the oceans as well as the Moon.

When we were studying Kabbalah, we explained many times how the Sephirah Yesod is ruled by the Moon. Yesod is in relation with the Akasha tattva, which is the tattva related with the primordial waters of Genesis, which in Sanskrit is also called the Anupadaka tattva: the “parentless” force, which in esoteric Christianity is called Maria or Mary. Mary, Maria, is a word that emerges from this symbol that we are talking about here. Remember, Mary, Mother Mary in Christianity is “the virgin of the sea.” They call her Stella Maris. The word Mary, Maria, from Latin mare (mar, mer) is in relation with the ocean; the other vowels of Mar-ia – “i a” – are a derivation of “i o” – the androgyny. So when you say Maria, or even the masculine name Mario, it implies the forces of the water, the sea, within the duality of “i o.”

Maria, Mary, symbolizes the Anupadaka tattva, the Mulaprakriti of the Hindus, that substance, which is the matter in itself, without form, which is precisely the water that we are talking about here and which is beyond the Moon, within the fourth dimension.

In the fourth dimension, we find the tattva of the water, which means the vibration of the water. Within that water of the fourth dimension we find the origin of this planet Earth, since in the beginning, according to the Bible, the Spirit of God was hovering upon the face of the waters.  The waters of Genesis that the Bible talks about are not the waters in this physical world, but that water in the fourth dimension. And the spirit of God that was hovering upon the face of those waters relates precisely to this Piscean symbol. This Spirit of God in Hebrew is Ruach Elohim, which properly translated means “the spirit of the Gods,” not the spirit of God. Ruach Elohim is mistakenly translated in the Bible.

You have to understand the difference between the Ruach Elohim and the Elohim, because when you read the Bible it is stated there: “In the beginning Elohim created the Heavens and the Earth.” This is the first mention of Elohim. And then after that it is stated, “And the Ruach Elohim was hovering upon the face of the waters.” That Ruach is another element.

We have to understand that. Genesis is a book of Alchemy and Kabbalah. It is a Gnostic book. Genesis is a very profound, symbolic, Gnostic book written by Moses. Moses was a Gnostic. He learned all of this and wrote all of this there in Egypt, because Egypt, I repeat, is a branch of this great civilization that existed in the past, which was the Atlantean civilization. And this Atlantean civilization is a Neptunian civilization 100 percent.

The Atlantean civilization was ruled by Neptune (Atl = water). This means that the whole root race developed within the Apas tattva, the tattva of the water. In order for you to understand what I am going to state, I am going to explain something.

In those hot, very hot days of summer when you are driving on the road… sometimes you see far away on the road, on the pavement, something like water. Did you ever experience that before? You see humidity on the road, but when you arrive at the point where you saw that water vibrating on the road, you don’t find water. The same happens in the deserts. That type of vision or mirage when you see water but there is no water; you see water, but it is not physical. In other words, the heat of summer makes the watery element of the fourth dimension vibrate, to appear in the third dimension as a mirage. I am talking about the vibration of the tattva, because tattva means vibration; tattva Apas is the vibration of the water. This is does not mean that in that spot there is water – no – it means that the vibration of the tattva of the water is being shown there or at any other place where the heat is very strong. That is a phenomenon of the fourth dimension that happens very often in the three dimensional world. So therefore, understand that the tattva Apas was vibrating intensely, especially in the Atlantean civilization.

If you ask me which tattva is predominant in this Aryan root race, we will answer that it is the prithvi tattva, the tattva of the earth. In the Atlantean civilization, they were in the Apas tattva, the tattva of the water. There was a transition between the water of the fourth dimension into the three dimensional world (in which we are right now). Life in the Atlantean civilization was not like this life that we have here, which is more material, more dense.

Neptune rules the tattva Apas, the tattva of the water; in the Akasa tattva he was the ruler of Atlantean civilization. Neptune is a Cosmocreator. A Cosmocreator is a Monad who is the ruler of a planet, the center of the life of any cosmic unit, as we have our own particular Monad, unity within, in order for us to exist. So this ruler, this Cosmocreator Neptune, controls not only the forces of water in the planet Earth, but in the whole solar system.

The forces of that vibration of life that comes from Neptune are controlled and managed in every planet by Jehovah, because Jehovah is the ruler of the moon of any planet. Jehovah controls the positive ray of the moon and the life in the fourth dimension that crystallizes eventually in the third dimension, in any planet. Not only in the planet Earth. Every moon in the solar system is ruled by Jehovah, a great initiate of the past cosmic day, which was the lunar cosmic day. At that time, that cosmic day was related with the same vibration that we are talking about here, related with the Neptunian forces.

Neptune as a Cosmocreator rules that tattva, but always channels the Apas forces in the physical plane. That is why Neptune is a profound Cosmocreator related with the pineal gland that gives us that vision, when we know how to develop it. The way in which we work with the forces of Neptune are written very clearly, but in a symbolic, kabbalistic, alchemistic manner in the book of Jonah and other books of the bible, and other books related with the Gods of water. Neptune is the king of all the Gods of the water, a ruler, a head. There are many Gods of water, or we would say for your understanding – if you are Christian or Muslim: there are many Angels related to water (whether called angels, devas, or gods, they are the same; these are just names); they are entities who have wisdom in order to rule a force. We explain in order for us to understand how the forces of the cosmos, the Macrocosmos, interact in the development of the Microcosmos, the Microcosmos, which is the human being.

So in the time of Egypt, as well as in Atlantis, the internal worlds were easy to see, because the people of those times had the Cyclopean eye developed. Not like we now: we have very well developed the physical sight. In order for us to understand these topics we have to read or hear lectures, because the pineal gland (the third eye, the cyclopean eye) is atrophied in all of us. We have to develop it again; the physical sight and all the senses of the physical body were developed at the expense of the powers of the pineal gland and all the powers of the heart. Now we have to return into those times where the cyclopean eye was 100% developed, when humanity was in contact with the Gods. That is why you find in the ancient tales or legends people that talk about elementals, about fairies, about spirits, about the Gods.

Yet, in this day and age, the intellectuals who have completely atrophied the pineal gland think that the people of the past were imagining, were thinking and inventing the Gods of the past. They do not realize that people of the past had the pineal gland completely developed and they saw them, as we physically see here, i.e. you see me, and I see you. They were not inventing anything. They were in contact with the Gods and with the elementals. This is why those forces – the elemental forces that existed at that time, behind this three dimensional world, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and beyond – are called Neptunian-Amentian, which are the forces of the internal worlds that the Egyptians knew, because they were in contact with them. They were not so materialistic like us. And of course, all of those Monads or forces of the elements related with the Amenti, were related with the forces of nature, whether with the water, with the earth, with the fire, with the air yet in different octaves.

Usually these Gods or forces of the elements were sculpted – by the Egyptians – with the shape of creatures of the air, of creatures of the fire, of the earth, of the water, or just by sculpting the head of one of them in order to indicate the power they controlled. This is why in the Egyptian pantheon (as well as in other pantheons of many civilizations) you find human bodies wearing heads from different animals, which relate to the forces they command. Likewise, these beings are in relation with psychological forces, spiritual forces, that now we have to recuperate in order to become Kings and Queens of nature – like Jesus, as it is written in the bible: the Man, or the human being is a king of nature and controls the forces of nature.

And Elohim said, Let us make Adam in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea (tattva apas), and over the fowl of the air (tattva vayu), and over the cattle, and over all the earth (tattva prithvi), and over every creeping thing that creepeth (as the tattva tejas) upon the earth. – Genesis 1:26

In Egypt they knew that sooner or later the negative atoms related with Yesod (related with the Ninth Sphere in Klipoth) eventually will surface on the physical plane and nullify the spiritual sight. So the initiates were really alarmed, knowing that in the future days (which is this epoch), humanity will be completely blind in relation with the Spirit and they will even deny the Gods. This is why one of the priests of “Sais” in Egypt said to Solon: “Solon, there will be the time in the future where humanity will say that we the Egyptians were worshipping idols. And they will mock our sacred hieroglyphics.”

The prophecy from the Priest of Sais has been fulfilled. In this epoch, nobody understands the Egyptian civilization, but they think they do. It is indeed sad, because those temples of mysteries that existed in the Egyptian civilization, in the Atlantean civilization ruled by Neptune, still exist yet we ignore them.

Kabbalistically, Neptune symbolizes the Holy Spirit, the energy that is related with the pineal gland (Kether) and the sexual organs (Yesod). In this way we understand what is written in the bible: no fornicator can enter into the mysteries of God. This is why the Atlantean civilization sank because they broke the laws of Neptune, the Holy Spirit, which are the forces related with the pineal gland, the psychological eye.

Yet, the Egyptians tried to preserve the Neptunian-Amentian atoms – since, you know, the atoms in the physical body of each one of us are related with our own psyche. So the people who have that capacity of seeing the ultra, the internal dimensions, are physically imbibed, nourished with the energies of the internal worlds; their physicality nourishes with it since they opened the doors of Amenti in order for their psyche to enter and to see internally. For instance, when you go to the forest, you are imbibed with the forces of the forest. When you enter into the ocean, you are taking the atoms of that water into your body. So in the same way, at that time in the Egyptian civilization, all of the great Egyptian initiates were having their physical atoms imbibed with the forces of Neptune, thus they knew all of this because it was easy for them to see the internal worlds and physical world. Their bodies were precisely the bodies of magicians. Likewise, the bodies of the great pharaohs of Egypt were specially acquainted with it. They were not kings or emperors like in this day and age that only see what is close to their nose. They had the pineal gland developed and could see beyond the third dimension; they saw the fourth, fifth, sixth and even seventh dimension.

This is why some initiates were preparing themselves in order to help this future humanity. For this, they were mummifying their bodies. They were preserving their physical bodies; this was the reason for mummifying them. The bodies were preserved with special elemental forces in order for the physical atoms to retain those Neptunian-Amentian forces, so their soul – who eventually will reincarnate in these times, who were related with those mummies of ancient Egypt – will receive the benefit, since the atoms of those mummies still are related with those vibrations of the Neptunian-Amentian civilization. There are many mummies in other places, since not only the Egyptians were experts in that. So, the main reason for mummification was in order to help humanity.

Archaeologists only have discovered bodies that are mummified with certain elements; they do not know why, but they invent theories, stories about it, i.e. they state that Egyptians believed that after death and after the body is mummified, their soul can go to this or to that X place and many stories based on a 100% ignorance.

The reason for mummification is this: there are many initiates whose bodhisattvas fell in this Kali Yuga, Dark Age, whose physical bodies that they had at that time, when they were incarnated in the past, in Egypt, still exist. It is not rare for these initiates when they enter into a certain level of initiation to discover that they have a mummy in Egypt. There are many mummies. Archaeologists have discovered some of them, but there are many more; mummies that are waiting there in order for initiates in these present times to reach a certain level of initiation in order for them to recover those Neptunian atoms for their own spiritual development, in order to remember the past.

This is something that you acquire when you enter into the inner studies of Gnosticism, when you start developing and entering into initiation, into alchemy, and develop your inner psyche and Spirit; when you start remembering your past lives, and remember where you were incarnated.  Yet, in order to have the privilege of receiving the forces of those atoms from ancient Egypt, or even from the Atlantean civilization, you have to gain a certain level of development. If you are a fallen initiate, you have to recuperate what you lost; yet, even if you are not a fallen initiate, you can also receive the benefit from those that have those atoms in order to help you, because there are many initiates who in this time are actively trying to help humanity.

Pisces also reminds us of primeval Christianity, whose symbol was the fish. It was Jesus of Nazareth (the Master Aberamentho) who brought this science during the era of Pisces, which started at that time, because he was the Avatar of the Era of Pisces. Jesus started Gnosticism at that time; he appeared in order to spread the Neptunian forces for this humanity. Unfortunately, there were many individuals, initiates that betrayed Gnosticism, individuals that betrayed the Gnosis of Master Jesus. Thus, the betrayed Christianity only developed agnosticism.

Here it is important to emphasize these two words, because many people who ignore the meaning of these two words think that Agnostic and Gnostic are the same. “Gnostic” implies somebody who is studying gnosis (Greek for knowledge) and developing knowledge related with the Neptunian-Amentian civilization, somebody that is developing Gnosis with the Spirit and not only in the intellect. If you put the vowel “a” before the word Gnostic or Gnosis, the result is agnostic, which means “without knowledge.” So an Agnostic is somebody who does not have gnosis, knowledge, wisdom.

Because of the treason that many initiates committed at that time with Jesus, Christianity developed itself in the agnostic way – meaning, it developed without Gnosis. Thus, this is why, unfortunately, because Christianity only developed in the agnostic way, finally humanity fell into Marxism and Leninism, which is the outcome of a religion without Gnosis. The Christianity without Gnosis ended worshipping the personality of Master Jesus and forgot about the doctrine of Master Jesus, which is Gnosis. We, Gnostics, have nothing to do with worshipping his personality, because it is 100% ludicrous to think that because you believe in the personality of Master Jesus, that he is the Son of God, you will go to heaven. That is Agnosticism.

Only the ones who practice the Gnosis – the knowledge of Jesus – are the ones that can be saved, since salvation is practical and has nothing to do with believing in anything. Regrettably, agnostic Christianity is precisely the Christianity that you find in this day and age. Yes, it is Agnostic Christianity; nonetheless, they think that they are real Christians, but ignore that they are agnostics, because the doctrine of Jesus was betrayed in the beginning. There were only few disciples who became real Christians in the beginning. The millions that exist in this day and age are agnostics because they do not have the real Gnosis that Jesus taught to his true disciples.

To you (disciples) it hath been given to know the secrets of the reign of the heavens, and to these (others) it hath not been given… – Matthew 13:11

According to the history of the development of modern Christianity, it ended in that dead sect of Catholicism that is merely worshipping what they do not know. But, when you develop your pineal gland, then your internal sight develops within you; this is how you then see internally the wisdom contained in what you read and study in the scriptures. But you have to put those spiritual atoms into activity, because in this day and age we have a lot of atoms related with Klipoth, which blind us in relation with the superior parts of the Tree of Life, which relate to those Amentian-Neptunian forces, which are elements related to the superior aspect of the Moon.

For instance, this great God in Egypt called Horus (pronounced Aurus) is a great Monad. Master M states that when he gives a ring to any initiate, this initiate becomes a ruler of a great root race. That happened to Moses – Moses was a great Egyptian in ancient Egypt – as well as to Jesus and many other initiates of the past.

So here we arrive to what you have to comprehend: our own particular Monad, our own particular Innermost, receives those powers. For this we have to understand that Pisces is also ruled by Jupiter, who relates to another word, Io-Peter. You see, there are many Jupiters in the Greek-Roman pantheon, not only one, many. And it is because Jupiter is related with the forces of Christ, which are above. So we have to know that what is above is what is below and what is below is what is above.

Io-Peter, or Jupiter, is Io-Patar. Patar is the sacred name of Peter. Of course, Jupiter is related with the forces of the Pater in heaven. There is a prayer to Io-Patar that Jesus brought, that says:

Our Father who art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy Name.

Io Peter, or Jupiter, is the symbol of Christ, the Father of all Gods. This Father of all Gods, Jupiter, is related with the Cosmocreators, Monads, who acquired self-realization in past cosmic days. When somebody reaches realization of the self, then in the future cosmic day they appear as a Cosmocreator, a vehicle of Christ, a vehicle of the Light.

Christ is not a person but an energy; as electricity is an energy, Christ is an energy. In Kabbalah that energy is called Ain Soph Aur – in its primordial substance before manifestation. But when that primordial force manifests that light it then becomes Kether, Chokmah, Binah. Kether, Chokmah, Binah in Kabbalah is Father, Son and Holy Spirit. But before manifested as the Holy Trinity, Christ is unity. It is called Ain Soph Aur, the limitless light, or the uncreated light, that utilizes the sun as the physical vehicle in order to be the center of any solar system.

Any star is a physical body of the Ain Soph Aur, which we also call the Ray of Okidanokh, the omni-penetrating, omniscient light, that manifests everywhere. That light needs channels, forces, in order to distribute energy, life, in the universe, so it utilizes the center of any cosmic unit in order to distribute force in different levels, but the very center of it is always the sun, the star.

So if we go into the center of the Sun (which is our star in this solar system) not physically, but we will say, within the Neptunian level, which will be in the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh dimension, then we will find there the seven Spirits before the throne of God – the seven main Cosmocreators, related with the Law of Seven that organizes this solar system.

These great Cosmocreators are Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Michael, Samael, Zachariel and Orifiel. These are the highest ranked Cosmocreators in this solar system. They are found in the center of the sun because they manage, they channel the Christic force, and physically they are centered in different planets.

The book Pistis Sophia – dictated by the Master Jesus and written by his disciples – states that there are Twelve Saviors. Why are there Twelve Saviors? This does not indicate any persons in particular; we will say that there are twelve generators of Christic light that work in any humanity, as in this solar system, in order to help the Spirit, the soul. These Twelve Saviors that the book of Pistis Sophia talks about are related with the Twelve Tribes of Israel and with the Twelve Apostles of Jesus; symbolically, yet they exist in relation with the Twelve Forces of Christ.

At a higher rank are the seven, which are called the seven Spirits before the throne, in the book of Revelation.

So the whole of them – if we unite all of those cosmic forces, those generators of cosmic light in one in this solar system – and if we name them Jupiter, we won’t commit any mistake, because they are the ones who throw the lightning or the rays of creation, the forces of the cosmos in order for nature to develop in any planet.  This is why Jupiter is represented by a King God who rules Olympia, or Olympus, and who throws lightning and thunderbolts. That thunderbolt, that lightning in the hand of Jupiter, is the power that these Cosmocreators have in order to develop forces in any planet.

This is how Jupiter manifests, in the same way we can say, if we go to other solar systems. But why are these forces of Jupiter called Io-Peter or Io-Patar? It is because when they enter into activity, they do it through duality. That duality is called “io”: Father-Mother. And that is why it is written that Jupiter always has his wife, and any Cosmocreator always has his wife, who is related with their particular ray of development.

In the previous lecture on Capricorn, we were talking about Saturn. Well, the wife of Saturn was Rhea. And from the union of these two forces, the Gods were born. If we study Kabbalah and Alchemy, we will understand the meaning of it. For instance, Neptune is a great God related with all of this that we are talking about here. You see, in Greek mythology Neptune is the brother of Jupiter and the brother of Hades, of Pluto. There were three main Gods that distributed the universe: Jupiter above, Neptune in the sea, and Hades in the Infernos.

  1. Superior Worlds (Heavens)
  2. Physical World
  3. Inferior Worlds (Hells)

Hades is also related with the superior part of the inferior layers of the Earth, because when you go inside the Earth, under the surface of the planet, first you find the three dimensional plane which is just rocks, magma and all that that you find under the surface of the planet Earth, which present scientists are studying, but there also exists the fourth dimension and the other superior dimensions related to the inner layers of the Earth and these are what is called in Egyptian terms the Amenti, the Neptunian forces related with the Akasha tattva.

However, if you go in another level – that is the infradimensions – into the inner layers of the Earth, then you find Hell. Thus, there are two types of Hades: one related to the superior dimensions and another related to the inferior dimensions of the earth, which is Hell, where the lost souls go in order to disintegrate. This is something very important to know in order to comprehend mythology and the ways in which many religions are established, because they are related with both types of Hades. Unfortunately, in order to comprehend this, we have to use our imagination the way it is (without the sight of the pineal gland), as we said in the beginning, so lets us use the little bit of imagination that we have.

So, those Cosmocreators – which are called Jupiter, or Io-Peter – are precisely the Father that Jesus named there in the prayer of the Lord. “Our Father (Io-Pater) who art in Heaven.” Now, you might ask, in which way, is Jupiter our Father who is in Heaven?

The Monad leaves the Absolute (Ain Soph) in order to acquire development, in order to acquire knowledge. You see, each of us in his depth is a Monad – but within the bosom of the Father, the cosmic Father, which is the Absolute, we are unknowable. We do not know our own capacities, our own capabilities. This is why the Monads come out of the Absolute into the universe: in order to develop, in order to know about themselves; as it was written above the entrance to the temple of Delphi.

“Homo nosce te ipsum.”

Man know thyself, and thou wilt know the universe and the Gods.

When we as Spirits emerged from the Absolute, we were like sparks of light without knowledge. This is similar to when you come to Gnosis, here you receive the doctrine, you are listening, trying to understand, trying to comprehend, and you know that you have to read, you have to study, you have to listen, you have to meditate in order to little by little to acquire understanding of what we are explaining here in relation with your Spirit – because we are talking about abstracts, aspects of ourselves, not physical aspects, but something that is beyond the physical body. Likewise, the Spirit when it emerges from the bosom of the Father, the Cosmic Common Father – which is not a person but the space itself, the abstract space – the Spirit appears in the universe in order to learn. Notwithstanding, in order to learn you need a teacher, you need somebody to guide you. I.e. here for instance if you want to receive or to study any career you go to the university, you sit in a chair in a classroom, and sooner or later the teacher has to come, because when the teacher does not come, it is a chaos. Likewise is the universe. Our own particular Spirit needs to learn, he needs a teacher.

Of course, only Jupiter, only the Cosmocreators can teach a Monad, because the Cosmocreators already traversed that path. And this is why when you enter into the solar system or any universe, a Cosmocreator takes you, adopts you, in order to teach you about the universe and nature, because they already know about the path, they are self-realized Monads. This is precisely what you must understand about Gods or about Angels: they are individuals who were like us in the past, but they reached the level of Master Monad and therefore now they can teach us. But in order to teach us, we have to open our spiritual atmosphere, because they teach the Spirit. They do not teach the physical body, because the physical body is only the vehicle, the physical vehicle at the very bottom of the Being. The Being is the one that has to learn, and he learns by developing consciousness, by developing soul, by creating soul.

So, this is very important to know, because this is precisely what we discover when we are in contact with Jupiter, or in other words, with our Father who art in Heaven.

Therefore, these Cosmocreators impregnated our own particular Monad with a spark of light, in order to teach what they know through that spark of light. That spark of light is what the bible calls the Ruach Elohim. In the beginning of this lecture, we stated that Elohim is one thing and Ruach Elohim is another.

So, this Jupiter – which is found written in Greek and Roman mythology – is called Elohim in the Bible; as simple as that. Listen, the bible does not call God “Jupiter,” because the bible is not written in Greek or in Latin – the bible is written in Hebrew, and the Hebrew word for Cosmocreator (as we are explaining here) is Elohim, which means “Gods and Goddesses.” Elohim is a feminine word; Eloah which is “Goddess” in Hebrew, with the ending of “im” which is masculine plural ending. The word Elohim is translated in the bible as “God,” singular and male. Yet, this is a wrong translation. Elohim is not male, it is male-female, and it is not one, it is plural. So the right translation of Elohim from the Hebrew language, must be “Gods and Goddesses,” which are precisely the Cosmocreators that we are talking about here. It should be as follows:

In the beginning Elohim created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form, and empty (which means that matter needed something, an element from these Cosmocreators in order to influence such matter, in order for it to have intelligence and to develop).

That intelligence, which the Elohim (in other words, which Jupiter) send into the matter, is called Ruach Elohim, the Spirit of God. You see, the Monad is the Spirit of God, meaning, the Spirit, the Innermost that animates our body; our inner God who is our Being.

Now, this Innermost is symbolized in the sign of Pisces as Neptune or Poseidon. I am not stating here that Neptune or Poseidon does not exist – he does exist, he is a Cosmocreator, but understand that every single element in the cosmos has his part within us. Remember that is written that the human being is the microcosm of the macrocosm.

So we have that Ruach Elohim inside and that part is called Neptune, who is our own particular Innermost, our own particular Spirit related with the pineal gland. That Spirit, that Innermost, is represented in the Tree of Life by the Sephirah Chesed. Chesed is the Son of God. And here you find the beautiful doctrine of Jesus that states about the Son of God. Who is this Son of God? The Son of God is Chesed, the Innermost, the Spirit, that emanated from the Father (Jupiter) who is in Heaven, who is represented by Kether, Chokmah, Binah – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – what in Hinduism is called Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva. Many religions represent this trinity in different ways, because this trinity is related with Jupiter.

Io-Pater divides itself in two, into “Io” in Binah, in order to engender Chesed. In other words, in all mythologies you find that the Cosmocreators divide themselves in two, male-female, the duality, because the Elohim are dual, masculine and feminine at the same time. But in order to create, in order to project themselves into the matter, they divide themselves in two, male-female. In Kabbalah they are called Abba and Aima. They relate with what Moses wrote, “Honor Father and Mother” – Father-Mother relate to the Inner Self that becomes divides in two within. Thus, after they divide in two, they unite, and create Chesed, the Innermost, the Spirit. This is how the Spirit descends from Heaven.

So when you go inside yourself and say, “my Father, my God,” you are talking to your Innermost, your Spirit. But you have to understand and comprehend that the Spirit which is within you – because each one of us has his own particular Innermost, our own particular Spirit – and each one of those spirits or Monads is the child, the spark, of Jupiter, the spark of the Elohim.

It is stated that there are seven rays of creation that organize all the Monads, all the elements in nature, in humanity. So when you say, “Our Father who art in Heaven” you are pointing here, up, to this Innermost, this spark of light that was engendered by Jupiter.

Every Monad has to develop two souls in order to acquire the knowledge that Jupiter has, that the Elohim already have. This is why we are sent to the matter.

The cosmic knowledge related with the Neptunian-Amentian civilization is related with that which is beyond the three dimensional world; it is related with the Spiritual Soul, which is called Geburah in the Tree of Life. The spiritual soul is symbolized in many religions and many philosophies, schools, in different ways. For instance, Solomon called the feminine soul (the spiritual soul) the beautiful Sulamite or Shulamite; in “Song of Songs” of Solomon in the bible is written about her. In the Arthurian legend, this feminine soul is called Guinevere. It is a symbol of the feminine soul. It is also called the Valkyria. This feminine soul is always united with the Innermost; the divine spiritual soul, is the divine consciousness, the divine knowledge that our own particular Spirit has in relation with his Father who is in Heaven.

This is why in Greek mythology it is stated that Neptune only obeys Jupiter. Many Gods were trying to control Neptune, but Neptune always answered, “I only obey Jupiter.” Meaning, our own particular individual Spirit only obeys the Father who is in heaven, because it is the son or part, brother of it. So our Ruach Elohim is our Innermost that is the son of the Elohim. To discover that in our own psyche, by our own spiritual sight, is beautiful.

This is how you understand the meaning of Jonah, when he is thrown in the waters of the ocean.

The God of the sea, Neptune, is the Spirit of God hovering upon the face of the waters; he moves the Akashic forces, but above in Daath is Jehovah, which relates to Jupiter, controlling the forces, the two forces of “Io,” the spiritual forces. Thus, everything is inside of us.

The gourd of Jonah, in the bible, that gourd, that pumpkin, is in relation with Halloween. We talked about that very extensively in the lecture of Capricorn. Within the head or our own pumpkin, which is the mind (the pumpkin or gourd of Jonah according to the bible), we find all those monsters and forces, negative forces that we created.

In this day and age, they sometimes relate Halloween with the mummies. Well, that is a positive aspect. If somebody has a mummy, then he has something related with those forces of Neptune, but in synthesis we have to understand that the Innermost, the Ruach Elohim (that is within the waters), symbolizes Neptune who has always in his hand two fish; two souls, one divine and the other human. The human is that soul that descends. That human soul is what Jesus of Nazareth called the Son of Man. You can see that there are two different things here, the Son of God is Chesed, the Innermost, but the Son of Man is Tiphereth, the human soul. The human soul has to work, has to develop, which we have to create; and such is the mission of the Spirit, who is sent by the Gods into the earth; he has to develop or as we say to evolve in nature in order to acquire power.

We know that we are part of the human soul, because part of that human soul that is in the hands of Neptune, that is in the hands of our Innermost, descends into the matter and that part of that human soul, that embryo of soul, is the one that we call consciousness, that we call soul, essence, and is that soul which is inside your body right now, sitting here or listening to this lecture through the internet and trying to comprehend his own origin. That embryo of soul is what the Bible calls Israel.

The children of Israel are twelve, related with the twelve zodiacal signs. They are sent from above into the physical plane in order to create, in order to develop, in order to work. So the children of Israel are all of this humanity, because each one of us is born under a zodiacal sign, and there are twelve signs. The most elevated among the twelve is the sign of Leo, because Leo is the house of the Sun, the house of the Ain Soph Aur, through which the Cosmocreators work in every tribe of Israel.

All these twelve tribes are in Egypt. Egypt symbolizes the physical world. Here is where we have to build the pyramids. The pyramid is the symbol of the mind. When somebody creates a pyramid, he is ready for the Exodus, which is a work that we have to perform inside, not outside, because everything is symbolic.

So then, this embryo of soul, is the soul, the consciousness that evolves from the mineral, plant, animal and human kingdoms in order to acquire the humane level, human level. But for that we have to connect ourselves with our Innermost in order to do the work, because remember that the power of this Ruach Elohim that hovers upon the face of the sexual waters is the child of the Elohim that says:

Let there be light: and there was light. And God saw the light, that it was good. And God said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters. And divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament: and it was so. – Genesis 1: 2,6,7

So there are many levels in which this spirit, or Ruach Elohim, that descended from above into the waters, can develop. The steps are written in the book of Genesis, the steps to acquire that development through Alchemy.

Those who acquire self-realization, who acquire, who perform the goal that we want or have to do it – because each one of us has to do it – they are called the children of Judah or Lion Cubs or “Lion Whelps”, the little Lions. Why the little Lion? A lion cub is the son of the big lion, and that big lion is Leo, is Jupiter. The little lion is the child of God, somebody that is self-realized, that is a vehicle of that light, of that fire. The Bible calls these lion’s cubs Jews, because Judah is that tribe related with the constellation of Leo.

Judah is a lion’s whelp: from the prey, my son, thou art gone up: he stooped down, he couched as a lion, and as an old lion; who shall rouse him up? – Genesis 49: 9

So when the bible states “The children of Judah” it is pointing at the initiates who already self-realized themselves, those who have the lion, the fire, incarnated; those are the true Jews, this is why it is written  in the Book of Revelation the following:

Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee. – Revelation 3: 9

This means that in order to become a real Jew, or a child of Judah, you have to have the Christ incarnated. This is also represented in Hercules, represented in Moses, represented in Buddha, represented in Zoroaster, represented in Jesus. Those are lion’s cubs, or bodhisattvas as we say in Sanskrit. That is why Jesus, in the gospel of John, states: “Salvation comes from the Jews”, this does not mean that in order to be saved you have to go to Israel, the middle east, and to worship the Jews of the middle east, no: the Jews in this case represent the Christified ones, those who self-realized themselves, because through them is channeled the force of Christ. Of course, in the past many acquired that level of children of Judah, a Jew, or we would say a bodhisattva, vehicle of the Elohim. Moses reached that level, Abraham reached that level, Isaac reached that level, Jacob reached that level, Jesus as well, Krishna, Buddha Gautama Sakyamuni, Lao Tse, Quetzalcoatl, Mohammed, all of them are great children, Jews, bodhisattvas that reached that level. Their Innermost, the Son of God, completely developed the forces of the Elohim or the forces of Jupiter. This is why Jupiter is called the Father of all Gods. So this is the way that the word Jew must be understood.

Neptune helps; this is why when you read the Odyssey of Homer, you find there the way in which Neptune puts the ordeals of the initiation to Odysseus, also Ulysses, in order to become a hero. Neptune is the one – because Neptune works through the waters – he is the Ruach Elohim in the Initiation. Likewise with Jonah, when Jonah was three days within the belly of the whale, in those three days he uttered a prayer that has nine aspects related with the Ninth Sphere. He uttered a prayer inside the whale and the whale vomited Jonah, but that is a symbol that you have to perform, because we have to be swallowed by the whale. That whale represents the physical world, represents the planet Earth; it has many symbols. That whale is also the same Ark of Noah. And that is why in the other lecture we stated that water is related with the Hebrew letter mem, and the number 40.

Thus Pisces is in relation with water, a sign of water within which the fish is swimming. In this case, physically speaking, we have to state, if you want to perform the great work, you need two fish. One fish is called spermatozoon and the other is called ovum, because one is feminine and the other is masculine. And this is how the Ruach Elohim works in the waters of sexuality in order to create life in the physical world. As below, so above. If you want to create life internally, you have to know how to utilize the ovum and the sperm in Alchemy. But your Innermost, your Spirit, is the one that does it.

This is why the great initiations and degrees are always related to your own particular Spirit. This is why you have to remember your inner God; this is why you have to remember your inner Being; this is why you have to be aware and to remember your Self inside of your body. When you remember your Self inside of your body, during anything that you do, when you move your body here and there, if you remember that you are inside the body, that the body is only a vehicle, you are then acting through your pineal gland.

When you remember yourself second after second, the chakra related with the pineal gland spins, which is the chakra Sahasrara, what in the bible in the Book of Revelation is called the Church of Laodicea, which is the door that opens heaven. If you read in the Book of Revelation, Laodicea, which is the church related with the pineal gland, it states that it is an open door for you. That open door is opened by Neptune and then you enter into the Neptunian mysteries, which are very profound. Then you study the mysteries of the Sphinx. This is precisely what Gnosticism is. When this door is open, then you start studying the true Gnosticism, because right now you are just reading this lecture through your eyes. You can also read many books of Gnosticism. But if you want to be an initiate and to really learn what is Gnosis in reality, then you have to open the charka Sahasrara and then the Lords of Neptune will open the doors for you and you will enter into the mysteries of Egypt. Then you will understand all the mysteries that we are explaining here, that is the true knowledge, the true Gnosis, and then you will understand many things, because all the phenomena, and spiritual things that we speak about here, happen within you when you develop the pineal gland little by little.

Such is the mystery of Pisces, the mystery of how the Spirit of God, the Ruach Elohim, controls nature through the two consciousnesses, the two souls. One is spiritual and the other human. The spiritual is represented in many ways, like for instance in the story of David, the king of Israel, the divine soul is represented by Bathsheba, which means “the daughter of the seven.”  Of course, the seven in this case are the seven Cosmocreators, which are above, and that spiritual soul is the inheritance of the seven. So the Innermost has joint this divine knowledge; thus, when you reach the First Initiation of Major Mysteries, that cosmic knowledge unites with your Spirit and you are born again in the internal planes. That is to be born again. That is the beginning.

EDITOR’S NOTE: If you read the previous article Reasons Pisces Are The Most Difficult People To Understand you may have noticed I linked to an article on for further background reading. I love the article so much however, I decided to publish it here as well. Namaste

Bodhi Mantra

I am a computer scientist, researcher and writer. Son Of Saturn of the 4th Sun and guardian of the arcanum for the preservation of the Aryan legacy.


  • Hi, I just read the above in regards to Jupiter et al and want to say how profound is your message here. In my own experience of “Awakening” around 25 years ago,(I am now 81) and the subsequent years of blissful learning of what had happened to me in terms of what was commonly describable to others, all the while very much loving the “synchronicities” provided by my higher Self during that many years of acquisition of “advanced (esoteric) knowledge”, much of which, like your piece here, was very beneficial to that understanding. The understanding all along being a form of “affirmation” to what I already suspected.

    From that point forward I have had a simple “mission” that stems from the “commandment” to “tell others” … and that is all there is to it in my case. I still study almost non-stop, the study into the depths of the workings of the darker regions, the nether regions evidenced by the evil that we, at least the awake of us, see having its malevolent affect on everybody … sadly, things so dark that none want to hear of it. But tell I must as I believe that people need to be shocked out of their malaise. We all have “seen” (visually) the outer effects as our media and politicians lie their faces off seeking to confound, to control, us. Early on I wrote and self published (POD) my book “Spirit Calls … … ” that basically summed up what I thought had happened to me and what I was learning because of it, condensed down into a basic and fundamental formulae of Truth that I have labeled the BET (Basic Equation of Truth) consisting of and withIN (+=-) (such being in actuality the TOE (Theory of Everything) or GUT Grand Unifying Theory) etc. that our mundane Scientists have long sought (but will never find from their 5 sensory limited seeking)(and to which, when and if they do find it, none of their Peers will acknowledge it, but of course in “that process” none of that will any longer matter to them). So, my equation is (+=-) a Trinity that transcends Duality expressed as (+/-) which is the lower vibration level that this world has been trapped in, much of which has been attributed to the evil that has been able to keep us “dumbed down” … so, with all of that in mind, I say that (+=-)>(+/-), at least here on this level of potential realities.

    I found you today as I read some things on the pages of Anna Von Reitz/Paul Stammer where you commented on popular views of Hitler and the Third Reich being not the truth of the deeper understanding … (which does not surprise me at all), but there mentioned that you were on the search for world Sovereignty from the worldly legal standpoint, something that I also would like to follow up on. I have long intended to do that, but felt that the price to pay may be the loss of my family income based upon the retirement system accrued from 33 years of Government service. Were I to renounce my position in normal society, “They” might just cancel out that which keeps us all going monetarily, a cancelation, that if it were to take place, would not be Spiritually justifiable, but would yet most likely cause difficulties that I could not justify to my “normal” wife and kids.

    I am extremely busy on all of my “projects” but do intend to read more from your site here as I see great wisdom expressed in a very understandable way (at least for me). However and wherever I need to do and go to better fulfill my own “mission” of spreading the word knows no bounds.

    PS, what you have said, along with the response elicited from Anna concerning the “true nature” of the Nazis and Germans during the 2nd WW is of great interest to me. I also read (studied) Hitler’s “Infamous” book many years back. Over the years lately I have had many of my “Sacred Cows” of mis-understanding on such issues “slaughtered” …

    Later, j.

    • Your description of your awakening resonates with me on so many levels I could easily confuse it to have come from my own mind. Thank you so much for it.

      As far as your benefits I understand your reservations and trepidation and they are well warranted and I don’t think anyone could fault you for it. It is a conundrum that I can only imagine must put you into a state of moral limbo that you aren’t comfortable with and it probably weighs on your mind quite often. The solution however, is that you can have both. You can be both a man/woman and a citizen and choose when to be which at your leisure. Find Bill Thornton’s videos on YouTube and he will explain it much better than I can. You should be able to find 6 or so in a playlist all together.

      I am flattered and humbled by your kind comments about the site and the effort I have put into it to help guide the seekers and want to welcome you. Explore at your leisure, there is no hurry. I would be interested to hear from you from time to time as to what other topic you are exploring when you are absent from the site for periods of time if you don’t mind. I try to make this an open community and respond to every comment if I can. I am not just the “teacher,” I am also the student, as we all are, and you never know what gems may be discovered when you synchronize with other sage seekers and their understandings.

      I have plenty here on WWII for you to “correct” the lies and record. I suggest starting with The Greatest Story Never Told documentary. I have it here at this link.
      Occult History Of WWII

      I also suggest this smaller video I put together myself over the years
      We Fought The Illuminati – Champions Of The People

      These are some of the most important secrets to unlock that have been buried the deepest, as they give the entire game away and the perpetrators (on this plane at least), which is why you find so many shills spreading so much disinfo to hide it and why there are such visceral reactions to those who expose it.

      I leave each person to decide for themselves, but I do always ask that they at least look at the evidence first, lest I simply dismiss them as a waste of time. Anyone who makes time to find answers here I make time to help them find them, and share what took me so long acquire. Being 81 years young I am sure I don’t need to tell you about the time and energy it takes to acquire rare pieces of well hidden knowledge :).

      Once again thank you so much for visiting the site and leaving such a thoughtful comment. Namaste my friend

      • I seldom get replies, seldom to never this promptly, and never so enjoyable. It is a real pleasure to associate with you and I look to more down the road. Meanwhile I will get into the links that you supplied, I look forward to what I will find. Thanks for everything, j.

        • Shame. I feel like responding to commentors is an imperative one must take responsibility for if you offer people the kind of knowledge I cover here. I think it is pretty cruel to dump this kind of knowledge on people with no guidance. They often get themselves tangled into all kinds of rabbit holes of nonsense and psyops. (see the Qanon crowd). Anyhow the pleasure is all mine my friend. I took the liberty of finding that Bill Thornton playlist here is a link:

          God speed my friend, we got em on the run now! lol

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