How Our Perception And Reality Are Shaped

When presented with new information most people’s first reaction is to try and classify it into their current paradigm. The problem is the paradigm most people operate in is a completely false reality that has been carefully crafted for them over the last 3000+ years with lies propagated by Rome and the Church though they of course are not the only ones. I have delved into this topic lightly with a few articles already namely this article on the falsification of history starting with the Roman empire among others in the history section you should find enlightening.

Few people in the world around us even know what words really mean creating a chasm making it very difficult for the initiated to even hold a conversation with the unitiated in most instances. We can only communicate very simple ideas and concepts to them before their misconceptions start twisting the truths we speak into the falsehoods they incorrectly interpret their meaning to be. I have also covered this lightly in this previous article on deceptive language and hidden meanings. Putting that aside for now let’s examine how the belief systems and perception of people are shaped with this video by the Ramin trees and how we must overcome them if we want to pursue ultimate truth.


Bodhi Mantra

I am a computer scientist, researcher and writer. Son Of Saturn of the 4th Sun and guardian of the arcanum for the preservation of the Aryan legacy.

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