Wheels Within Wheels Samsara

Samsara, the endless cycles of death and rebirth. The wheels within wheels as Ezekiel explained it, but what are the wheels within wheels? Let’s take a look at this popular Gnostic painting of the firmament to the left, you see the wheels within wheels there in the top left hand corner? If we examine this image closely we can see our Magus there peaking his head out beyond the firmament to see them, but what do they mean? Let’s look at this image now of the Mayan calendar for a clue.

Looks like wheels within wheels here as well, interesting. In the Vedic texts death and rebirth are specifically referred to as the wheels of Samsara, all these wheels everywhere. Where else do we find wheels in this reality? Let’s look at the masonic square and compass for some more clues.

Nah, not that one, what it really represents.

There we go, that’s more like it. Just in case you don’t know what that is, that is how energy flows in this reality commonly referred to as vortex mathematics. I hope you are wondering what this has to do with wheels at this point. Let’s put it where it belongs now, inside the circle.

Where is the wheel now? Isn’t a circle a wheel? Or rather isn’t a wheel a circle? Where can we find other meaningful wheels that are important symbols of how our reality works? How about this wheel, the seed of life. Looks like it has 7 other wheels inside of it for a total of 8.

Where do we find another wheel that uses the number 8? Perhaps this one, the wheel of the 8 fold path

Where are some other meaningful wheels, how about these 13 wheels in the fruit of life?

What about this wheel? I would say it is the most important wheel in this entire reality since it holds every shape possible within the matrix. The 2d cube with 6 points inside of the wheel of all creation.

How about this one? I would say this a pretty important wheel as well.

Let’s do something interesting to this wheel now.

Wow, now that is very interesting. At the four cardinal points of the solar cross we see this hidden code of reality. Tesla can you tell us this code please?

Why thank you sir. At the four cardinal points we have 3,6 and 9 then 12 (1+2=3). Seems like this wheel thing has something to it. Let’s examine the image of the firmament again and see if we can interpret more from it now with all these wheels fresh in our minds.

We see the stars moon and sun and presumably planets are part of the firmament while behind it we have, oddly enough, wheels within wheels. It looks like something you would see backstage at a play behind all the props. I would say what Ezekiel and the painting are referring to are the mechanics of the matrix wouldn’t you? What is beyond the third dimension? Wheels, the entire matrix is nothing but wheels, wheels within wheels turning endlessly for infinity. This is how the entire matrix and everything in it works, this is Samsara.

A friend of mine shared a really nice video with me some time ago called the EGG that I added a little extra on to I think goes very nicely with this article, I hope you enjoy it. For more in depth knowledge of these wheels and the other shapes within the matrix visit this link on sacred geometry as well as numerous other articles here. Namaste.

Bodhi Mantra

I am a computer scientist, researcher and writer. Son Of Saturn of the 4th Sun and guardian of the arcanum for the preservation of the Aryan legacy.


  • This article hits close to home…….I had to go through countless documents and videos to start understanding the basics. This is perfect, Is very concise and simplifies what otherwise would be such complex knowledge for the unprepared mind.

    • Thank you klaudia <3. I worry sometimes that very few people will understand these kinds of articles because I know the background knowledge required to do so is pretty substantial and I am not really good at doing intro level explanations I don’t think. I try to explain it as simply as I can but I speak to some people sometimes on social media and I know they just don’t get it, it is a frequency they can’t receive. I guess nothing can substitute for doing the work and only they can decide to do that themselves. I see you are using my fav profile pic again with kittty and you look stunning as always 🙂

  • I get it, I’ve read the Book of Enoch as it describes the sun, moon and stars mechanism as riding on chariot wheels. Something in the short movie though, the sound is not that great, but I heard the old man saying that Jesus did not die for our sins. Should we establish a more full understanding of love and mercy to order to come to that conclusion? If one accepts the vibrations of the universe then one must accept that universe etymology in the root words “uni” meaning one and “versa” meaning body of words. A creator spoke the physical realm into existence by consciousness.By establishing that gematria,sacred geometry are tools of scripture by deciphering words as numbers and numbers into shapes hence visualisation of the future in other words prophecy.Possibly mercy a product of love and suffering a product of offences, is a battle of different energies love and hatred.

  • Curiozitatea m-a adus aici referitor la roata lui Iezechiel din Biblie.Trebuie sa recunosc ca ma depasesc explicatiile dvs. pentru ca nu sunt matematician dar in timp cred ca ma pot perfectiona .Am un avantaj cred, acela de a fi un fan Nicola Tesla.Multumesc pentru explicatiile Dvs.

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