What is Reality Part 2: Philosophical Interpretations

Now that I have explained how it all works on a mechanical level in the first article I can go back to discussing the differing interpretations and philosophies based on this knowledge. I mentioned in the last article how the Gnostics have a vastly different interpretation of Dharma than the Vedic interpretation, their interpretation for all practical purposes can be considered the exact opposite in fact. No surprise here considering everything in this reality is binary and polarized, which is what the Hindu supreme deities and the yin and yang represent.

This becomes a little more complex however because the binary is also a tertiary while at the same time a singularity, and the singularity is also always expressed in 9 different ways which can then be expressed in infinite numbers. I know I probably lost most people here as this is the very highest level understanding of Dharma and traditionally only initiates/Brahman/Bodhisattva have the knowledge to really understand it. I will attempt to explain it as simply as I can but few will really comprehend it until they master the fields of knowledge referenced throughout the first article. First, the entire reality is a singular living organism and everything in it is simply part of the whole that is the singularity. This singularity however is polarized into a binary expression which is illustrated by the most fundamental prima materia of the aether, electricity. Electricity has a negative and positive charge, a magnet which is a form of dielectricity is also binary of course, it has a north and south pole. What about where the poles meet on a magnet however? That is the tertiary, the neutral division between the poles. This is how the singularity is also a binary and tertiary. As always it depends on your perspective and what level of the mechanics you are referring to.

An easy way to understand and visualize this would be to use a pizza as an example. If you have a pizza that is cut into 12 slices, each slice having 3 pepperonis on it among other ingredients, each slice consisting of 6 bites would what do you call the pizza? Do you call it 36 pepperonis, cheese and some dough and assorted vegetables, 12 slices of pizza, 3 pounds of food, 72 mouthfuls of Italian food or a single pizza? These are all correct of course and all describe the same thing at different levels of understanding and perspective.

This is a good segue into the meaning of the three supreme deities in Hindu, which is actually 4, but again in reality 1! Hopefully with the pizza example I just used it is easier to understand how all of this works, once you understand the math and science it will make perfect sense to you. Let’s start with the first 3 supreme deities, Vishnu, Brahma and Shiva.

First Brahma, Brahma is the creator force in the matrix, the positive pole of the magnet or positive electrical charge, or what the white represents in the yin and yang. Shiva is the destroyer, the negative pole of the magnet or negative electrical charge, what the black represents in the yin and yang. Vishnu is the sustainer, the neutral, the divide, where they meet in the middle. This is why Vishnu is considered the supreme personality Godhead of the creator because his power is always steady it never fluctuates and he is omnipresent so to speak whereas depending on what age/yuga we are in the power of the other two deities fluctuates between what we perceive to be good and evil, though this is a simplistic human construct and concept, what we are really talking about is creation and destruction, which are both needed in this reality, you cannot have one without the other and it is above the simplistic human concept of “good and evil”. During the Kali Yuga, the dark age, the will of Shiva is the dominant expression of the Universe whereas during the golden age or Satya Yuga the will of Brahma is the dominant expression. The ages/yugas have differing degrees of expressions of these two principles, but Vishnu never changes, never fluctuates, his role is always the same, the sustainer, the eternal expression of simply being. This is roughly the root of the holy trinity in Christianity as well, it is this same principle and has nothing to do with literal characters consisting of zombie space Jews and bearded sky wizards. Though the Christian trinity does not represent this accurately at all, I suppose if you throw in Satan it starts to more accurately represent this concept though it unfairly creates a false equivalence of Shiva to Satan as some evil deity or force which I hope anyone reading this realizes is a silly childish concept. This concept is also the meaning of the three faced masks in occult circles like the one commonly shown from the Rothschild’s Illuminati ball and other esoteric gatherings.

You are probably wondering about the 4th deity now I imagine. Number 4 is in fact the supreme deity, the God above all the Gods, the zero point magnetic flux that comes from outside of the matrix, the energy from outside of the closed system that sets the swastika in motion, the dynamo of the entire matrix and guess what, it is not a male it is in fact a female, Shakti. I would say Shakti is the all, but this is up to interpretation once again. Is Shakti the all or just the creator of the all? I personally use the term Gaia for the all, or the all father and say Shakti is simply the force behind the creation of the all or else we start describing two different things with the same term and it can become confusing to some. However, some people use the term Gaia to describe just Earth so we run into this same issue. You also run into the issue of mis-characterizing the all since the all father obviously represents a masculine aspect whereas Gaia is a feminine aspect. So which is the all? Feminine or masculine? Well the all is in fact a hermaphrodite of course so neither really fits as a perfect descriptor. All of this is at such a high level of understanding of the arcanum however I would not worry about it too much, if you are discussing this with someone at this level, they will know what you mean.

I won’t go into how we know the supreme creator is a female deity because this article is already unbelievably long as it is and I never expected it to go into this depth, but the video on sacred geometry will help the curious figure out how we know the prime creator is feminine along with all the other gender assignments and the levels they occur. To put this in perspective we now have Shakti, the zero point magnetic flux represented by the swastika that initiates motion in the matrix from outside of the matrix. This powers the 3 supreme deities of the matrix who in turn enact the processes of creation and destruction in the infinite cycles as they are mandated to do by Shakti and/or whoever she represents outside of the matrix. There is no way for us to know of course from inside of the matrix what is outside of the matrix and where this zero point magnetic flux comes from. Not that I am aware of at least not yet, that isn’t to say there is no one that knows, or that our ancestors in the past did not figure it out somehow. I don’t see how they possibly could have, never say never however, all things can be known but not all people can know them. I will go out on a limb here and say the Vedas are likely right in their description of these things considering who the authors were and the fact that I have never found a flaw in their interpretation.

Back to how these three forces of creation, Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu are expressed in this reality mathematically. Once the dynamo is set in motion a complete cycle is expressed through the number 12, this is what the astrological table represents and yet another design element in the concept of the Black Sun symbol and swastika. When locked together they are the arcanum and for those with eyes to see and ears to hear they represent all of creation, how it is designed and how that design is expressed by the creator.

Some people may be confused by this number 12 since earlier I said things are only expressed in 9’s in this reality. 12 reduces to 3 (1+2=3), there are only 9 numbers in this reality, all the other numbers are a derivative of the original 9 numbers. There is a YouTube channel called Lord Osiron that teaches true Kaballah, not the Abrahamic nonsense, and can help you understand the single digit code. He is one of the best there is when it comes to Kabbalistic interpretation in my opinion and one of the few people I know of that I feel understands all of this as well as I do outside of Santos Bonnaci which should go without saying if you follow my work. There are top Brahman and esoteric initiates all over the world of course but few in the public domain that are accessible and willing to teach at this level. I commonly reference many others here at the site that have very high levels of understanding of this math like Marko Rodin, Randy Powell, and Nassim Haramein to name a few but they are more specialized in the way that they teach and present this knowledge, which is less on the esoteric side and more academic in nature. The guys at Spirit Science are on my short list as well and created the best video on the Internet about sacred geometry and its implications in my opinion.

Through these 9 numbers all other possible infinite combinations of numbers can be expressed within the matrix through this sequential pattern. I have numerous videos I have already linked and articles I have written that explain all of this in more detail.

The pattern above is expressed through this function (Fn = Fn1 + Fn2) in the matrix.

With that out of the way I can get back to discussing the differing philosophical interpretations of Dharma. I mentioned in the previous article how this knowledge is interpreted in two completely different ways by the Gnostics as compared to the Buddhists/Hindu. I suppose this can even be summed up as the Left Hand Path vs the Right Hand Path in esoteric circles, though this isn’t a perfect comparison since one is simply interpretation while the other is interpretation coupled with behavior. Someone can be nihilistic while still being moral and a “good” person, whereas followers of the left hand path can be described as shallow, greedy, egotistical and many other things I imagine I won’t mention.

The right hand path is the apex realization and understanding of the arcanum and oneness whereas the left hand path is to maximize expression of the ego or self separate from the source. I honestly don’t understand how someone can choose the left hand path if they really obtain and understand the arcanum however, do they simply reject this knowledge? I don’t even understand how this is possible. To me it seems like trying to reject knowing the stove is hot and putting your hand on it expecting to not get burned. Facts and truth do not need to be acknowledged to be factual and true. There are also karmic consequences if one chooses the LHP I would imagine though I haven’t tried to work out what they are quite yet. Most likely another cycle of Samsara and suffering before ascension I suspect, this is wild speculation on my part of course since as I said I haven’t worked it out yet because I have been quite busy with more important things I was focusing on. I imagine Santos probably knows and I will look into what he has to say about it sometime in the future and perhaps write an article with all the proofs if I figure it all out or maybe even get him to write one if he is interested.

Seems I have wandered off topic a bit again. I believe I was trying to explain the difference between the Gnostic and Vedic interpretation of Dharma. The Gnostics have a concept known as the demiurge where they claim the God of this reality is in fact a malevolent God, a usurper of the creator. Of course this is the exoteric interpretation by the unitiated, once you truly understand Dharma you understand how ridiculous this is, and all exoteric religious beliefs and interpretations for that matter. Anyhow, as Santos explains in one of his many lectures the esoteric meaning of the demiurge is the planet Saturn. Why would Saturn be considered the demiurge? Well, if you know that we used to be ethereal beings with “magical” powers that felt no pain or emotional distress and all the other great aspects of not being in this dense meat suit and reality I can understand how one can present this interpretation of Saturn being this “evil” force that has trapped us in this dense reality, but it isn’t like it is permanent either so I really don’t understand why they make this interpretation and I doubt there are many of them that can explain why either other than just nihilism as I already mentioned.

The Buddhists and Hindu having this same knowledge teach that this is where we are, yes it used to be and could be a lot better, but this is where we are in this lifetime and yuga and it isn’t like it is complete agony, though we have to experience suffering in this current dense version of reality it isn’t all suffering, there are some really good parts to it as well, I think this extreme form of nihilism by the Gnostic interpretation is a bit overboard myself there is still infinite beauty and joy to be experienced for those brave enough to actually follow the Vedic instructions and leave material desires, property and debt slavery behind to pursue a spiritual life free from attachment. In Buddhism and Hindu the teachings are that this is a dream with rules as I explained in the first article, it is all an illusion so the suffering really only comes in when you invest in the illusion mentally and spiritually and try to change or emotionally attach yourself to aspects of the illusion that you can’t change which leads to suffering. Most suffering people endure is created by them and their investment in these narratives they choose to live by, most of them wildly absurd. If you realize you are simply here to observe the illusion and do not have to take part in it and can’t change any of it anyway you can pursue a much more blissful existence in this life obviously. To each their own however, I have rarely met people able to accept this fact or even comprehend it to be honest, in the West anyhow.

Let’s get to the really interesting philosophical aspects now, are the Babylonian Saturnian cult that call themselves Jews currently in control in the West right about the goyim? Are the goyim cattle and essentially worthless eaters as they say? Well the science unequivocally says yes they are correct in this assertion, the irony is that the vast majority of them are goyim as well however, useful idiots for the top of the pyramid and they don’t seem to understand the implications of all this either because if they did they would not shill and fight the mass awakening so hard. Take the fact that they shut down my YouTube channel for exposing this kind of information and what they are doing and how they are doing it. Why are they trying to fight the inevitable? You could make the argument that I was being goyish as well by giving out this knowledge to the goyim but the difference is I know how pointless what I am doing is outside of my own desires and I am not really doing it to try and change any outcome, that is futile, I do it for the enjoyment mainly I suppose and to help people, people that are confused and often times scared looking for answers with no idea who and what sources to trust and seldom the time to take years to sort through all the disinfo and psyops to try to make sense of it all. I know I can’t change the big picture but I can change things for the people my work reaches and I derive satisfaction from that. That is what I tell myself anyhow. I know in my heart of hearts I do it because it is my nature, my function here and I can be no other way which I explain in my article on free will.

I do have to admit I also gain some pleasure from watching the shills and people in power squirm now as the tables turn. They used to be so confident and smug in their shilling and criminal activities even as little as 2 years ago and watching the tables slowly turn while I was exposing the game to the goyim I do have to admit has given me some small measure of enjoyment. There are whole areas of the Internet with significant influence on mainstream culture and reach such as 4chan where they have thrown in the towel completely now where they used to herd the goyim with ease and mock those like me explaining the truth to them. Now they are spotted and exposed pretty easily by even the most dense goyim in these types of forums by way of the fact that they simply know they exist now, which they absorbed through osmosis through the board culture from the more studious and advanced members that did their homework explaining to them what is happening.

Another tangent there I apologize, I was trying to make an interesting point before I got sidetracked. The point I was trying to make I suppose was the toxicity of Abrahamic philosophy in general which I have a number of videos here that explain numerous ways how this is the case from the rejection of the divine feminine to the screwy math they try to use in their understanding and presentation of Kaballah. In short Abrahamism is the cancer of the Kali Yuga. Abrahamism is the manifestation of the will of Shiva to destroy everything in the cosmic winter season known as the iron age/Kali Yuga. I will explain yugas in more detail in a future article but I think I have given enough information in these two articles for the reader to be able to have a general idea of how they work, here are two great videos as well that will explain them in some detail The Science Of Yugas And Saturn and Yuga Cycles What Age is It. I know anyone reading this article that follows any Abrahamic faith will not like hearing this but this should not be hard to figure out for anyone that knows the science or even just the history of the last few 1000 years. Not even the real history either, even just the garbage that has been pushed as history.

Abrahamism at its core is a supremacist ideology in all its manifestations. Judaism and Islam wanting to conquer and enslave the world while Christianity wants to convert everyone, by the sword if they have to. They believe everyone is going to hell if the dear benevolent Christians don’t save their soul for them by giving them a lobotomy to be just like them apparently. Not that Christianity hasn’t been as blood thirsty as the other two as well but at least in its modern form it isn’t as fanatical as the other two. I don’t want to be unfair to the Muslims here, they were just minding their own business for the most part before the Jews invaded Palestine and set up shop, coupled with Israel and the CIA doing 9/11 and framing them for it then mass slaughtering Muslims in their own nations and overthrowing them to make them part of the Roman system of corporatocracy under the illusion of a democracy and you can’t really blame them for fighting back. Then you also have communism which is of course Jewish at its core so it can be classified as a branch of Abrahamism as well, I can cite countless sources attesting to this fact by actual Jews themselves for anyone reading that doesn’t already know this fact. Communism possibly killed more people than all the other wars of the last few 1000 years combined. In the modern world the vast majority of global conflict and suffering is committed by Zionism so it should be clear that Judaism and all the branches thereof has been the personification of a plague that has destroyed everything in its path during the Kali Yuga, which of course was its function. Don’t get me wrong I am not personally attacking Jews or Christians or Muslims or anyone for that matter I am discussing ideology here not people. Most of the people that belong to these groups have no awareness they are useful idiots for the ELites which are none of these ideologies or religions, or even Shiva himself. As I already stated they are a Saturnian cult with all races and nationalities as members/followers and their only real religion seems to be greed and being evil little sh*ts.

Sometimes I can really despise them for what they have done but at the same time I realize it isn’t like they had any collective choice in the matter they are ants just like the ones they call goyim and they can be no other way until their function is served. I can’t say I don’t see where they are coming from either honestly, I can see how it can become easy to despise the goyim for the illuminated and see them as objects, chess pieces to be moved rather than individuals, as psychopaths tend to see people. I can’t say I agree with it obviously but I can certainly see how one could come to hold this point of view and you can make a logical scientific argument to defend it. I also already mentioned they behave rather goyish themselves however, by trying to fight the mass awakening, they should be well aware it is impossible to do but seemingly they aren’t. It appears they have the teachings and don’t really understand them. I would not be surprised if they never understood them to begin with honestly since they stole them to begin with. Surely at some point someone understood them though because they purposefully doctored them. This is neither here nor there however and I don’t think it really matters because what has happened has happened and could not have happened any other way. You could say the Kali Yuga is defined by the conflict between Aryanism and Abrahamism. Few people know what the meaning of Aryanism actually even is, in the West anyway, because they have been brainwashed by the kosher media. I will write an article soon explaining what an Aryan is as it has many connotations none of which has anything to do with “white supremacy” obviously. For now let’s use this passage from the Bhagavad Gita.

What seems even more bizarre is that some of them even seem to be aware of this fact and even expressed it in writing like Rabbi Harry Waton in his book A Program for Jews and Humanity, among some others that aren’t hard to find for those that choose to go looking.

The question for me is did they volunteer to take on this role in the past? It is bizarre to me to consider that a group of people collectively would voluntarily take on this role due to karmic consequences. But at the top levels someone has to understand all of this, they have think tanks and organizations all over the globe dedicated to doing nothing but propaganda and subversion and I imagine super computers crunching the probabilities of all the moves and possible outcomes, how can they not understand what the outcome is going to be? Perhaps they are like problem gamblers and can’t help making sucker bets. There is no way to get a definitive answer of course but it is interesting to ponder. Not that it even matters either whether they chose it or not, the matrix would have spawned something else to serve this purpose in its place. You can’t really blame them either, I imagine they are well aware of what is coming when the goyim masses discover what they have been doing and they would like to avoid it all costs for as long as they can.

It should be obvious to any adept that Abrahamism does not follow Dharma it is in fact the antithesis of Dharma in nearly every respect. However to the high level initiates it also becomes clear that Abrahamism fulfills Dharma by not following Dharma. Its sole purpose is to break Dharma which is its role in Dharma to serve its purpose during the Kali Yuga. I have strayed a ways off topic again it appears but I was on a train of thought I wanted to take to conclusion and I thought it was relevant to include and possibly get a discussion going in the comments of others people’s interpretations or possibly some questions to follow up on with a future article.

Bodhi Mantra

I am a computer scientist, researcher and writer. Son Of Saturn of the 4th Sun and guardian of the arcanum for the preservation of the Aryan legacy.


  • Glad that you got past censorship man. This article is probably the best one you’ve written ngl, but you speak of an acension, I thought it was an individual thing that happens no matter what time of the cycle it is? If not, does anyone know when it will happen? Like the rapture kinda?
    IMO I think that everyone will eventually be able to ascend BC like you say, humans don’t exactly have free will. I don’t think there’s some quarantine or hell, or destructive force waiting for those who have made mistakes, since is it even them making the mistake? It seems kind of unfair if that’s the case. I have heard that ancient Egypt believed in judgement, and that when the Orion Nebula aligns in a particular way everyone gets their hearts weighed against the feather of truth, and those who aren’t “righteous” so to say get destroyed from the place they came and those who are righteous get immortality. That could be one but I’m very sceptical of it, because of Egypt being known for the priest craft trying to control everyone so obviously this would be a good scare tactic to control everyone. “Man has conditional immortality” is what was said. From a load of near death experiences I’ve seen people often report “God” as being all loving and forgiving so it kind of sounds a bit out of character for it to destroy souls or allow them to be tortured. Those on the left hand path will probably pay for what they’ve done in this life and lives to come, being tormented by what they’ve unleashed? Just speculating. Even those who have particular mental illness, it can be a sign of being attacked by malevolent forces (as above so below), but not always so maybe it is all karmic consequence. I’m sorta confused about the hounds of the barrier in the emerald tablets of Thoth, why are they guarding a barrier/exit? Is it metaphorical?

    • Thanks bruv great comment tough to even mount a response yet, I have to really think on this and get all the science together. I already have my ideas but of course it doesn’t matter what you think only what you can prove. I already plan on writing an article about the Emerald Tablets I think will probably delve into most of this. It will take a lot of time and research to write so it probably won’t be terribly soon. I will probably have it finished within the next month. I am itching to get started on it but have a lot on my plate atm already to do with the site and manage all of this stuff, both channels I have going now etc. I have to re-upload all the videos and rewrite everything I had in the previous comments reorganize it all, sigh. We will get there in due time. If you ever want to write something yourself I will be glad to publish it man. This site, like the old channel is our Temple and for everyone so I will write articles and read/publish articles for any topics serious adepts want to cover. Much love brother ty for making the first comment on the site!

      • I gotcha man, but I should be thanking you for writing these articles. I read a lot of stuff but it’s generally difficult to tell which one to believe whenever there are contradictions (e.g. ancient Egypt / Khem vs Old Hindu/Aryan stuff). Your articles and older videos seemed to condense things in a way that made sense so ty 😀
        Your channel was huge, it kind of confuses me as to why they went for it when it had that many views already. I wouldn’t even know where to start. At least the info is safe here. I came across a pretty interesting thing on sacred-texts.com recently http://www.sacred-texts.com/atl/ssm/ssm04.htm which could give a sort of insight into the ancient religion of MU / Lemuria. I’m unsure of the authenticity, it is a bit like the Emerald Tablets when it comes to this. The author could’ve worded it a bit more clearly too, but I found it interesting.
        One last thing! I found that the part of the “hounds” in the Emerald Tablets does have parallels with prior Lovecraftian fiction, however, this doesn’t mean that the rest of it is inaccurate: http://www.jasoncolavito.com/blog/the-emerald-tablets-of-thoth-a-lovecraftian-plagiarism
        So this in effect, I think this debunks the idea of the emerald tablets talking about literal “archons”, as many Gnostics say, but it is still clearly filled with wisdom. Take care.

        • Nice ty for the links and compliments my friend. I am glad people get something useful from my work. It would be a shame for me to have spent all those years doing research to not have people to share it with lol. I am very interested in these links gonna read them here in a little bit and really dig into some research to write a really nice thorough article on the Emerald Tablets. I have to go back and read some of the Secret Doctrine as well too though and Vedas and even some older esoteric Tibetan Buddhist material to cover the reptilian aspect. I want to be really thorough and cover every aspect of what is covered in the Tablets from the history, the science, the numbers involved, and as you mentioned the hounds of amenti. This is a monster undertaking really and honestly gets into book tier if you really want to do it right and write something air tight covering every aspect. I may write it in installments, then compile it into a book at the end maybe, like Henry Ford did with the International Jew. If you have any other suggestions for articles let me know man. I really have been trying to put enough material on the site to make it worthwhile to visit I haven’t taken the time to write some really bang up articles. A lot of them were to just some info out to have on the site. I could really do a bang Communism article other than the crap one I have right now and will go back to it in the future and really lay it all out, some of the history ones as well that for now are just a video. But it is a work in progress I will get to it all. Much Love my friend always good to hear from yo

          • Hey man I feel there is a lot of wisdom held within the texts but I can’t bring myself to trust the guy who wrote it lol https://www.westword.com/news/maurice-doreal-and-his-brotherhood-of-the-white-temple-awaited-the-apocalypse-in-colorado-7285649 I will read a book and any accept parts of it but if other parts seem far-fetched, or contradict my current knowledge I will ignore that section if you catch my drift. A while back I got really worked up about reptilian/archon stuff, thinking that when a person died they would have to try to escape the “white light” etc., so I went on a wild hunt to see if I could get a logical explanation about these ‘hounds’ (someone told me that in one Gnostic texts Jesus refers to the hounds of the barrier on an Emeralds of Thoth video but there is no source I can find for this).
            In my opinion, I feel there is a sort of distinction to be made between “reptilians” and archons/”hounds”, since from what I can tell, there is definitely something about a serpentine race (to do with root races) but I do not think there are reptilians going about to this day since their epoch is done. There may be more reptilian DNA in certain people, but I don’t think this would make a difference, because this is a higher vibration root race, meaning they would still have the capacity to love others, contrary to what fear-porn videos say about the elite lol. I see videos of people saying anyone with a mental illness is “REPTILIAN possessed” and it really grinds my gears, I could agree if they said it was more malevolent entities.

            It is defo undeniable that in the later days Atlantis sunk and the generation was being wicked since this agrees with what Plato said. I never actually realised how old the Vedas and Upanishads are, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mamuni_Mayan this seems to indicate they are 10,000 or more years old interesting. Gotta remember that the British Empire did inject a lot of bull into modern sects of Hinduism (such as the concept of hell) too, and the historians seem to make dates up as they go along http://ajitvadakayil.blogspot.com/2015/09/garuda-vimana-of-vishnu-and-garuda.html

            This part is sort of unrelated, but I feel the need to take a stab at Gnosticism – the hounds of the barrier, or “archons”, seem to be exclusively a Gnostic way of thought – the idea that we are trapped in an evil, material matrix. The Gnostic creation myth, the descent of Sophia (from when she worked alone, therefore accidentally giving birth to Jaldabaoth) and ascent (when she was reconciled by the Father) is actually just a rip off, of the ascent and descent of Inanna/Ishtar. Sophia is Venus.
            Since the “creation story” of Gnosticism is pretty much nonsense doesn’t this debunk the idea of archons? Sure, malevolent entities exist, but Gnosticism seems to believe that they are not a part of the organism we call the universe, that they will prevent the majority of people from attaining liberation from the cycle after they die, that they are not connected and will never have a chance of reconciliation.
            With that being said tho, all I know is I don’t know much compared to what is out there lol. While Dr Doreal appears to say the Emerald Tablets are channeled which gives me a LOT of skepticism towards certain parts, such as evil entities being able to trap/devour souls of light, it is possible that some parts could be truthful. Apparently Blavatsky did channel mahatmas at certain parts for her work which makes me skeptical to parts of her writings, but I do appreciate the vast amount if info available in her books.

            I look forward to reading what you think about the Emerald Tablets of Thoth man 🙂 peace

  • Brother did you ever got a chance to experience your consciousness in the void? Personally ive found the answer on the question how the reality works after visit in the void and studying the flower of life. It also gave me an answer regards male and female aspect of creation and that shifted the way I perceive everything. Looking at the amount of info and wisdom you have gathered my brother you might finger it our already 🙂 if you would be interested I will be happy to tell you more about that

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