What Is A Vibrational Assist And How Does Monatomic Help?

All living beings have an energy field that surrounds them that reverberates at specific frequencies; this is called an aura. The aura comes from the vibrations put off by our cells, but when the cells can’t vibrate at the same frequency, your energy field can be blocked or thrown off.

How Do Energetic Vibrations Affect The Body?

An aura isn’t just energy moving around the body, but also through it, and everyone has different vibrations. These vibrations can become blocked through negative thoughts, feelings, and actions, and if someone doesn’t work to remove these blocks, they can create disharmony that affects our physical bodies.

Vibrational healing occurs when our physical energy and our soul energy are in balance. Aiding its strengthening is called “vibrational assist,” and it can help people feel better and more in-tune with their surroundings. Stronger auras can also help people tap into psychic and spiritual energy. What are some of the common vibrational assists?

What Are Some Vibrational Assist Methods?

Those feeling like their energy is slowing or that obstacles are impeding the flow of their aura have many vibrational assists from which to choose. These include:

  • High-vibrational sounds will automatically begin to raise the vibration around you. Tibetan singing bowls, yogic chants, and mantras available online are all ways to bring high-vibration sounds into your home.
  • Slow, meditative exercises such as yoga, tai chi, focused meditation, and grounding can help you strengthen the flow of energy.
  • Energizing supports such as crystals, pendulums, dreamcatchers, and smudging can remove negative energy.
  • Ask for support from your spirit or angelic guides. If you believe in and feel a guiding presence, don’t be afraid to seek its help when you’re overcoming vibrational blockages. Say your inquiries out loud at least once a day; if it helps you feel more positive, the energies flowing through you will feel stronger!
  • Monatomic elements like Monatomic Gold will work right down at the cellular level to assist your vibrations.

You can find support from any combination of these vibrational assists. However, monatomic elements work in a way that’s different from the rest of the options.

How Can Monatomic Elements Help Vibrational Assist?

Monatomic elements are those reduced to a singular state through alchemy. One of the effects these supplements have on the body is enhancing the natural, electromagnetic vibration of every cell. Once the cells are more in-sync, they can move energy along without blockages. Monatomic elements make higher states of spiritual and physical energy attainable!

Monatomic elements can stimulate and harmonize the energy fields that surround and make up our individual auras. This state goes beyond ordinary health benefits – the vibrational patterns of the body harmonize with the vibrational patterns of nature and other people. When it’s strong and uninhibited, we feel more connected with the world around us.

How monatomic elements improve how we sync with other vibrational energies is one of the oldest effects on record. Researchers of monatomic elements believe the effects they have are like the materials called manna, white gold, and the Philosophers’ Stone in ancient texts. When you need vibrational assistance, trust monatomic elements to help!

EDITOR’S NOTE: A few years ago on my old YouTube channel I had a subsciber who would often leave insightful comments that I would converse with from time to time. We often talked about countless topics pertaining to the videos and just life in general. One day he confided in me that he was having trouble sleeping and I asked him if he had ever tried ormus.

I figured it was a 99.9% chance he had never heard of it but he had watched enough videos on my channel to understand this science. I suggested he trust me on this one and just try it and see how it goes. He emailed me a week later and told me how amazing he felt and that he couldn’t believe it and I said I already knew because I had been taking ormus myself for years. Anyhow, this was just an interesting anecdote I wanted to share because it was very gratifying to me that was I able to offer him some help and relief and how well it turned out for him.

I am not a medical doctor and I won’t give anyone any medical advice but I do suggest people research monoatomic elements and what they do and why. I suggest reading my article What Is Reality? The Holofractal Universe after you have finished this one if you want an in depth explanation of the science behind all of this and I also have another article titled Ormus – Mana Of The Pharaohs that is specifically about ormus. I also highly suggest watching this video series called Zero Point. It is a 5 part video series and one of the videos deals almost exclusively with monoatomic elements. If you would like to purchase some, this article was republished from monatomic-orme.com where you can find it and many more goodies! Namaste

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